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Inspiring Interiors: The Hottest Home Design Trends Of 2021

Published: 12/07/2021

What do sage green kitchens, statement vases, textured walls, and DIY cotton wool clouds all have in common? Yes, you’ve guessed it… they’re some of the biggest interior design trends to rock the 2021 hot list, and we’d love to tell you why. It may have felt like a pretty long year so far, but with warmer days and summer parties within arm’s reach, there’s never been a better time to start rejoicing in renovation, refreshing your home for the exciting times ahead. 

From sustainable materials to blocks of primary colour, celebrations of individuality to unique and distinctive décor, OnBuy’s list of fab interior fads is sure to provide you with a creatively curated look that'll instantly enhance your space for the better. Looking to a range of contemporary styles for inspiration, we’ll guide you through some of the most popular styles this summer, introducing a few of our bestselling beautifications along the way (bright yellow footstool, we’re looking at you). What’s more, with our tips, tricks, and advice in your accessory arsenal, it won’t be long before your humble abode represents the relaxing haven you’ve always dreamed of.

Cottagecore and rustic vogue

cottage style dining room

Though you may not be familiar with the cottagecore craze, it’s actually one of the most established trends on our list, having been coined by Tumblr back in 2018. An internet-based fashion trend, publicised and endorsed by a variety of young adults worldwide, it fundamentally celebrates an idealised rural life by valuing tradition and handmade crafts, like pottery, art, and needlework.

In the world of interior design, it represents a form of nostalgia, emphasising the peacefulness and serenity of the rustic, pastoral countryside in an escape from the pressures of modern living. Unsurprisingly, cottagecore has recently experienced a great resurgence on social media, so is certainly worth considering for your home if vintage furniture, retro décor, and pastel palettes are your preference. 

Rustic vogue, or what we here at OnBuy like to call a ‘tasteful’ take on cottagecore, is an absolute crowd-pleaser that’s able to blend seamlessly with almost any space and interior style. Appealing to anyone who loves modern luxury (with a splash of traditional character), it works especially well in properties that already feature some form of natural attribute, such as exposed beams, original floorboards, or panelled walls.

Reclaimed wood is the core material that holds this look together, so go for unique, sustainable pieces like this hand-crafted solid drawer cabinet, or this country-chic Corona dining set if organic, environmentally-friendly fittings are a must-have. Complete the aesthetic with a selection of indoor plants or flowers, some cosy gingham cushions and voilà… your natural home is complete!

Minimalism vs. maximalism

rustic style bedroom minimalist

Is less really more? Or is vibrant, loud, and busy the only way to stand out from the crowd? Preserving their status at both ends of the scale, minimalism and maximalism are equally fraught with inherent pros and cons when it comes to interior design, each one reaching their elevated rank by complementing the other.

The former, perhaps the most popular among those that favour practicality and simplicity, is mostly concerned with eradicating ‘excess’. Focusing only on the items that a house really needs, it stems from the fundamental idea that ‘less is more’, and aims to make understated and discreet décor the focus of a room. As such, minimalism shouldn’t constitute nothingness, it should instead simply highlight what truly matters in your space. With an emphasis on clean lines, neutral hues, basic textures, and lightly-coloured textiles, this trend is very versatile and, thankfully, incredibly easy to achieve. 

Your boudoir is a wonderful place to start, particularly if you’re looking to create a calm and tranquil sanctuary, free of unnecessary distractions and the stress of everyday life. First, prepare to discard any junk. Carefully rummage through your belongings and throw away anything that doesn’t make your heart sing (bye bye to the random wall hangings!). Choosing a bed frame for the minimalist look you’re feeling will make all the difference to both your room and your sleeping pattern, and can really set the tone of the whole area’s atmosphere. Metal models, box sprung, and platform alternatives are all fantastic choices as a springboard for your overall aesthetic.

Neutralised tones, including soft beiges, creamy whites, pale greys, and delicate pinks are an absolute gateway to zen vibes in this instance, so shop for linens, throws, and scatter cushions that epitomise ‘the basics’. Finally, take advantage of any natural light. Illuminations in a minimalist bedroom are almost an accessory on their own! If you have the option, remove any heavy curtains and swap them for sheer replacements.

As you may have guessed, maximalism is the complete opposite to its inconspicuous cousin. This movement encourages contrasting patterns, unusual shapes, vivid tones, and garish textures. Grab the attention of your guests and show off your character by filling every available space with trinkets, knick-knacks, and decorative trimmings galore. Often the preferred choice for well-travelled individuals, this style tends to feature lots of souvenirs and ‘things’ that tell a story, whether that be a dream catcher from the tribes of Native America, or some artwork from souks of Morocco.

If you’re thinking of adopting this theme, try combining checks and stripes on your wall, or search for eclectic pieces (like this faux leather chaise longue) that are likely to reflect the extravagant, elaborate appearance. Plush velvet furniture, ostentatious accessories, and one-off ornamentations are the deal of the day here, so strap on those Dame Edna Everage glasses and look for your next colourful companion today!

Japandi rejuvenation

japanese style living room basic but stylish

Japandi is an interior style that unifies simplicity and nature with a common interest of minimalism, bringing the very best from two different sides of the globe (Scandinavia and Japan) into one charming fusion. Much like the contemporary, modestly stark trend mentioned above, this movement centres on clean lines, functional fittings, decluttered space, natural materials, and contrasting colours - like pearl greys and sky blues with pops of black, pale pink, and white - while focusing on purity and peaceful, cosy environments.

To incorporate Japandi fashions into your home, it’s probably best to start with walls and furniture, as these can most noticeably reflect daylight throughout your interior space. When it comes to textiles, be sure to opt for natural fabrics, like beige, off-white, and muted grey, while also giving credence to natural wood tones and simple, uncomplicated shapes. Benches, ligneous or otherwise, beautifully harmonise with this theme as a whole, and can really make a statement in kitchens and bedrooms alike. This Dartmoor Oak model, for instance, is not only practical and durable, it’s also inherently charming in its unpretentiousness, characteristic of the Japandi style in its bare and organic nature.

Colour, colour, colour

Grey living room with pops of yellow colour

Totally chic and ultra-modern, grey has become one of the most popular colours for interior design over the past few decades, and it’s not very hard to see why. Providing an ideal backdrop for a range of other hues, this versatile colour possesses many different shades that’ll redefine a space. While the palest grey can form a light base for statement furnishings to stand out against, deeper, more dramatic alternatives can form a focal point for you to work around. 

This year, Pantone took the unusual step of naming two colours as their primary shades: grey and zingy yellow. When teamed together, this pair truly are a match made in heaven, and can become an ultimate mood-booster on even the darkest of days. Calming grey tones down the strength of yellow and, in return, the uplifting yellow gives its partner a sense of personality and strength that it may not possess on its own. As they complement each other so well, perhaps consider creating a focal point in your living room, such as a golden wood fire surround, or soft wallpapered backdrops with lemony fabrics and accessories. If your diluted palette requires extra depth, layer up tones of the same shade, or add a painted slate grey coffee table, bookshelf, or sideboard.

Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Rattan garden furniture

This isn’t one for you plant parents out there. Nope, we’re not talking about bringing the outdoors, indoors… after all, that’s sooo 2020, darling! Here at OnBuy, we think that your home requires more exterior attention, and what better way to enhance it than with some *ahem* interior home comforts? First, it’s time to attain the al fresco aesthetic. Start by deciding what you’ll be using the space for. Whether you’re a fan of entertaining, are looking to establish your own backyard bar, or are simply searching for somewhere to create a cosy evening retreat, an outroom could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Coined by Origin following a recent renaissance in searches for ‘outdoor living’ terms online, this project offers a fantastically affordable way to smarten and revamp your garden, encouraging you and your guests to feel better connected to the outside world and Mother Nature. No matter what the size and scope of your home, there’s tremendous potential to be found in every house, flat, and bungalow, so browse our selection of rugs, cushions, and sofas to upgrade your area in an instant. 

Rattan is an extremely popular garden furniture choice this summer, thanks to its durable yet elegant construction. If you’re keen to create an in/out den of zen, where all your nearest and dearest can sit and enjoy the sunshine, one of these stylish, sophisticated sets could help to make your backyard seem even more inviting and tranquil. Or, if it’s the homely aesthetic you’re going for, simply add a garden coffee table, a snuggly sofa blanket, and some handy hanging planters

This design trend is so popular at the moment that we even created an entire blog dedicated to it! Packed with even more design secrets, tips, and tricks to help you create ‘the fifth room’ in your garden, it won’t be long before you’re kicking back and enjoying the peaceful ambience of your outdoor oasis. The best part? It’s so easy to achieve, and the payoff is truly phenomenal. So, what are you waiting for? Your seren outdoor space awaits...

Transcend the trend

simple styled dining room with pale colours

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into all things interior design, and now feel better equipped to modernise your household this summer. Should you require more information or inspiration on all the fantastic products OnBuy has to offer, it’s certainly worth exploring our extensive blog and buyer’s guide collection. Simply stuffed with advice on everything from garden water features to outdoor heating solutions, trendy radiator covers to high-end interior ideas, there really is something for every homeware hero in our diverse selection.

Whether you’re looking for a way to beautify your bedroom, or merely need some support in the world of futons and fittings, there’s never been a better time to blitz through our handy guides. They’ll take you through the top products currently sitting on the OnBuy shelves and there’s a charming choice for every budget and buyer within our vast reserves. All that’s left to say is transcend the trend today! We promise it’ll be worth it!