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How To Make Your Own Christmas Eve Box From Home

Published: 16/12/2020
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While some traditions, like leaving a mince pie out for Santa, are an essential part of many family routines each December, there’s one lovely tradition that’s only recently emerged: Christmas Eve Boxes. 

No one knows for sure how the trend started but we believe that the Christmas Eve boxes stem from the German tradition of opening presents on December 24th. Beyond just being yet another tradition to follow, the new gifting idea can actually serve the purpose of helping little ones feel happy and relaxed so they don’t stay up too late waiting for Santa! It’s a win for them and for you!

What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

christmas eve present box

Essentially, a Christmas Eve box is a box (sorry for stating the obvious), crate, or trunk filled with all kinds of goodies to help your kids slow down and relax on Christmas Eve. Typically they include some festive pyjamas, snacks, hot chocolate, and some kind of a game or a movie to watch. It can contain anything you wish! The boxes can be as big or small as you want. Some families are having one for each child and others having just one box for the entire family. 

Many parents may cringe at the idea of yet another Christmas tradition they have to follow but fear not, there’s no elfy mischief to keep up with and no strict rules to abide by. No matter the size or shape, a Christmas Eve box is meant to be fun so there’s no need to feel like you must fill it to the brim or splash a bunch of money on it! Whichever way you decide to do it, this new tradition is sure to become a beloved part of your family’s Christmas.

Where to Begin…

christmas drink

It all begins with a box. What kind of box? That‘s up to you. There is a whole host of ready-to-fill boxes out there. They are typically made from cardboard or wood and are large enough to hold everything you want to fill them with. Alternatively, why not buy a plain box with a hinged lid that you can decorate yourself? Decorating your own Christmas Eve box is a great way to get crafty with your kids and will make the box even more special to get out every year. You could paint it, cover it with stickers, or personalise it using a pyrography kit. The possibilities are endless!

This is the ultimate opportunity to upcycle those wooden crates or nice cardboard boxes you have that you aren’t sure what to do with. For an affordable and thrifty Christmas Eve box, grab some old wrapping paper and use it to cover your vessel of choice. Top with a bow and you have a special keepsake that you can use for years to come.

What To Fill It With

christmas family

So you have your box, but now you’re wondering what to put into a Christmas Eve box. The contents of your box are entirely up to you and can be customised to whatever you and your family like. But we know it can be daunting to be faced with a blank slate… or rather, an empty box, so here are some cosy, fun and delicious ideas to get you started. 

Matching pyjamas are a fairly recent trend that we can really snuggle up to. Once considered extremely uncool, matching family PJs have rocketed in popularity, featuring all kinds of slogans, patterns and characters. If your children are still growing, you may find that you’ll need to replace the pyjamas in the box every year but as they get older, you can keep the same PJs in the box. There’s nothing quite like cosying up together in the evening with hot chocolate and comfy pyjamas as they await the arrival of Father Christmas. Which brings us to the next item…

Hot Chocolate! Whether you prefer to go simple or love mountains of whipped cream (we won’t judge, it’s Christmas after all), hot chocolate is an essential addition to your Christmas Eve box. Why not get every member of the family their own special Christmas mug that they can reuse every year? Pair your cosy drink with some delicious snacks such as popcorn or chocolate coins and you’ve got the perfect evening treat. 

From The Grinch to Arthur Christmas snuggling up and watching a Christmas movie is definitely a favourable way to spend your evening. Slip a Christmas DVD into your Christmas Eve box to enjoy with your hot chocolate and popcorn. Or, why not choose a board game to play together instead? Choosing a game the kids can play together will give you plenty of time to prepare the turkey or sneak upstairs and wrap one of those stocking fillers. 

Another fizz-tastic idea to pop into your Christmas Eve box is a bath product. Whether they prefer bubbles or the fizzing of a bath bomb, taking a nice warm bath is a great way to help prepare your kids for bed, letting them calm down and relax enough to sleep so Father Christmas can do his thing undisturbed. 

Of course, the options extend far beyond what we’ve listed here. You could add a special book to your box (may we recommend The Night Before Christmas?), a carrot and mince pie to leave out for Santa and the reindeer, or Christmas-themed toys. Don’t want to get new PJs every single year? How about some festive slippers or fuzzy socks instead? Have fun with your Christmas Eve box - it only comes once a year, after all. 

When the Christmas fun is all over and done, you can pack away all the goodies until next year - the box doubling as a storage place for all the items ready for next year.

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