Revealed: Europe's Vainest Country

Revealed: Europe's Vainest Country

Published: 23/10/2020
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Over the years, social media has become a place for everyone to show off the best version of themselves. However, it's easy to get carried away with millions of users spending hours posing, editing pictures and even buying followers!

Intrigued to discover Europe's vainest cities, OnBuy used online search analytics tool Ahrefs to examine search volumes for 'buy followers', 'how to edit selfies', 'gain Instagram followers', and other similar phrases to determine which city is most obsessed with themselves.

Europe's attitudes towards editing photos

Europe's attitudes towards editing photos

Tranmautritam & David Gonzales / Pexels

Before revealing which country is the vainest, we surveyed 3,650 people to see how far some are willing to go to in order to rake in the likes. A surprising 58% of participants admit to having edited a photo they posted on social media.

We also asked users who edit their photos which features they edit the most. We found that skin (64%), facial features (51%) and body (43%) come out on top. With many popular social media influencers conforming to society's beauty standards, it's no surprise many feel the pressure to follow suit, even if that means altering how they look online.

Social media can be a numbers game for many and this is shown by the fact that 23% of participants have spent money to gain Instagram followers! Our need for fame and status doesn't stop there though, as 18% also admitted to having paid for Instagram likes. Becoming an internet sensation requires you to have the numbers to back it up, which is why many feel the need to fake their way to the top.

Europe's Vainest Country

Which European countries are the most selfie-obsessed?

Which European countries are the most selfie-obsessed?

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  • United Kingdom - 108,630 monthly searches:
    At the top of the list is the United Kingdom, with a whopping 108,630 selfie-related searches each month alone. 10,000 of those can be attributed to people searching for "buy instagram followers", 6,500 to "how to get more followers on instagram", and 2,600 to "how to get more Instagram followers". It seems like people would rather cheat their way to fame than gain it organically.
  • Spain - 75,050 monthly searches:
    Following behind in second place is Spain with 75,050 monthly searches. When it comes to narcissism, it seems the Spanish are most obsessed with editing apps. Of the monthly searches, 31,000 come from searches for Picsart. On this app, users are able to edit their appearance, from hiding their eye bags, acne and even changing their hair colour! Other popular app searches include VSCO (31,000 monthly searches) and Foodie (6,900 monthly searches).
  • Germany - 63,670 monthly searches:
    In third place is Germany, with our research finding that Germans make 63,670 monthly searches related to selfies every month, with 60,080 of those for mobile phone editing apps. The most popular apps include: VSCO (28,000 monthly searches), Picsart (17,000 monthly searches) and Photo Lab Picture Editor (4,100 monthly searches).
  • France - 60,440 monthly searches:
    People in France are the fourth vainest in Europe! According to our findings, the French seem very interested in gaining fake Instagram followers with 450 monthly searches for "buy followers" and 500 for "buy Instagram followers". By analysing the country's Google searches, it also reveals their interest in editing apps such as Facetune (2,500 monthly searches), where users are able to edit their facial features, body and even add makeup to their selfies.
  • Italy - 43,370 monthly searches:
    The fifth vainest citizens in Europe are Italians with 43,370 selfie-related searches every month. Much like the French, Italians are big fans of fake Instagram followers with 1,700 searches for "buy Instagram followers" each month. With new followers must come the likes to match them, so it's no surprise that there are 600 monthly searches for "buy Instagram likes".
  • Poland (29,270 monthly searches):
    Taking sixth place is Poland with 29,270 monthly searches, a whopping 28,800 of them coming from their clear love for editing apps. Some of Poland's favourite apps according to search volumes are PicsArt (11,000 monthly searches), VSCO (14,000) and Foodie (1,200 monthly searches).
  • Greece (27,150 monthly searches):
    Greece falls into seventh place with 27,150 searches each month. Fake Instagram followers seem to be a main point of interest for Greek residents with 680 monthly searches related to gaining followers as well as 410 for "free Instagram likes".
  • Sweden - 26,940 monthly searches:
    Following closely behind Greece is Sweden with 26,940 selfie-related searches every month. With 1,100 monthly searches for "buy instagram followers", it's clear to see that the Swedes don't mind faking it a little. The same can be said when it comes to editing their photos with apps, as Pixl and Facetune both receive 600 monthly searches.
  • Netherlands - 24,330 monthly searches:

    In ninth place is the Netherlands, where people's love for editing apps contributed to 21,350 of their 24,330 selfie-related searches every month - 88% of all searches. Among their favourites were Photoshop (1,100 monthly searches) and Facetune (800 monthly searches).

    We also found their searches for "free instagram followers" totals to 1,910, showing just how eager they are to increase their numbers on the 'gram.
  • Portugal - 19,780 monthly searches:
    Taking tenth place is Portugal, after raking in an impressive 19,780 selfie-related searches every month. Of their editing app-related searches, 4,000 are for PicsArt, 3,600 are for Photo Editor Pro and 2,000 for Adobe Lightroom. Clearly in Portugal it's the photo itself that is most important rather than the number of likes.
  • Ukraine - 15,260 monthly searches
    With only 260 of their searches wondering how to edit selfies, get Instagram likes and followers, it's clear to see Ukranians' main concern is enhancing their photos. Among their most searched apps each month is FaceApp (3,300 monthly searches), where users can go as far as changing their hairstyle, age and adding facial hair, as well as Facetune (600 monthly searches).
  • Belgium - 14,740 monthly searches:
    Following in 11th Belgium, with 14,740 selfie-related searches each month, and 95% of which come from searches for editing apps. The most popular apps in this country are VSCO (7,500 monthly searches), PicsArt (2,700 monthly searches) and FaceApp (1,600 monthly searches).
  • Romania - 13,530 monthly searches:
    Following behind in 13th is Romania, with an earnest 13,530 searches every month. Much like the other countries, a majority of their searches come from their love of editing apps. Their clear favourites are PicsArt (5,900), VSCO (4,100 monthly searches) and FaceApp (1,400 monthly searches).
  • Switzerland - 11,160 monthly searches:
    Switzerland finds itself in 14th place, with 11,160 selfie-related searches on average each month. 3,800 of these come from searches for editing app VSCO, 3,300 from PostCard Creator and 1,900 fromPicsArt. The Swiss are also among those paying to gain fame on Instagram, with 630 searches relating to querying and buying free followers.
  • Which European countries are the least selfie-obsessed?

    Which European countries are the least selfie-obsessed?

    Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

    • Belarus - 3,080 monthly searches:
      Taking the title as Europe's least selfie-obsessed country is Belarus, with 3,080 searches for selfie-related terms. 2,940 of those searches can be attributed to editing apps, with their most searched for apps are PicsArt (900 monthly searches), FaceApp (800 monthly searches) and VSCO (700 monthly searches).
    • Serbia - 3,100 monthly searches:
      Serbians are the second least obsessed with their image, raking in 90 fewer monthly searches than first place Bulgaria, with 3,100 selfie-related Google searches every month. Much like the other countries, their focus lies in apps, with VSCO being the most sought after (1,900 monthly searches), followed by Facetune (250 monthly searches) and Photoshop (150 monthly searches).
    • Bulgaria - 3,190 monthly searches:
      Making it into the bottom three, with only 3,190 monthly searches, is Bulgaria. 90% of their searches come from editing apps, showing that enhancing photos is this country's main concern. PicsArt (900 monthly searches), FaceApp (800 monthly searches) and VSCO (700 monthly searches) are the three Bulgaria's most searched for apps.
    • Czech Republic - 4,910 monthly searches:
      People in Czech Republic only make 4,910 selfie related searches each month, putting them among the least vain in Europe. 93% of their searches come from apps, with VSCO (2,700 monthly searches) and FaceApp (1,000) being the most popular - the two apps you're most likely to find on all selfie lovers' phones.
    • Austria - 8,960 monthly searches:
      Following suit, most of Austria's selfie obsession also stems from their love of editing apps, accumulating 8,330 of their 8,960 monthly searches. Among their favourites are VSCO (3,100 monthly searches), PicsArt (1,900 monthly searches) and Snapseed (1,300 monthly searches).
    • Hungary - 9,410 monthly searches:
      Also among the least selfie-obsessed countries is Hungary, with 9,410 monthly searches. We found that the majority of their vanity lies in editing apps, with the most common apps being Photo Editor Pro (3,900 monthly searches), PicsArt (2,000 monthly searches), VSCO (1,500 monthly searches) and FaceApp (800 monthly searches).


    1. The top 20 European countries (excluding Russia) by population were found on
    2. A list of phrases were entered into Ahrefs to establish the average monthly search volumes for each country in Europe, the phrases include: "how to edit selfies", "selfie editing apps", "edit selfies", "how to get more followers", "how to get more followers on Instagram", "gain Instagram followers", "gain followers on Instagram", "how to get more Instagram followers", "how to gain more followers on Instagram", "buy followers", "buy Instagram followers", "how to get Instagram likes", "buy instagram likes" and "free likes on Instagram".
    3. The number of searches were made relative to each country's population to make the figures more comparable.
    4. The list of search phrases were translated into each country's language to account for language differences. The searches with Ahrefs were then repeated for each country. Averages were taken for each country because different numbers of search phrases were used (e.g. Belgium has three languages).
    5. The totals for each phrase were added together to find each country's total number of monthly searches.

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