OnBuy Responds To PewDiePie About Net Worth Research

"This research was carried out by online marketplace OnBuy.com... Apparently I made $54 million in 2019." PewDiePie stated.

In famous YouTuber PewDiePie's latest video, he discusses some fun research OnBuy.com conducted about exactly how much influencers could make from their YouTube ads and merch.

He may not be backing the figures we uncovered ("this thing doesn't make any sense!") but he has taken a little look through our website.

PewDiePie Video

"I tried to find the study - I cannot find it!" he remarked. While we may have vast amounts of products on our site, we didn't have the research available... until now. Here you go, Pewds!


The figures sent to the press (and explicitly stated as estimates!) were obtained using a tool created by Sellfy.com. In order to get the monthly revenue, you need to put into the tool the monthly views (for that particular month) and the channel's URL.

To calculate those monthly views, we used another tool (Socialblade.com). Once that data was collected, we popped the figures into Sellfy, and obtained the maximum and minimum estimated revenue for every month. Our press release represented the average revenue of the minimum and maximum amounts.


Whilst our research looked at a number of influencers, it was PewDiePie's results that brought in attention from the press.

Our figures revealed that PewDiePie could have made a whopping $70,740,630.50 from ads and merch in 2019.

PewDiePie Earnings

As we previously mentioned, we were able to collate a monthly breakdown of possible revenue using the tools at our disposal. We found out that PewdiePie's most successful month was September, where he's estimated to have earned $9,148,005.50 from ads and merch. This is the same month that he started featuring Minecraft gaming on his channel, which proved a great success, along with the fact he received his 100 million subscriber YouTube award.

The second most successful month was August, the month where Felix got married to Marzia Bisogning (now Kjellberg), his girlfriend of eight years.

On the other hand, the 'toughest' months for PewDiePie were November and December 2019, when he earned a little under $4,000,000. So there you have it!

"Thanks for not under valuating me, I appreciate that!" PewDiePie quipped.

Any time, Pewds – we hope it helps with those tax returns!