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Ready To Go Smart With Your Home Security?

Published: 07/06/2021

If you’re a security-conscious homeowner, you’ve probably already invested in a security system. Mixing a burglar alarm, outdoor security lights and a CCTV camera or two, home security systems are great at protecting your home and family from crime. However, they can be even better. Like a variety of smart home gadgets, smart home security systems take existing products that are common in most households and kit them out with the latest digital technology to improve their capabilities. 

This is an attractive offer for people who haven’t invested in home security products for their home before, but what’s the appeal if you already have a system up and running? After all, won’t a smart security camera let you see exactly what a normal camera sees? To help you start your smart journey, we’ve written this blog to answer all the questions you may have and sum up all of the reasons why you should make the switch. We can’t promise that you’ll be smarter when you reach the end, but your home sure will be!

Staying connected

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One of the biggest reasons why you should consider upgrading your home security with smart home products is their wireless connection capability. This feature gives smart home security products all kinds of advantages over traditional products.

For example, rather than record to a DVR or other physical device, a smart security camera can store hours of its recorded footage remotely on a cloud computing server. That footage is ready and waiting for you to access at any time, from any location. If your smart CCTV camera gets stolen or damaged, it won’t do the criminal any good. Their face will be preserved on the cloud system, far away from where they can get to it.

This cloud connectivity isn’t just good for storing recorded video. With the addition of a smart home hub like the Google Nest Hub Max or a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot, you can link your smart home security devices together to create your own personal security net. This makes them much easier to control than traditional home security products, as every connected device can be activated from a single app on your smartphone.

24-hour surveillance

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Another huge benefit from installing a smart security camera is that you can tune into it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes smart home security systems a brilliant choice if you’re worried about a break-in abroad. With a few taps on your phone, smart CCTV systems let you bring up a live feed instantaneously. There’s no better way of reassuring yourself!

This isn’t just convenient for security purposes. It lets you keep an eye out on what’s going on in your home. What to check that your babysitter’s doing a good job? Or want to keep an eye or your pet while you’re at the office? Smart CCTV is the perfect choice.

Automate opening the door

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You can repurpose your smart home security system as a digital bouncer, too. If you’ve ordered a package from OnBuy, you don’t have to stay at home with the help of a video doorbell! Almost every smart doorbell offers a live video feed and a two-way chat function thanks to a built-in microphone. You can speak directly to the delivery driver, telling them to leave your package in a safe place. 

Alternatively, if you have a smart lock like the August Smart Lock Pro, you can temporarily unlock your front door, giving the delivery driver enough time to put the package down before you lock it up again. A smart security camera positioned in your hallway means they can’t take advantage of your unlocked door.

While we’re on the subject of smart locks, this type of smart home security technology can be really helpful if you have mobility issues. You can unlock your door remotely, making it more convenient to let friends, family, and carers into your home. Smart locks can be a lifesaver for able-bodied people, too. Invited a lot of people to your house party? Give each of them a temporary digital ‘key’ via the lock’s smartphone app. That way, your friends can let themselves in without you having to worry about gatecrashers!

Put an end to pet-related false positives

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The one downside to many home security products is that they can be easily triggered by your pets. A basic PIR motion sensor can’t tell the difference between an intruder lurking by your windows and your cat leaping up on the window sill. If you’ve ever been woken up late at night by your burglar alarm only to find the culprit was your nocturnal moggy, it might be time to switch to smart security. 

Smart motion sensors use a number of factors to determine if they should trigger an alarm, not just movement. A common combination is to recognise human movement based on a combination of body heat, shape, and size. Another technique is to combine different forms of motion detection together into a single unit. Many smart motion sensors add a microwave sensor, which detects movement more accurately, alongside the passive infra-red sensor. This further cuts down on the number of irritating false alarms you have to deal with.

Know who’s at your door before you open it

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Another way a smart doorbell or smart CCTV camera beats a regular one is by letting you know exactly who’s turned up at your home before they’ve had a chance to knock on your front door. That’s because they often have facial recognition technology built-in. Let’s take a popular video doorbell as a case study. The Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell has a feature called ‘Familiar Faces’. Turn this feature on, and the smart doorbell will send an alert to your smartphone to ask you if it’s someone you recognise. Select ‘yes’, and it’ll save the image in its database. Once stored, this Google smart doorbell will let you know when it spots them again in the future. 

A more sophisticated video doorbell or smart security camera can even recognise packages and animals as well as individual humans. Like the motion detectors above, this reduces the chances the camera will send a false positive alert to your phone.

Home security, smarter

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These are just some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading to a smart home security system - but there’s a whole host of other pros depending on your specific needs too! Still a little smart sceptic? Our tech team debunked some of the most common myths around smart home systems and compiled them all in this handy blog here. Spoiler alert: Big Brother isn’t always watching! 

After more smart inspo? Head over to the OnBuy smart security and safety category! There, you’ll find a great range of smart home security products to suit every budget. It’s part of our smart home category, which is packed with intelligent devices that can automate all sorts of common household chores, from robot vacuum cleaners to smart light switches that turn themselves off.

Something that gives a lot of people pause before buying their first smart home products is how complicated they can seem. If you want to know more information about how to configure your smart home system before you take your digital dive, why not read a few of the buyer’s guides we’ve written about smart technology? Our guides on the best video doorbells and the best smart locks for your home are particularly relevant to this blog, but our guide on how to make your home a smart home is a fantastic primer for beginners. With these guides, you’ll be equipped to make the smartest smart home purchase in no time!

Please note: the information in this blog is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.