Get To Know Your Flatmates During Freshers Week

Ingenious Icebreakers To Get To Know Your Flatmates During Freshers’ Week

Published: 30/07/2021
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Freshers’ Week is almost here! It won’t be long now before you're packing up and setting off to studyland, meeting new people, exploring new places, and enjoying wild parties. And let’s be honest, student life is just as much about the latter as it is about anything else! 

Often an exciting and action-packed period of uni, this time can also be incredibly daunting - and it’s totally normal to feel a little nervous about meeting new people (particularly your flatmates) in the run up to the big move. To help make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ve hand-picked a selection of fab and fun icebreakers that’ll dispel any awkward atmosphere.

From laughter-filled lawn activities for the day to uni drinking games at dusk, these igneous icebreakers will help you form bonds with your new flatmates right from the off. You’ll be smashing through that icy ambiance in no time! 

Don’t worry, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Get inventive with your drinking games

floating yellow duckies

Sure, you’ve heard of Ring of Fire and Around The World, but why not get more creative with your drinking games to up the excitement? Put the deck of cards away and save them for speedy pre-drinking sessions - Freshers’ Week requires a little more imagination! 

There are endless opportunities to explore here, but we’ve found that putting a boozy spin on a crowd-pleasing classic is the best route to go. Everyone already knows the basic rules, so you won’t have to spend ages making sure everyone is on board - simply tell them where the tipples come into play, and get the fun started! Far more exciting than your bog-standard truth or dare, our favourite game to twist into an adult-only activity is Hook a Duck. Intrigued? Carry on reading to find out more!

For this boozy version of Hook a Duck, you’ll need a traditional Hook a Duck set, enough marker pens for each person to write funny dares, drinking rules, or questions on the bottom, and a plastic storage box or paddling pool filled up with water to place them in! Once each player has written on their duckies and they’ve been released into the water, simply take it in turns with your housemates to try to hook one and complete the titillating task written underneath.

If you’re trying to save money now you're a cash-savvy student, then a good idea is to swap the adorable duckies for sticky Post-It notes. Ultra-affordable and incredibly handy when it comes to studying too, they can still be easily hidden around your uni flat as your new housemates take it in turns to find and complete each one - luckily, they don’t require a paddling pool either!

Plan a cosy communal drink-athon

friends on sofa enjoying tv

Alternatively, if you’re midway through your hectic Freshers’ Week and your flat fancies a change of pace, try combining your mixology expertise with a movie. A great way to enjoy a beverage without expending too much energy, pick a movie or two and come up with a list of well-known quotes and actions from each film. Whenever a character says one of those classic lines or performs an action written down, everyone will be required to either take a shot, sip their drink, or down the rest of their beverage!

For example, you could set up a Harry Potter movie marathon in your communal living area, then write a list that includes things like ‘Somebody casts a spell - take two sips of your drink’ or ‘A significant character dies - take a shot’. Not only does everyone get to watch the film of their choice, but anticipating certain moments where you’ll be required to drink adds to the enjoyment of the whole evening.

Not to mention, it’ll also help you get a little tipsy without blaring music or even leaving the comfort of the sofa - what more could you ask for? Well, to help everyone embrace the cosy spirit of this icebreaker event, we also suggest donning your pjs and laying out plenty of fluffy blankets and sumptuously soft pillows to make your communal living area even more inviting and comfortable for your movie drinking game marathon.

You can’t beat the classics!

People at a party playing beer pong

While using your imagination to plan a creative night of drinking certainly creates a memorable night, sometimes you just can’t beat the classics! A student go-to, beer pong has been encouraging new flatmates to bond over booze and a splash of competition for decades as you attempt to bounce the ping pong ball into one of your opponent’s cups of beer. 

Plus, you needn’t stick to beer if it’s not your tipple of choice! Alongside simply adding your favourite beverage into a standard beer cup, you can also snap up separate sets of gin pong and prosecco pong to wet your whistle without having to stick to beer. More than anything, the best part of snapping up a beer pong set is the element of teamwork and competition that arises.

Simply divide everyone in your new digs into two groups and compete against each other until one team has successfully caused the other team to drink all their beer! If you’re searching for beer pong with a difference, then we recommend trying out beer pong golf which operates on the same concept but requires you to use a club to pot the balls instead. However you decide to play this classic icebreaker game, you can be sure that the combination of teamwork and competition will get everyone up out of their seats and involved.

Host your very own sophisticated soirée!

friends enjoying drinks outdside

That’s right - uni icebreakers needn’t be bursting with alcoholic beverages and followed by thumping hangovers! Instead, you can host your very own sophisticated dinner party where booze is optional and you can spend time bonding with your new housemates over their favourite dishes, culinary skills, and life experiences instead. You could even get dressed up to the nines with a sharp suit and tie or flowing dress to create a classy atmosphere that welcomes every uni student with open arms.

More than anything, this is the perfect time to chat about any shared classes or interests to help make meaningful connections that stand the test of time! However, if the wine is flowing more than the conversation, then you may need to crack out some dinner party icebreakers - and what better way to dissipate the awkward ambiance than with a game of two truths and a lie? Involving no physical equipment (such as cards, dice, or cups), strenuous activity, or brain power, this laid-back icebreaker is a dinner party essential!

As the name suggests, you simply take it in turns telling two true statements about yourself and one lie. Everyone else at the table then has to guess which statement is the lie leading to an exciting and interesting discussion about each guest. This icebreaker naturally leads to sparkling conversion that pairs wonderfully with some tasty food. Alternatively, you could even take advantage of local takeaway deals and order in for fuss-free food that allows everyone to relax and refuel during action-packed freshers week - the choice is yours!

Relax with some laid-back lawn games

two people playing frisbee

For a proper break from the drinking games, we suggest getting a breath of fresh air and opting for lawn games instead of sticking to the alcohol-packed alternatives. Especially tempting if the sky is clear and the weather is warm, you could even pair these outdoor games with a tasty barbecue or irresistible picnic to make a real (and delicious!) day of it.

All you need is a green space which allows ball games (something most universities freely provide) to set up your very own outdoor extravaganza. From traditional rounders and frisbee to popular lawn games like croquet and quoits, there’s an endless range of outdoor icebreaker games and activities you can try. Best of all, you can even split into teams and introduce a competitive edge to proceedings, allowing you to get to know everyone’s personalities even better.

However, if you really want to introduce some alcohol to the mix, then why not pick up a bundle of booze that you can give to the victor(s) as a prize? A welcomed addition to any freshers’ collection of beverages, it’ll certainly motivate your housemates to put in the effort when it comes to hitting the ball out of the park!

Remember to set the right mood

check list and music cables

Regardless of whether you’re planning thrilling pre-drinks or hosting a relaxed outdoor event with your new pals, setting the right mood is key to pushing past those first week nerves. To do this, start by creating a playlist that’ll encourage conversation and make sure you include a variety of artists to suit a range of different music tastes. Catering for all kinds of personalities is key to ensuring everyone feels welcomed.

Discussing a dress code for flat events also helps to strengthen social bonds and makes sure everyone is on the same page when you’re getting ready for a night out - or in! After all, there’s nothing worse than showing up to pre-drinks in your finery when everyone else has opted for smart/casual attire, right? Try to create a group chat so you can keep everyone up to date with any house events, important dates, and upcoming social gatherings!

However, during this hectic time, you should also take it easy and ensure you’re not consuming too much alcohol with all the uni drinking games and social events going on. As a result, it’s best to drink plenty of water and give yourself some time away from the action if it all becomes a bit too much. 

With our Freshers’ Week tips, icebreaker games, and fun activities to guide you, you’ll have no trouble packing your first week at uni with both fun and friends! Let the adventure begin!

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