VR headset

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Virtual Reality Headset

What is it? Virtual reality is finally here, and it has taken the world by storm! Virtual reality is a truly breath-taking way of immersing yourself into the fictional world of the games and films we all love so much. It's time to place yourself between the power of technology, by slotting your smartphone into the front of the headset, downloading any virtual reality game you want and enjoying the experience. Struggling to choose which AR device to buy? Consider one of the Brit-approved Augmented Reality experiences discovered through OnBuy's data analysis.

Who's it for? Those who are aged 13 and above and brave enough to leave the safety of their own world behind.

Dyson hair dryer

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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

What is it? Dyson is renowned for being one of the leading innovative vacuum cleaner brands. Dyson has now opened their market to the world of beauty, with this ground-breaking hairdryer. This supersonic hairdryer is an efficient and faster way of drying your hair, whilst minimising the level of noise produced due to its silencers. The hairdryer also manages the temperature level every 20 seconds to ensure as little damage to your hair is caused.

Who's it for? Anyone looking for that stylish and sleek salon finish.

Cards against humanity

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org/Tom_Bullock

Cards Against Humanity

What is it? Cards of Humanity is not for the faint hearted, but it is certainly a winning game choice for those who yearn satirical content and unafraid to use typically risqué or offensive words or phrases to succeed. And did you know, the card game is currently second in the ranking for the top toys and games sold by Amazon.

Who's it for? Adults aged 17 and above and for those who can take a joke.

Sennheiser Headphones

Photo credit: Bren Bernaldo

Sennheiser Headphones

What is it? Sennheiser is known to be one of the leading brands for headphone manufacturers. If you have a loved-one looking to invest in a set of headphones, then opt for the Sennheiser HD 202-II; a high quality and dynamic hi-fi stereo headphone. It is a great choice for those looking for a crisp and intense bass. The headphones are also extremely lightweight and the cord allows you to adjust the cable length when needing to listen on the move.

Who's it for? For those who take pleasure in hearing their music as music should be heard.


Photo credit: Nor Gal

Bluetooth Wireless Hifi System

What is it? Bluetooth has become the new accessory trend for tech enthusiasts and this UX-D750 is no different. This wireless Hifi system will allow you to stream your music wirelessly from any of your devices which are supported by Bluetooth. If you wish to return to the ‘old ways', there is an AUX socket to wire up your audio device, without the hassle of connecting it wirelessly.

Who's it for? For those who have unprecedented love for music!


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What is it? Chromecast is a streaming media device that enables you to watch your favourite show or film from your phone, laptop or tablet straight to your main television. You can choose from 1000 of the best apps available for android and smartphone, via the Chromecast store.

Who's it for? Adults who need a quiet night in once the kids are asleep.

Ugg Headphone Covers

Photo credit: ugg.com

Ugg Headphone Earmuff

What is it? Winter is here and there's no better feeling than feeling all warm and fuzzy; inside and out. These classic earmuffs from UGG are the perfect gift for the perfect lady in your life. As classic as the reputable UGG boot, these earmuffs will keep you stylishly warm and a great way of jazzing up your walk to work in the morning. With in-built audio speakers and a removable cord, you can listen to your playlist whenever and however you like.

Who's it for? Women of all ages, perhaps your girlfriend or wife-to-be?


Photo credit: Roman Medvid

VisiCook PowerBoil Glass Kettle

What is it? They say the kitchen is where the home is, so why not add a touch of style and elegance to your kitchen with this Power Boil kettle. The kettle itself is built from Schott Duran glass, which has a 360 powerbase for ease of safety when handling. The lid is also removable, allowing the user to clean inside as effectively as possible.

Who's it for? For those who love to add sophistication to the mundane aspects of life!


Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org/MorePix


What is it? Staying fit has become an encrypted part of everyday life and so if you're looking to stay focused and achieve your fitness goals; whether you're a newbie to the industry or not, the Fitbit will help by automatically tracking your steps, your calories and your sleep. You can use this activity tracker to log food and connect with friends and if you're worried the Fitbit trumps your style, you can opt for a bright accessory band.

Who's it for? Anyone. Beware – the Fitbit will require dedication and motivation to succeed.

Electric Blanket

Photo credit: Gulsen Ozcan

Electric Blanket

What is it? Dreamland has developed this beautifully soft and toasty heated throw to keep you under the wraps this winter. The throw is suitable for your sofa or your bed and is easily machine washable. This heated throw makes the ultimate gift this Christmas and has six different heat settings on it so you neither have to be too cold or too hot. And for those of you worrying about its safety, it has a three hour auto shut off timer, just in case you do leave it on!

Who's it for? Anyone who does not cope with the cold; or just needs something to cosy up to.

Apple Watch

What is it? Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary with the Apple Watch. You can personalise your smart watch to your own style, by changing the face and replacing the watch strap for different designs and colours. The watch is a great new way of keeping up to speed with the latest software; acting as a fitness tracker and a fun and new way to send and receive calls.

Who's it for? For those who care for more than just telling the time...

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