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Stay on trend with our Squid Game Halloween costumes

Published: 08/10/2021
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This post contains spoilers - you’ve been warned!

It might not be Michael Myers, Pennywise, or Chucky, but no one can deny the horror of the monstrous, murderous ‘Red Light, Green Light’ girl from Squid Game, or seeing a circle-masked grunt pointing a revolver in your face for snapping a honeycomb umbrella!

As a result, the dystopian show is currently living rent-free in both the Netflix most watched list and many people’s nightmares, which is why it is rapidly becoming the inspiration for many trending Halloween costumes this year.

Which Squid Game character are you?

squid game staff

Netflix/Youngkyu Park

From Seong Gi-hun and Player 001 to the Front Man and the game staff, OnBuy has the essential Squid Game Halloween costumes and accessories sure to serve up a spook-tacular outfit. So which side will you choose?

The players

squid game tracksuit

Think you can take on the games for a slice of 45.6 billion South Korean Won in prize money (£28.2 million)? Want to avenge Ali, who deserved so much more from this world? Think you could rule the roost like Jang Deok-Su? Then it’s time to prepare - the next game is about to begin!

The brilliant thing about the Squid Game Halloween costumes - apart from their subtle terror - is how simple they are to put together. In fact, if you’re dressing as a player you just need a numbered baseball shirt, matching tracksuit, and white slip-on shoes - it’s that easy!

The game staff

squid game staff mask

Whether it’s the circular-faced workers, triangle soldiers, or the square managers, they all bring an emotionless, callous brutality with their uniformity and bluntness. Who wouldn’t be petrified by the sight of one of these masks staring down at you, revolver in hand, as you race the clock - and your competitors - to save your life!

Perhaps unsurprisingly given their elevated status among the staff, square is currently the most popular Squid Game mask option on OnBuy, but which will you choose? Don’t forget to pick up the signature pink jumpsuit, too!

Background characters

squid game front man mask

Why is the Front Man torturing the players with these children’s games? Who are the island’s VIPs pulling all the strings? These creepily mysterious characters are also a brilliant source of Halloween costume inspiration, especially if you want to stand out.

Like the rest of the costumes, the iconic masks are available in OnBuy’s Halloween collection, where you’ll find an amazing assortment of Halloween games, costumes, masks, decorations, and much more.

Will Squid Game have a season 2?

lady eating popcorn in suspense

Netflix are yet to announce whether or not Squid Game will be renewed for a new season (please, please, please…), but while we all wait to find out, OnBuy’s growing collection of Squid Game accessories can help see you through the binge-watching void. You could spice up your Halloween party by using the business cards as party invites and challenge your guests to the honeycomb challenge (hint: don’t pick umbrella!) with these Squid Game cookie cutters.

If you just want to celebrate the superb South Korean series with merch, OnBuy’s sellers are already stocking the online shelves with iconic mugs, figures, and keyrings! While you wait, you could even have a go yourself and see how you’d fare with Netflix’s interactive video below...

Banner image: Netflix/Youngkyu Park
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