Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) as per the report, Retail sales, Great Britain: January 2018, depicts a constant rise for online weekly sales for all retail based products, excluding automotive fuel, from January 2015 to January 2018.

The same report also states that the main increase in sales was noticed for the non-food category which includes department stores, textile, clothing and footwear stores, household goods stores and other stores, with the most sales identified in the category of household goods. While there was a slight decrease in sales from December 2017 to January 2018, with £1,175.4 million reported in the first month of the year, compared with the £1,209.6 in December, the underlying trend shows a continuing year-to-year growth.

With the process of shopping online incredibly convenient, considering you can have the items of your choice at the click of a button, it's of no surprise online shopping figures have almost doubled for three years.

As a result, British Online Marketplace OnBuy sought to find out what online shopping habits are most prominent among UK consumers. The data was collected via a survey, in which 1,550 people were asked about their online shopping routine, using an electronic device. Going through individual responses for all regions, OnBuy could identify what the most common online shopping habits for each region of the UK are. The survey had a 40-60% male to female ratio, from which 54% are full-time workers, 19% work part-time and 27% are unemployed.

The respondents were asked two main questions, the first question was:

'Where do you usually shop online from?', for which the respondents could have more than one response, and the overall results for the UK were as following:

While Watching TV (54%), Bed (43%), Work (20%), Other (19%), Kitchen (17%), Train/Bus (12), Toilet (8%), On Holiday (6%), Garden (5%), While Driving (3%).

The second question was: 'What is the reason behind your purchase?', for which they were again able to select more than one response. These were the most cited reasons:

I needed the items (77%), Sale (38%), It was a gift (15%), Felt Depressed (6%), After a Breakup (5%), Other (5%), Was Drunk (4%), Too Much Money (3%), Lost/Gained Weight (3%).


OnBuy found that the most common answer for respondents regarding where they usually shop online from was while watching TV' at (54%), and when asked what is the reason behind the purchase, most Brits answered because 'they needed the items' (77%), despite the fact the average woman doesn't use 60% of her closet.

Shockingly, the data depictured a concern that shopping while driving was common in some regions, with the North East with the highest percentage, putting both drivers and pedestrians in danger.

Another surprising statistic collected had shown that 4% of Brits do their online shopping under the influence of alcohol.

The toilet is also one of the most common place to do the online shopping from for 8% of the population of UK, with residents from the West Midlands enjoying this habit the most.

How Time Consuming is Online Shopping?

Moreover, OnBuy wanted to find out how much time Brits spend shopping online. When asked what the average length of time they spend online shopping in one session, 22% of people said less than 15 minutes, while most people (47%) spend up to 30 minutes. 27% would spend between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, and only 7% of the people questioned would spend more than 60 minutes shopping online.

Shopping online has become a daily habit for some brits with results showing that 10% of them would visit online stores with the purpose of buying multiple times a day, and 15% would do it once a day. Whilst 25% visit online stores with the purpose of buying multiple times a week, most brits (30%) enjoy this habit only once a week. Lastly, 23% have admitted to visiting online stores with the purpose of buying only once a month.

When you consider window shopping, 18% of Brits visit online retailers to browse multiple times a day, and 23% do it once a day.29% prefer browsing multiple times a week, while 20% of brits only do so once a week. Lastly, 14% of the people who took the survey admitted to visiting online shops with the purpose of browsing only once a month.

When you consider how much is spent online in a week, the survey revealed some astonishing figures.32% spend less than £20 per week. The majority (43%) of the respondents spend between £20 to £50, while 22% admitted to spending between £50-£100 on items in a single week. 5% of the Brits who took the survey spend between £100 and £150 weekly, while 1% have admitted to spoiling themselves to the extent of spending more than £150 online. Instead of spending most of our wages on online shopping, is it time to cut back on spending and give the charity shop a go?

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