Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Every Day

Published: 12/02/2021

Are you ready to pass the good feelings on? Following the recent Time to Talk Day, we’re encouraging you to once again reach out and spread the love - this time in the form of random acts of kindness! Not only do acts of kindness make others feel good, but it also does wonders for you, too. In fact, studies have shown that doing good things for other people stimulates our brain to produce those sweet ‘happy chemicals’: serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021, which lasts from February 14th to February 20th, we’ve come up with a list of ideas to inspire the Good Samaritan in you. 

Whether you’re helping out your best friend, showing your family how much you love them or simply brightening up a stranger’s day, we’ve done our best to think of compassionate pursuits and acts of generosity that appeal to all interests. Some are quick and easy, while others take more work, but they’re all equally fulfilling!

Tell a joke


Our first idea is a kind thing that you can certainly do every day. Everyone appreciates a good joke, and good humour can bring a ray of sunshine to even the darkest of days. You don’t even have to do it in person, either - once you’ve come across a real corker, why not send it to your friends via text message or drop it in an email to your work colleagues?

Now, unless you’re a budding stand-up comic, crafting your own joke can be a difficult task. Cribbing your gag from a quality joke book is a sure-fire way to avoid blank looks and fake laughs. Just be sure to choose something appropriate!

Make a donation to a food bank

Make a donation to a food bank

Random Acts of Kindness Week is the perfect time to start making donations to your local food bank. Food banks provide much-needed support to people living in poverty by providing them with parcels of food and other necessities. The next time you shop in your local supermarket, look out for a food bank donation bin - they’re usually near the exits or next to the checkout tills. Donating to a food bank is easy. You don’t need to fill out any forms, just add a few items to your weekly shop and drop them in the bin; the food bank’s volunteers will sort out the rest. Many food banks also accept donations of food directly.

Food banks are in need of non-perishable foods. Donating tins, cans and jars of food, like tinned vegetables and fish or bags of rice and pasta, are good places to start. Rather than providing just the bare minimum food needed to survive, food banks also try to fill their parcels with a few treats, too. Goodies like chocolate or biscuits are very much appreciated. Food bank parcels are also packed with toiletries like toothpaste or soap as well. If you’re not sure what to donate, reach out to your local food bank and ask them! Quite a few food banks have their own website or social media pages with contact details and info about their most wanted items. To find your nearest food bank, visit The Trussell Trust’s website here.

Leave a series of friendly notes for strangers


This next idea is a great way to get those creative juices flowing, and makes a top idea for entertaining children as well. The idea is simple: take some nice art and craft paper, write a short, kind message and finish it off with the decorations of your choice!

The beauty of this idea is that it’s easy to put your own spin on it. If you really adore the craft of fine lettering, you can write your message out with a calligraphy set. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of all things sparkly, a judicious application of multicoloured glitter glue is sure to make your message stand out.

Once you’ve finished your message, you need to make sure as many strangers see it as possible. If it’s nice and dry outside, you can tie it to a local bench with some simple string, but if you’ve made your note during Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021, that February weather is probably not going to be cooperative! In that case, a window that faces out to the street is the perfect display billboard. Attach it at eye level with some glass-safe adhesive, like Bostik Blu-Tack, and you can bring a smile to anyone who passes by.

Tend to a community garden

Tend to a community garden

This next suggestion is for anyone with green fingers! There are many organisations worldwide that organise community gardening projects (the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK is just one example). Volunteering for these organisations allows you to tend parks and gardens, design floral displays and so much more! Through partnerships with food banks and other local charities, some of your hard work in these public gardens can even go towards feeding the local community, making ‘doing your bit’ even more rewarding!

Some gardening tasks are easier than others but, whatever you choose to do, you’ll need a few gardening tools and other items to ensure your plants grow well. A strong garden spade for digging deep holes and a trowel for smaller pits are absolute must-haves. An all-purpose compost will give your plants the baseline nutrients they need, while a powerful fertiliser will help them grow even bigger.

Reconnect with a friend or family member

Reconnect with a friend or family member

One of the benefits of modern life is that we make connections with new people on a constant basis. The ‘friends’ list of the average social media user numbers in the hundreds. The downside of this connectivity is that, although it’s easy to make friends, keeping them is much harder. Unless you’re a hyper-organised social butterfly, there’s probably a friend or family member that you haven’t reached out to in a while. 

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021 is an excellent time to pick up where your relationship left off. If they’re a friend you made online, why not call them on a VOIP app like Skype or Discord (just remember to have a computer microphone handy!). Or if they live locally, writing them a lovely personal letter and posting it off in an envelope is an equally wonderful idea. If you don’t have their address, give them a call instead and then ask for their address at the end of your conversation - just remember to jot it down in an address book so you don’t forget it!

Volunteer for household cleaning and DIY tasks

Volunteer for household cleaning and DIY tasks

Cleaning the house can be a fantastic way to show kindness to the people you live with, be that your partner, your family or your housemates. Every little helps, whether that means collecting dust from every carpet with a vacuum cleaner or tackling one particularly unpleasant household chore - yes, we do mean breaking out the bleach and the toilet brush! This is a particularly good idea if the people you live with work away from home. They’re sure to appreciate opening the front door and finding a freshly clean home! Living in a clean, clutter free house is effective at busting stress, too.

If you don’t want to disturb your chore rota, another top idea for Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021 is to get your DIY hat on and get to task on anything that needs doing around the house. Even if you're not a DIY expert, there are plenty of odd jobs around the house that are easy enough to do with the help of a trusty screwdriver set. Is the door of one of your kitchen cabinets a bit stiff? Fitting a new hinge is something almost anyone can do. Or you can make your grouting look good as new with the application of bathroom sealant.

Donate old clothes and other items to a charity shop

Donate old clothes and other items to a charity shop

If your wardrobe is full to bursting with clothes, it might be time for a bit of a spring clean, but keep your pre-loved possessions away from the rubbish bin! Throwing away wearable clothes is a terrible waste, particularly when there are so many charity shops that can pass them on to a new owner. Charity shops sell clothes for a fraction of the cost of high street fashion stores, so they’re a vital outfitter for people on a shoestring budget. Plus all the profits go to charity - that’s two acts of random kindness in one!

Charity shops look for a wide variety of clothes in all sizes. You can bring in a pair of jeans, a set of blouses and shirts or a pair of shoes that your little one has grown out of - all will be appreciated! It doesn’t just stop with clothes either: second hand DVDs, CDs and electronic devices are all charity shop staples, too.

Charity shops are also looking for furniture, and some even specialise in it. If you’ve got a creative side, you can make old furniture new again through the power of upcycling! Sometimes, old furniture just needs a good lick of furniture paint to give it a new lease of life, so you don’t have to be a DIY whizz to get the job done. But if you’ve got the carpentry skills, you can showcase your creative talents with nothing more than a nice saw, a woodworking plane, some sandpaper, and a dash of imagination!

However you decide to spread the love this year, we hope these suggestions have got you excited for Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021. With strenuous lockdown restrictions, we understand that it’ll be harder to show kindness to strangers this year, but that means your actions will be all the more appreciated. As long as everyone keeps to the current safety measures and feels comfortable when carrying out their acts of kindness, this week is certain to be a smashing success. So go on, put a smile on someone’s face - we know you want to!