Getting a gaming computer is an expensive purchase, no matter if you go for a laptop or a desktop. If you're wondering which one to get, you'll need to think about both your needs and budget. Luckily, we've compared the pros and cons of owning a gaming laptop vs owning a gaming desktop...

Pros Of Owning A Gaming Laptop:

  • Portable - giving you flexibility
  • Not reliant on electricity
  • Takes up less space
  • Incorporated keyboard and speakers

The biggest benefit of owning a gaming laptop is undoubtedly the mobility it gives you. You can carry it with you wherever life takes you.

Another benefit of owning a laptop is the ease of assembly. While desktops come with a variety of components which all need to be put together in order for them to work, laptops usually come in one piece. Just plug them in or charge them and you're ready to game!

Additionally, laptops are smaller so they don't need as much power as desktops do. And because laptops have batteries, you won't lose any of your progress in case of a power outage.

If you want to get a laptop, one thing you won't need to worry about is the lack of space: laptops don't need a desktop or any other surface to place them on. As the name suggests, you can use them by just resting them on your lap.

Pros Of Owning A Gaming Laptop

Cons Of Owning A Gaming Laptop:

  • More difficult to repair
  • More prone to damage - easier to drop or smash
  • Little to no ability to upgrade
  • Less value for money

When it comes to opening and repairing a laptop, this can prove to be more difficult than repairing a desktop. Some parts can also be very tricky to find. Simultaneously, it's very hard (sometimes impossible) to upgrade a laptop - the only way to reasonably do so is by purchasing another one.

In essence, getting a laptop for gaming is less value for money as you can probably find a desktop that has the same features for less. However, if you prefer having something portable, then it might be worth investing in a gaming laptop.

Cons Of Owning A Gaming Laptop

Desktop vs Laptop for Gaming

Pros Of Owning A Gaming Desktop:

  • Powerful processors & GPU
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Better screen and speakers
  • More performance for your money

One of the biggest advantages of owning a gaming desktop is the fact they can be easily upgraded compared to laptops. If you're unhappy with the RAM you can simply change it, whereas if you want to upgrade your laptop, you'll just have to buy another one.

If you enjoy playing computer games, then we recommend buying either a desktop or a gaming laptop. Bear in mind that you can expect to pay more for a gaming laptop than for a normal desktop that you could easily use for gaming as long as you have a good quality graphics card. If not, you could easily upgrade your desktop with a new one, as we've mentioned previously.

Pros Of Owning A Gaming Desktop

Cons Of Owning A Gaming Desktop:

  • Not portable - you're stuck in one location
  • Occupies more space
  • Will have to build it yourself - unless it's prebuilt
  • More pieces to purchase

On the other hand, gaming desktops lack the portability laptops have so if you're looking for something to carry around with you, the desktop won't be for you.

Unless you're choosing to purchase a prebuilt computer, you will have to build your own and buy different parts such as the monitor, mouse, keyboards and other components.

When it comes to money, the price of a desktop computer can vary depending on whether you want to build your own or you prefer buying it as a whole. The price can vary from £500 for a PC package to over £10,000 if you want to spoil yourself and you have the financial means. However, don't forget that even if you buy a cheap desktop computer to start with, you can always easily upgrade it with more expensive components.

Cons Of Owning A Gaming Desktop