It's 2018 and the idea of choosing unisex names is something celebrities and parents around the world have already embraced. And as trends continue to grow, new figures by ONS reveal, 1 in 250 people in the UK identify themselves as gender-neutral, representing 0.4% of the population.

And you only need to turn to some of the most celebrity couples such as the Kardashians, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis who have all opted for unisex monikers for their little ones. And even brands synonymous with selling children's clothes, toys and accessories have adapted and developed gender-neutral collections to move with the times.

Online Marketplace OnBuy sought to find out what are the most popular unisex baby names in England and Wales. The research was conducted by listing all of the gender-neutral baby names listed on and seeing where they rank in the list of the most popular baby names released by ONS.


The results put Noah, Charlie and James as the top 3 most popular baby names in England and Wales, followed by Max, Logan and Ruby. Other, perhaps unfamiliar unisex names include: 'Arlo, Reggie and Dylan'.

Furthermore, considering how popular unisex names are perceived to have become, OnBuy conducted a survey to understand what they think about this fast-growing trend, whether they would choose a unisex name, and if they would purchase gender-neutral products, such as gender neutral toys and games, or children's clothing.

When asked about the reason why they would choose a gender-neutral name for their children, 45% of respondents said it's because they like the sound of it, while a whopping 27% said they would choose a unisex name because they like to follow trends.

Simultaneously, when asked if they were ever told their children should be wearing more gender appropriate clothing, 27% of parents said yes, from which 74% were told so by a stranger.

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See the complete SURVEY RESULTS below:

Have you already got a child with a gender-neutral name?

  • Yes - 27%
  • No - 73%

Would you choose a gender-neutral name for your child?

  • Yes - 45%
  • No - 37%
  • I don't know - 18%

Why would you choose/chosen a gender-neutral name?

  • I like the sound of it - 45%
  • I like to follow trends - 27%
  • I believe a non-gender-neutral name would limit my child - 32%
  • Other - 9%

Do you buy your child gender-neutral toys?

  • Yes - 82%
  • No - 18%

If no what is the reason?

  • There is a reason for gender - 17%
  • They are too expensive - 45%
  • I don't like them - 33%
  • My children don't like them - 12%
  • Other - 8%

Do you buy your child gender-neutral clothes?

  • No - 45%
  • Yes - 55%

If no, what is the reason?

  • There is a reason for gender - 33%
  • They are too expensive - 42%
  • I don't like them - 17%
  • My children don't like them - 36%
  • Other - 4%

Have you ever been told that your child should wear more gender appropriate clothing?

  • Yes - 27%
  • No - 73%

If yes, by who?

  • Family member - 12%
  • Stranger - 74%
  • Friend - 9%
  • Other - 5%

Would you let your child choose their own clothes?

  • Yes - 78%
  • No - 22%

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