For over 70 years, television has been a big source of entertainment for Brits. But television is not just a form of entertainment, people indulge in watching TV to unwind after a long day, to get their daily source of news or to escape reality.

According to new data from measurement company Zenith, by 2020, people will spend more time online, than watching TV. Although this transition was expected, this will be the first time the internet will have taken over television viewing figures.

Watching TV

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That being said, television remains an important source of news and entertainment for many Brits, with 91% watching TV at least once in a typical week in 2016, according to Ofcom.

As a result, OnBuy pulled data from the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB), to reveal the programmes with the highest number of views per episode from each month from six leading channels: BBC 1, ITV, Channel 4, BBC 2, Channel 5 and ITV 2.

The data was gathered by analysing the weekly viewing figures for the top-rated programmes, between January to June to unveil the most viewed episode of the month.


OnBuy can reveal that out of all six channels, the most viewed programme from January to June was the 'World Cup 2018' game featuring Tunisia vs England on BBC1 where 16,866 million people tuned in to watch it. ITV's 'Britain's Got Talent' was the next most watched programme between January and June, with 11,003 million views for an episode in April alone.

Channel 4's 'Kiri' was the most watched programme of the channel within the six months analysed, with 5,686 million views for the most popular episode in January, while the British television series 'Collateral' was the most viewed programme on BBC2 with a celebratory 6,349 million views for its most popular episode in February.

'Cruising with Jane McDonald' on Channel 5 took the lead as it gained the highest number of views in the last six months – with June raking in 2,384 million views for an episode. And whilst cruising may not be everyone, ITV2's 'Love Island', came back with a bang, as Brits settled down to watch the bronzed bikini clad contestants find love, with more than 4 million views when it started in June.