To the delight of the British public, some boxes of Celebrations now contain Milky Way Crispy Rolls. This long-awaited news led the team at OnBuy to consider all the great chocolate bars that have been discontinued over the years and find out which bars Brits want back on the shelves!

OnBuy surveyed 2,473 Brits and asked them to select 10 of their favourite discontinued chocolate bars they want back.

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OnBuy also researched which of the chocolates listed were searched for the most by Brits per month.

  • Mars Delight - 9,900
  • White Terry's Chocolate Orange - 4,400
  • White Maltesers - 4,400
  • Cadbury Marble - 2,900
  • Cadbury Dream - 2,200
What chocolate bars do Brits want back on the shelves?

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What chocolate bars do Brits want back on the shelves?

We can reveal that the chocolate treat we want to be brought back the most isn't actually a bar... but an egg! 87% of Brits want the original Creme Egg recipe back, after it was changed in 2015. This may be unsurprising to some as there are regular petitions to persuade Cadbury to reverse their decision.

While the Crispy Roll may be back in Celebrations boxes, 73% of Brits would prefer to see the Galaxy Truffle back instead. While you can now buy different kinds of Galaxy Truffles, the iconic red box is where Brits are most keen to see this classic treat returned to.

In third place is the sought-after Mars Delight, which was discontinued in 2008. This bar has been described online as 'the taste of childhood' and is remembered fondly, with 68% of Brits calling for its immediate return. With this in mind, it's no wonder almost 10,000 Brits search Google for 'Mars Delight' every month!

It seems we are a nation of white chocolate lovers, as white chocolate features in fourth, fifth and sixth place, with Brits calling for Cadbury Dream (65%), white Maltesers (59%) and the white Terry's Chocolate Orange (51%) to be brought back.

Festive chocolate lovers in particular will fondly remember the white Terry's Chocolate Orange. Despite being discontinued some years ago, more than half of Brits (51%) are hoping that this year, to save them from tears, they can give it to someone special.

In seventh place is the Cadbury Marble bar, a mix of milk and white chocolate filled with a hazelnut praline. Despite not being the most well-known treat, this chocolate bar received almost half of the vote (47%).

The original Time Out bar came in eighth place with 42% of the vote! This lunchtime classic was discontinued in 2016 and replaced with the Time Out Wafer, which led to many begging for a return of the original.

In ninth place is the white chocolate variant of the classic Flake bar, the Flake Snow, with almost a third of the vote (31%). The firm favourite was sadly discontinued in 2008 and Brits across the country have been calling for its return ever since. But which bar came in last place?

We can reveal that the final bar on the list is the Texan Bar, with just a quarter of the vote (24%). Manufactured in the 1970s and 80s and brought back for a one-off release in 2005, the bar isn't really a hit with Brits, with many opting for a take it or leave it approach.

Which chocolate do you want back on the shelves the most?

The Classic Chocolate Bars Brits Want Back