The hours we spend being chased by predators on Netflix

The Hours We Spend Being Chased By Predators On Netflix

Published: 26/10/2020
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Whether it's on our screens or in our nightmares, the images of creepy predators from our favourite horror flicks are often etched into our minds for some time. What's more, even when we begin to forget the haunting plots and harrowing scenes, even the smallest suspicious noises can trigger vivid visions that give us the spooks.

Acting as the big stars of horror flicks, these fictional predators are the main cause of our goosebumps when watching a movie. From hairy spiders and killer kids to creepy clowns, these fictional predators leave us watching through our fingers, behind a cushion, or even behind our sofas, waiting for those inevitable jump-scares.

Inspired by the thrill of terror, the OnBuy team decided to study all of the Netflix films the genre has to offer, to find out how many hours we spend being chased by movie predators. The results will make you want to take your running app or next cardio session far more seriously...

The top 10 predators that we spend the most time being chased by on Netflix

The Hours We Spend Being Chased By Predators On Netflix

Serial Killers (121 hours and 50 minutes)

Serial Killers

Republica / Pixabay

The Netflix predator we spend the most time running away from in films are Serial Killers. As avid horror-watchers will know, serial killers featured on Netflix come in all shapes and sizes. Some like to show themselves off by wearing a terrifying mask, calling you in the middle of the night, and playing hide-and-seek. Meanwhile, others are more classy, playing with your mind and leaving clues which lead to paranoia. But in the end, the fact is: they like the chase.

From running into lakes to climbing staircases, the study revealed that we spend 121 hours and 50 minutes running from psycho killers on Netflix. This is equivalent to running from London to Edinburgh (608km) three times or going from London to Manchester six times.

Aliens (108 hours)


Pawel86 / Pixabay

Aliens come in second place. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial existence or not, creatures from outside worlds can prove terrifying for many of us. Abductions, human race extermination, experiments and body-swapping - they're triggered by different reasons, but from our horror movie experience, we can tell their exchanges with humans are less than friendly.

In total, we spend 108 hours being chased by aliens on Netflix, the same time it would take to run London to Birmingham nine times.

Demonic Possessions (71 hours and 54 minutes)

Demonic Possessions

reidy68 / Pixabay

Demonic possessions are the third most likely to cause us to flee. With these dark spirits possessing the power to make even the most decent men and women turn into dark and evil creatures, predators with demonic possessions are predators notoriously difficult to escape from - particularly since they're often around every corner in our favourite fictional thrillers!

In total, we spend 71 hours and 54 minutes running from possessed humans on Netflix. Tiring to even consider? To put it into perspective, that is the same amount of time it would take us to run from London to Birmingham six times.

Ghosts / Poltergeists (53 hours and 30 minutes)

Ghosts / Poltergeists

Aidan Monaghan / Netflix

On the topic of dark spirits, the predators that we spend the fourth longest running from are poltergeists and ghosts. If you don't know the difference between ghosts and poltergeists, ghosts are usually spirits of people who passed away trying to communicate with us, whilst poltergeists (which means "noisy ghosts") are used to describe angry and violent supernatural forces that move objects and make noises to scare us.

On Netflix, we spend 53 hours and 30 minutes trying to escape from these dangerous entities - the same amount of time taken to run from London to Birmingham more than four times.

Killer Children (27 hours and 36 minutes)

Killer Children

Katrina Marcinowski / Netflix

Fifth on the list are killer kids. Whilst they may look like angels, these fictional predators carry the devil inside them. When possessed by dark spirits, typically sweet and innocent children begin exhibiting bizarre behaviours - from talking to empty space to watching you sleep, and even having their smooth voice transition to a guttural one like Regan MacNeil's did in the ultimate spooky kid film, The Exorcist. Whilst we may think it is easier to run from these short legged murderers, their demonic powers can make these kids run fast.

We found that we spend 27 hours and 36 minutes trying to escape from creepy little kids on Netflix. This is the average time taken to run from London to Birmingham, twice.

Zombies (27 hours and 12 minutes)


cottonbro / Pexels

Ranking in sixth are Zombies. Although you might think it's easier for us to run from dead humans, these predators are triggered by the smell of human meat and possess an endless hunger, so shouldn't be underestimated. What's more they usually walk in large groups, making it difficult to find a way out. So, if you want to avoid getting your arms chomped by these smelly and creepy creatures, then you better start training speedwork!

In fact, we spend a total of 27 hours and 12 minutes running from zombies on Netflix - the same amount of time taken to run from London to Manchester almost twice.

Dolls (24 hours and 42 minutes)



From Annabelle to Chucky, we've all had shivers sent down our spine when thinking of doll-like predators. Whilst they are mostly constructed from plastic, porcelain or fabric, these torturous toys are the Netflix predators that we spend the seventh longest time running from in films, despite their small stature and inanimate nature.

In total, we spend a whole day (24 hours and 42 minutes) trying to escape the clutch of these creepy dolls, which is equivalent to a two-way running trip from London to Birmingham.

Vampires (23 hours and 18 minutes)


Emmanuel Guimer / Netflix

In eighth are vampires. If you ever feel a cold breeze brush over you, beware! One of these immortal creatures might be around. With frozen bodies, pale skin and sharp teeth, these predators are often on screen seeking their next victim to feast upon. Their fast-pace can prove tricky to outrun, so make sure you have your running shoes nearby when bumping one of these centenary creatures on the hunt for your blood and vivacity.

In total, we spend 23 hours and 18 minutes trying to escape from these predators - which is equivalent to running halfway from London to Edinburgh.

Dragons (12 hours and 42 minutes)


Ihotsky / Pixabay

Often considered to be the slightly more magical cousin of Dinosaurs, dragons are also among the main predators we spend most time escaping on Netflix. Although these dragons can be friendly and well behaved on occasion, the fire-breathing behemoth can be deadly dangerous if not fighting on your side, capable of burning and destroying everything around them in mere seconds.

On Netflix, we spend a total of 12 hours and 42 minutes being chased by Dragons, which is the same as running from London to Birmingham.

Dinosaurs (12 hours and 16 minutes)


tee2tee / Pixabay

These historic creatures rank in tenth. Despite evidence showing that they are extinct, in a moviegoer's imagination, they're very much alive with high definition graphics bringing these beasts from the past to life. Whether they are sporting long necks or flying wings, we can all accept that it wouldn't be easy to run away from these creatures.

In fact, we spend 12 hours and 16 minutes being chased by them on Netflix. In other words, the same amount of hours it would take to run from London to Birmingham.

Which predators are we most afraid of?

We surveyed 1,560 movie fans to find out which predators scare us the most. Serial killers scare nine in 10 of us, followed by ghosts (87%) and cannibals (86%).

The film predators we're most afraid of


  1. To get to the total of hours we’re chased by each predator, OnBuy team looked up the number of movies on Netflix UK per predator. After that, they summarised the total of hours of the films per predator, coming up with an overall finding of how long we spend being chased/scared by different predators on Netflix. The figures were taken on 19/10/2020.
  2. To find the predators we are the most afraid of, OnBuy team surveyed 1560 movie fans to find out which are the predators that make them most frightened of. The question was “Which of these film predators are you the most afraid of?”. Multiple options were included.
  3. To put the figures into perspective, the distance between London and Edinburgh/Birmingham/Manchester was found. The total chase distance for each predator was divided by each geographical distance. For instance, for serial killers, the total chase distance was equivalent to running from London to Edinburgh three times. The following steps were taken:
    1. Calculated the total number of minutes.
    2. Assumed 15km/hr for chasing speed. 15km/hr = 4min/km.
    3. Divided the minutes for each predator by 4 to get the total distance in km for the chases.

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