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OnBuy team take on Bournemouth Half Marathon to raise money for Julia’s House

Published: 08/10/2021
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Among our rapidly growing team, we’ve got a small but mighty group who are running the Bournemouth Half Marathon this weekend to raise money for Dorset-based children's hospice charity, Julia's House. The race takes place this Sunday at 10am - so be sure to get down and support the runners if you get the chance!

We caught up with our Digital PR Manager, Michelle Cross, ahead of the 13-mile run and discussed how she has found training in the lead up to the big event.

Julia's House

Hey, Michelle! With the race taking place this weekend - how are you feeling about it? Excited?

I’m really excited! I can’t wait to be back out there running with loads of people around. The atmosphere is what makes these events really special and to be able to experience that whilst also knowing we have raised money for such an incredible charity, Julia’s House, is amazing.

What were your main motivations behind deciding to run the Bournemouth Half Marathon?

I joined OnBuy and really wanted a way of getting to know my new colleagues. As an avid sports person myself, encouraging a team to sign up to a running event seemed like a natural choice!

Although COVID-19 restrictions unfortunately got in the way of joint training runs at the start, we’ve still been following each other's progress. 

So, the big question - how has your training for the half marathon been? 

Luckily, my training has been great! It’s had a big impact on me mentally, as well as physically, in recent months! I downloaded a half marathon training programme on my Garmin Watch and stuck to it come rain or shine! I’ve been going on runs four times a week, and I feel that I've not found the training too tough as a result of sticking to the training programme. On the whole, the training has been really enjoyable!

garmin watch

You mentioned that your Garmin Watch has been a big help in your training for this half marathon - are there any other accessories or training aids that you’ve used to give you an advantage? 

Yes, the Garmin Watch has been amazing and helps you stay in your training regime. Aside from the watch, my ON running shoes allow me to stay comfortable while running and my running headphones have been great - listening to music while running keeps you focused and gets the blood pumping!

What has surprised you about training for a half marathon?

I’d have to say that the main thing is how much you can really improve by rigidly sticking to your training! A couple of years ago, my husband would get back from a 10-mile run and I'd be in awe of how he could smash a run of that length so easily! Now, however, I can do exactly the same! Every Sunday morning I drive to the countryside and run 8-12 miles and enjoy it! To me, it doesn’t even seem hard now. 

Finally Michelle, is there anything you didn’t know you’d need to do or use before you started training that you’d recommend to any potential runners? 

The biggest thing was the amount of different clothing you need! Long-sleeve and short-sleeve running tops, running shorts, running leggings, a head warmer, and even running gloves for those bitterly cold mornings! The British weather makes training a challenge so be sure to have a large collection of all different clothing styles!

Are you race ready?

Woman tying her shoe lace

Inspired by Michelle’s journey? Find everything you need to get your training started in our extensive selection of running supplies - who knows, it could be you running the half marathon alongside us this time next year! But if you’re spending Sunday cheering from the sidelines, be sure to come say hi and give the team a wave!

All the money raised from their efforts will be supporting the Dorset-based charity, Julia’s House, to look after children living with life-limiting and life-shortening conditions, and support their families through their most difficult times. If you’d like to make a donation, visit our JustGiving page here.

Good luck to all the runners - we’ll see you on Sunday!

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