Father's Day is happening this Sunday 18th June. We conducted a survey for Brits aged 18-35 and found that Brits spend an average of £16.40 on their father's, which is £2 up from 2015; with one quarter spending under a fiver! It's certainly mums that get spoilt rotten, with 60% of Brits spending more than twice as much on their mothers for Mother's Day. However, there has been a spend increase on Father's Day and retailers are certainly taking advantage of deals and marketing ploys.

We wanted to uncover what are the most common gifts Brits aged 18-35 are buying for their fathers. We also asked fathers what they want, to see if the two surveys would gain similar results. We used the data from the survey to help us choose the gifts in this list.

So, if you are struggling to find a gift for your dad and are somewhat cash-strapped but still want to show him how much you appreciate him, we have a variety of great gifts for under £20.


Father's Day mug £6.85

Show your appreciation for your Dad with this mug. It's made of bone china and is dishwasher safe. Even better, bring it to him in the morning filled with his favourite hot drink.


One of the top gifts men love to receive is food and drink (20% chose it in the survey). After all, they do say the way to a man's heart is through his belly. There is not a better way to treat your dad than delicious rum and raisin fudge. If that's not his favourite flavour, we have many more he can choose from including ginger, caramel sea salt and clotted cream.

On our survey of what father's want, 15% said books/CD's/DVDs would be their favourite gift. Luckily, we sell plenty of books at very reasonable prices; fiction and non-fiction to suit his interests.

Garden DIY expert £2.59 for men who love DIY and their gardens. This book is a thorough guide in helping DIY loving dads to choose, fit and maintain the non-living things in their garden.

One Man On a Bike £2.59 One man's story of packing up his job and embarking on a 5 month journey of 5,000 miles on his bicycle. It's certainly an eye-opening read!

Britain's History From The Air £2.59 An ideal gift for men into photography and history. This book portrays British Royal heritage from a bird's-eye view. It includes Windsor castle, Balmoral Castle, St. Pauls and Westminster.

The Second Half £2.59 This book gives an account of the career and life of great English footballer, Roy Keane, ghost written by Roddy Doyle. It contains funny and insightful memoirs and a real glimpse into his fruitful career.

Novelty sign £4.95

In our survey, 23% of dads said they would like a peaceful day to themselves at home. This novelty sign would be a perfect addition to the day and reminds his family he does not wish to be disturbed!

Anker Sound Core Mini - Portable speaker Bluetooth £21.85

Technology gadgets were chosen by 24% of respondents as their favourite gift. Although this gift is slightly more than the £20 at £21.85, we thought the quality and value for money meant it had to be included!

For music loving dads, these brilliant portable speakers with Bluetooth connection can loop 15 hours of playtime and have a 66-ft transition. They have a 5-Watt driver and a subwoofer speaker providing a powerful bass but also great clarity with higher end sounds.

Other features that are included are its FM Radio capacity and speakerphone so you can answer the phone with an inbuilt microphone.

It comes with a USB charging cable.

DJ Jazz blue on-ear headphones £12.45

These stylish and comfortable headphones are fantastic for the price they are offered. The sound quality is excellent, and the headphones sit comfortably and lightly on the head. Furthermore, they can fold away easily into a bag. Their adjustable band can suit any head size and shape and they do not leak or let in outside sounds.

Tool carry case

10% of practical dads said that tools are their preferred gift. You might not know what kind of tools your dad wants but if his existing tool box is an absolute mess, he will appreciate this tool carry case. It is practical and perfect for nuts, bolts and screws. It contains 17 compartments (15 inside, 2 on the front) and comes with 12 inserts so you can increase or decrease the size of the compartments. This can also be used for many other objects; crafts, sewing materials and finishing supplies.

Sunglasses £16.17

Summer holidays are right around the corner; these trendy water-resistant sunglasses are perfect for taking with you and can be worn in the sea due to their water resistance. They offer 100% UV protection and protection against strong sunlight. They come in colour white or black.

Novelty cufflinks £3.29

For those smart suit-wearing Dads. These quirky yet subtle novelty accessory will add a touch of style to his outfit. The unique design contains sand timers and are made of rhodium plated base metal.