Must-have Christmas Gifts

December's Most Wanted: Must-have Christmas Gifts For 2020

Published: 14/12/2020
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With the 25th of December coming at us like a tinsel covered express train, the race is on to finish all your Christmas shopping! Now, buying presents for your friends and family isn’t always a simple task: with so many hobbies and interests to keep track of finding the right gift can be a challenge. But if your deficit of gift ideas gives you anxiety, take a moment to relax and read on! Our Christmas Gifts 2020 guide is packed with loads of thoughtful gifts. With our help, you can look forward to the approach of the big day, not live in fear of it!

What will your loved ones find under the Christmas tree in 2020?

Christmas tree

Romantic gifts

If you’re looking for great gifts ideas for your partner, the next few suggestions might spark your imagination. These items make ideal choices for romantic gifts. Pick a product that matches their taste and your partner is sure to know how much you care!

Perfume and aftershaves

Perfume & Aftershaves

People love smelling nice. A good aftershave or perfume can be a real confidence boost for your partner, making them feel sexy and desirable. If you’re looking for gift ideas for women, you can’t go wrong with a fragrant, feminine perfume. The perfume industry is always busy at work trying to create appetising perfumes, from dreamy floral scents to zesty green perfumes. Men’s aftershaves and colognes are just as diverse, you can find powerful masculine fragrances full of alluring spice and musky notes, or choose something cleaner and more refreshing that’s great for everyday wear. Pick the right fragrance and you can enjoy it yourself with a kiss under the mistletoe!



Jewellery makes for evergreen gift ideas for women, and the right choice is bound to be a hit with the lady in your life. The wealth of options available means that you can really splash out on an expensive gold or silver necklace, ring or set of earrings, or spend less on fun, colourful jewellery instead.

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if we’re talking Christmas gifts 2020, they might well be a boy’s best friend too! In the 21st Century, men’s options for jewellery has grown to be as diverse as jewellery for women. If you’re buying for him instead of her, you can choose from men’s pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. If your man dresses more conservative, they’re still bound to appreciate a pair of cufflinks or a tie pin.

High-tech gifts

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that technology can be a vital avenue for connecting with our friends and loved ones. Now that tech’s simple enough that everyone can use it, chances are good that a technological gift will go down a treat. We’ve jotted down a few gift ideas from the digital realm to help you out.

Headphones and earphones


If you need to buy a Christmas present for a music lover, why not treat them to a new pair of headphones? These make thoughtful gifts for loved ones who spend a lot of time on the bus or at the gym, giving them access to their favourite tunes when they’re out and about.

What makes headphones and earphones such great gift ideas is that you buy a pair on almost any budget. The most expensive products, like wireless earbuds with audiophile quality audio, powerful noise cancellation and other features make terrifically extravagant gifts for that special someone. On the other hand, you can pick up a pair of bright, fashionable earphones with good sound for fairly little money.

Box sets

Box sets

Box sets make excellent gift ideas for the winter months. When you’re tired after work there’s nothing better than lazing in front of the television for an hour or two and catching up on a hit TV show or rewatching some cinematic favourites. With decades of fantastic films and television series to choose from, great box sets make ideal gift ideas for women and men alike, and can appeal to any interest. If your special someone is a lover of historical dramas, a box set featuring royal families, famous political figures, epic battles and more. Or if escapism is more their thing, mind bending science fiction, engaging police procedurals and laugh out loud comedies are all brilliant options.



Is your loved one’s room clustered with precariously stacked book towers? A high-quality eReader might be just the Christmas present to help get their book collection under control. Your child can keep hundreds, and occasionally thousands of novels, short story collections and textbooks in these digital libraries, and they take up hardly any space! These gadgets use special electronic ink to recreate paper books, which increases their battery life and reduces eye-strain. eReaders make especially thoughtful presents for anyone moving house or teenagers who are preparing to leave for university.

Games & Activities

Whether we’re getting out and about or are staying safe from the cold indoors, we’ll need plenty of games and activities to keep ourselves occupied. So help a friend or loved one stave off boredom with these great gift ideas!

Video games and games consoles

Playstation 4

No 2020 Christmas gift guide would be complete without mentioning video games and consoles, as this year marks the release of two new consoles from the biggest video games manufacturers: the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X! These cutting edge consoles make thoughtful gifts for gamers, but if their price tags are a little too dear, you can substitute them for top video game accessories. Whether it’s an extra controller or a microphone so they can strategise with their friends as they play, these accessories are sure to be appreciated. Be on the lookout for the games themselves. With dozens of genres to choose from you can pick up loads of great titles, just be sure to select a game for a console they own! 

Scooters, skateboards and rollerskates


Great gifts for children and adults alike, scooters, skateboards and roller skates are a super fun way to exercise and burn off all the calories consumed at the Christmas day feast. Skateboards and roller skates make great gift ideas for children, as what starts as a fun way of moving about can become an active hobby they’ll pursue for a lifetime. And if they’ve already got one of these street vehicles, safety gear or accessories like replacement wheels make excellent stocking fillers. Electric scooters and hoverboards also make fun and convenient ways of quickly travelling around the city for commuting adults.

Board games

Family board games

Board games are a boxing day staple, the perfect way for family and friends to have fun indoors during the wet and cold winter months. Classic board games are a great starting point for families with young children or new households, but if the person you’re buying for is a self-professed board game geek they may already have a copy of the classics. But not to worry: there are plenty of amazing new board games released every year. 

If you’re buying for a grown-up you can grab award-winning board games that pit players against medical emergencies and eldritch horrors from a different dimension. There are also board games designed explicitly for families, which make especially thoughtful gifts for parents with young children. These family games feature everything from cute kittens to throwable burritos.

Emergency Gifts

Lastly, if you’ve absolutely no idea what to get someone for Christmas, and none of the other gift ideas on this list fit, we’ve got some ideas that will appeal to everyone, regardless of age or interest.

Phone accessories

Car phone

This is a Christmas gifts 2020 list, and these days almost everyone owns a smartphone, and so phone accessories make a perfect emergency gift. From cool cases with colourful and creative designs to futuristic wireless charges, there are plenty of great accessories that everyone will love. Some phone accessories will only work with certain mobile models, so you’ll need to surreptitiously discover what model phone they have. On the other hand, some phone accessories, like camera lens accessories, are designed to fit all phones.

Experience day packages

Meals out

If you’re in a tight spot you can plump for cash or a gift voucher, but these gifts can come across as impersonal to some people. A more creative alternative is experience day packages. Rather than a cash sum, these gift vouchers guarantee an amazing day out. There are all kinds of trips and events that you can get packaged up for a special someone. Restaurant and wine tasting tours are perennial favourites, but for a more tailored touch pick up flying lessons, outdoor excursions or guided tours of historic monuments instead. These packages make for fantastically thoughtful gifts when you’re otherwise out of ideas!

If none of those tickle your fancy, why not take a look at our list of Christmas gift ideas under £15 or our pocket-friendly Secret Santa gift guide under £10 and get your hands on some inexpensive last-minute gifts to show your loved ones how much you care? 

Whatever you get your friends and family this year, they’re sure to appreciate the gesture knowing it’s come from you. So sit back, relax, and let the festive shopping frenzy begin!

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