Fact: over 6 million Brits booked their 2017 holiday between December and January.

But if, like us, you were busy drowning your post-Christmas sorrows in flavoursome wine, carbs and more wine and didn't get round to booking yours, don't worry - you might actually have the upper hand.

See, rather than having to do all the research yourself, you can copy those organised January bookers by peeking at our list of their most booked destinations - plus a series of scenic views that are guaranteed to get your wanderlust senses tingling.

We've pulled out a few of our personal favourites - scroll down to see the full list:


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Boasting awe-inspiring art and architecture, mouth-watering meals and a rich sense of history in every cobbled street, Italy is the ultimate hub of culture. Still not convinced? It opened its first wine fountain (!!!) in October 2016 – visit Fontana del Vino in Abruzzo for copious amounts of free vino, any day of the week. We knew that'd do the trick.

South Africa

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The fact that the South African Rand is in a relatively weak state, while not great for the country – does help when you're visiting from the UK. The Pound to Rand rate is currently at about 16 to 1, so you can be sure that your money will go far. Oh, not to mention: sun-drenched vineyards, dramatic mountain ranges, deserted beaches, sophisticated cities and bucket-list safaris etc. etc.


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Long a desirable destination for British holidaymakers, Thailand is still set to be trendy this year. And interestingly, a significant chunk of its popularity is down to its reputation for being a great spot for same-sex holidays and honeymoons. Sales for LGBT honeymoons in Thailand are up 22% compared to last year – and it's currently the second best-selling honeymoon spot overall after the Maldives.


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With a host of TV dramas and documentaries bringing the buzz of India right into our cosy living rooms over the past year, Brits are keen to witness the magic first hand in 2017. Vibrant in every aspect of the word, India is a bucket-list beauty like no other. Explore everything from ancient traditions and artistic heritage to magnificent landscapes and culinary creations...


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After an utterly chaotic year for America, along with the sudden surge of Trudeau-lovers globally, it's hardly a surprise that Canada has featured on this year's most booked list. With lush national parks, gorgeous harbours and the force that is Niagara Falls to name just a few attractions, the USA's little brother has really blossomed into its own this year. Go you, Canada.

See the full list below:

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