We know what you're thinking - we're no fashion experts. But who can deny the appeal of a binge-worthy show with an equally impressive aesthetic? Not us! So, if you're on the lookout for some fresh inspiration for TV and home cinema purchases, here are some small screen titles that boast a serious style impact.

It seems that, for television, 2017 is the year of nostalgia - with dramas paying homage to the 20s, 70s and our personal favourite, the 80s: see the likes of Guerrilla, Stranger Things 2 and Z: The Beginning of Everything. If you watch all of these recommendations but run out, don’t stress, simply move on to the most popular TV programmes in the UK.




Credit: BBC

Tom Hardy has created a costume drama, everyone. No, seriously, he has, and it's as dark, bold and brutish as you'd expect. The actor teams up with Steven Knight (the brains behind Peaky Blinders) and the BBC to tell the story of violent vagrant, James Keziah Delaney. Set in the early 1800s, think of Taboo as an antidote to the prim and proper period dramas you've seen before. This is one history class worth taking. BBC iPlayer


Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Credit: Netflix

The much-loved first season of Stranger Things had us going gaga for 80s nostalgia, and sure enough, the sci-fi drama will be returning to grace our screens with more supernatural goodness on Halloween. From Barb's kitschy-cool wardrobe to Eleven's iconic buzz cut, this blast from the past will take your style from Upside Down to the right direction this year. Wiggle into your 80s fancy dress costume (if that's your kind of thing), cuddle-up with popcorn in-hand (it doesn’t have to be World Popcorn Day) and binge on Netflix, this 31st October


The Halcyon

The Halcyon

Credit: ITV

Promising to fill the Downton-shaped hole in your TV schedule, The Halcyon is a new ITV period drama set in 1940s London during World War II. Featuring an all-star cast, (Olivia Williams, Alex Jennings and Kara Tointon feature) the costumes aren't the only visual element bound to ignite inspiration. The lavish set, inspired by iconic hotels The Ritz, The Savoy and The Goring, makes for a simply stunning backdrop. ITV Hub




Credit: Sky

An original drama written by John Ridley (the Oscar-winner behind 12 Years a Slave) Guerrilla is a political narrative exploring the turbulent racial struggles of an underground activist cell in 1970s London. Starring Idris Elba in a supporting role, the six-part series promises the high-quality content we've come to expect from the small-screen titan - this time with a cool retro aesthetic. Sky Atlantic, 16th April


Z: The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything

Credit: Amazon Prime

Showcasing the courtship and early marriage of Zelda Sayre and novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald against the backdrop of the flamboyant 20s, it's hardly a surprise that Z: The Beginning of Everything has made it onto our list. With Christina Ricci taking the lead as Sayre, the original flapper girl, style icon and inspiration for The Great Gatsby, this 10-part series promises glitz, grandeur and a really great script. Amazon Prime

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