Purr-fect Ways To Treat Your Pet

Paw-sitively Purr-fect Ways To Treat Your Pet

Published: 19/02/2021

For many of us, lockdown simply wouldn’t have been the same without our furry companions. Whether you’re devoted to dogs, fanatic about felines, or perhaps even both, there is one characteristic shared by them all: unconditional love.

Here at OnBuy, we think it’s about time that this affection is returned. To thank our four-legged friends for helping us through even the toughest of times (especially this year), we’ve compiled a list of five paw-sitively purr-fect ways to treat them, without upsetting your bank account. Get ready to set those tails wagging… we promise you won’t regret it!

Did someone say spa day?

Did someone say spa day?

More and more pet-friendly spas are opening every year, offering fantastic inspiration for all kinds of home-based pampering and indulgence. After all, who said self-care should be reserved for humans only? 

If your creature loves a cuddle, chances are they’ll also appreciate a spot of reflexology (the newest trend to rock the domesticated world). Doggy and moggy massages offer so many benefits to your beloved companions, from increased relaxation to the easing of sore muscles, and also boast multiple advantages for you. 

As well as enhancing their physical and mental health, these bonding experiences can also help to reduce your own stress and anxiety, an invaluable bonus when you’re feeling tense or worried. For dogs in particular, pressurised rubbing holds a number of rewards, from increased flexibility and motor skills to more effective digestion. Grooming gloves and ergonomic brushes are specially designed to promote blood circulation, while thoroughly cleaning the skin at the same time. For cats, combs and thick-bristled brushes offer comfort with the added advantage of removing shedding fur.

What’s more, this soothing leisure activity can be enjoyed and shared by everyone in the family (little ones included), and never fails to calm both owner and animal alike. It’s certainly worth considering if pacifying is your thing.



Granted, this one may be more for the canine-lovers out there, but nothing’s to stop you from walking a cat or a hamster (yes, cat leads do exist - and they’re extremely popular among many pet parents, too!).

Arguably the best time of the day, most dogs react to the ‘w’ word with endearing excitement, widened eyes and wagging tails included. Indeed, nothing makes a pooch happier than spending time in the great outdoors.

To fully spoil your pup beyond the boundaries of ‘the block’, why not treat them to a hike in the woods, a run along the beach, or a ramble around the park? The change of scenery and new smells will be a wonderfully enriching experience for you both, helping to improve motor and social skills as standard. 

If your hound is drawn to water like a magnet, a quick dip in the sea or river is a wonderful way to pamper them. Many breeds like Labradors and Spaniels love the feel of liquid on their fur, so find a safe body free of strong currents and let them dive in! Of course, if your dog has never been swimming before, go slowly, stay positive, and fit them with a life jacket to help perfect the paddle. Don’t forget to bring some fresh water and a handy collapsible bowl along too, as well as some eco-friendly poo bags to clean up after bathroom breaks.

As with everything, your furry friend deserves the best, and that involves looking trendy at all times. Keep them looking stylish on your walks with a fashionable collar, harness or lead, and they’ll truly become the talk of the town.

The midday munchies

The midday munchies

What better way to ‘treat’ your pets than with indulgent, healthy delicacies? There’s a huge variety of natural dog treats and cat treats on offer, from chews that’ll last them for days, to brief bites that’ll be finished in a flash. They say that the way to an animal’s heart is through their stomach, and that’s certainly true of these moreish morsels! Both succulent and nutritious, a good treat will leave your furry friend feeling properly spoiled and truly taken care of.

Dry chews, like the Pedigree Rodeo Duos, are great for reducing your pooch’s tartar build-up, and provide a juicy hit of flavour that really feels indulgent. Pampering them with a convenient doggy toothbrush is also a good idea, especially if raw food is their preference. On the organic front, there are all kinds of unprocessed treats available, from low-fat duck pieces to grain-free chicken sticks and biscuits. 

Of course, your cat will always appreciate a bite-sized chunk of deliciousness, but why not give them a treat they’ll really enjoy by sprinkling down some catnip? A herb from the mint family, catnip contains an organic compound called nepetalactone, which sends signals to the brain that gives cats feelings of euphoria. While some cats experience a bout of hyperactivity, others have a more docile reaction (both of which varies from cat to cat). However they react, your feline friend is sure to enjoy the temporary effects of catnip - as are you while watching them!

If cooking is your bag, why not try some homemade natural alternatives? After all, it’s far easier to tailor their favourite meals when you’re controlling the ingredients. In the summer, frozen dog treats are a fantastic way to keep your pup cool, and for the feline fans out there, how about some tiny tuna titbits? Recipe books can be a real lifesaver here, so be sure to do your research before braving the baking.

Paw-some play

Paw-some play

Playing together is an incredibly important part of any pet’s life. Above all else, it helps to develop survival instincts and bonds, as well as releasing any pent-up energy or stress. 

For canines, there are simply hundreds of indestructible dog toys on the market, covering a plethora of settings and needs. While out and about, spoil your pooch with a ball or throwing toy to fetch, bring back and repeat. We promise they’ll thank you for it! 

Beyond the conventional playthings, puzzle games can help to train as well as treat, with goodies hidden inside. For intelligent dogs and cats alike, these all-in-one amusements provide hours of mental stimulation and fun, engaging their minds in interactive play. 

When it comes to our feline friends, you may be forgiven for thinking that cat toys extend only as far as scratching posts, bells, and mice on string - but that’s simply not the case! In fact, there’s a whole host of exciting and interactive cat toys that are purr-fect for playtimes, including Catch the Mouse, a game that encourages your more independent cats to get stuck into solo play, and even pop-up tunnels that bring the adventure of outdoors, indoors!

Should you want to please your pet even further, why not take them to the shop and let them choose their own toy? Not only an interesting excursion but also an entertaining activity (for both parties involved), these trips allow your companions to explore the aisles themselves, examining all the sensory pleasures a store has to offer. From noisy squeakers to bright and eye-catching bouncers, it’ll truly be a feast for the senses!

Get comfy and cosy

Get comfy and cosy

When all the excitement of daytime treats has expired, it’s time to enjoy the calming evening alternatives. If you’ve been barking up the wrong tree with massages and munchies, these cosy accessories could be the real solution to paw-sitively spoiling your pet.

Whether it’s sunsets spent lounging on the sofa, or nights piled into the same bed, spending quality cuddle time with your furry friend is the purr-fect way to soothe and relax their temperament. Help to keep your furnishings clean and hair-free with a specially designed blanket, the hygienic answer to curbing stray fur. For when it’s time to get snuggly, why not invest in a comfortable dog or cat bed? We must warn you though, do so at your own risk… you may want to sleep in it yourself!

During the warmer months, it may be a good idea to purchase a cooling mat if your pooch or feline tends to overheat. These can definitely keep temperatures down, and help them to feel comfortable in even the hottest of climates.

Regardless of whether you choose to treat your pet through play, pacifying or pampering, they’re sure to love you fur-ever with some of these paw-some ideas! And, with National Love Your Pet Day falling tomorrow, what better time to show your favourite four-legged friend how much you love them than now?