Spring has finally arrived, and shops are occupied with beautiful cards, fragrant flowers and chocolate gifts; meaning only one thing - Mother's Day. This year, Mothering Sunday falls on the 26th March upkeeping the tradition of falling four Sundays into the period of Lent. From simply walking into our local petrol station, to visiting your local restaurant, there is a constant reminder that it is time to show appreciation for our dear mother's.

So, what are we all buying?

Here at OnBuy, we investigated our spending habits in relation to Mother's Day, and it seems like other hallmark holidays such as Valentine's Day, the UK economy has a great boost in retail sales. On average, we are spending £38.50 on our mum's each year; up 5% from last year's average. It seems some certain 'mummy's boys' are responsible for upping this expense, spending £42 on their mum's in comparison to girls who are spending just £35.

In a survey of 1700 people, we discovered the top five gifts that are being bought: (1) Flowers (2) Taken out for family meal (3) Chocolate (4) Beautiful perfumes (5) Homeware. This list did not particularly come as a surprise, with these traditional gifts often given to a loved one to symbolise appreciation and affection; highlighting a special purpose on this day. Additionally, those who favoured going out for a family meal claimed they felt mothers would appreciate family time as a gesture of love.


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However, are these traditional gifts what mother's want?

Year in and out we are buying these gifts, however, are we getting it right? In a mirrored survey, results differed, showing there was a major difference of gifts they were receiving compared to those that they truly wanted. Although participants were appreciative of what they received, they soon started to resent these "cheesy gifts". In fact only 4% of mothers with children aged 3-10 admitted they would rather flowers over other presents.

One of the participants claimed "I do find it heart-warming when my children bring me flowers, but to be honest, I am extremely particular about my preference. At the end of the day, they die, and there is extra pressure to keep these flowers alive when given by my children, causing more house work than necessary."


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Less than two percent of participants claimed that they would favour a box of delicious chocolate over other gifts, claiming since having children they eat more junk food than they want: "finishing my children's uneaten meals have made me pile on the pounds - without the chocolate".

The most surprising result was that most mothers would rather not go out for a meal with their children during Mother's Day, claiming it to be much more hassle than enjoyment. Correspondents agreed that even before going for a meal, it is a mission just leaving the house. A shocking 72% claimed it is rarely a joyful experience and not worth the nagging and screaming they had to put up with in a restaurant.

In fact, analysis highlighted mostly that it was unconventional gifts those were hoping to receive: (1) A relaxing spa day - 19% (2) Date Night - 17% (3) A quiet night in with wine - 14% (4) An extra three hours in bed - 11% (5) No housework - 9%.


Ironically, the survey highlighted that 76% of this particularly group of mothers ultimately wanted a day off from parenting responsibilities on Mother's Day. However, those whose children were aged 18-30, favoured family time with their children (87%), highlighting the disparity between different stages of motherhood. Additionally, one finding that was not so surprising was relating to grandmothers. It was found that 96% would rather spend time with their families over any other gift, though sadly 56% felt neglected on Mothering Sunday.

Therefore, for those with young children, when going shopping this year, perhaps give your mum a call and rethink you present. Bring the gift of their grandchildren to her, and allow your wife to have the gift of utter relaxation this year.


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