Living rooms are often considered the "heart of the home" because they are a place for friends and family to relax and unwind. But with this comes clutter, which can be detrimental if your living space is small; the last thing anyone wants is to feel messy and claustrophobic. As a result, when it comes to buying living room furniture for your small space, you must opt for pieces which offer as much storage potential as possible.

There are a number of things to consider when buying furniture for a living room. The key is to make your living area feel spacious and homely, without sacrificing style. Be sure to look for storage that fits in with the feel of your living room design, to create a cohesive look throughout, such as integrating similar colours and materials. Read on to find out our top tips and tricks about how to arrange furniture in a small living room to maximise your space:

1. Display Cabinets

When looking for small living room storage ideas for your home, think about purchasing a piece of furniture that has the ability to hide away any clutter. Cluttered spaces immediately create the illusion of a smaller space, so be sure to keep your home as tidy as can be.

A display cabinet is a great choice as it allows you to display some of your favourite ornaments, such as pieces of crockery that you don't use. As well as this, you may want to display some of your favourite books that you may want easy access to, preventing you from cluttering elsewhere in the room.

Display Cabinets

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2. Vertical Shelving Unit

Anyone living in a small home will know storage ideas for a living room can be particularly difficult, so you may be wondering "how to make a small living room look bigger?". A good way to combat this is through the use of vertical shelving, which helps to draw the eye upwards to make the most of high ceilings.

This can be created in the form of a high cabinet, a modern ladder shelf, or even a popular industrial-style shelving unit. Consider adding colourful accents into the open shelving to distract the eye, such as vases and greenery (real or artificial).

Vertical Shelving Unit

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3. Sideboard

In order to create the illusion of a larger space, you must think carefully about how to layout furniture in a small living room. Place a sideboard along the wall to provide ample storage for your belongings and ensure everything in the room has its own space.

A sideboard is a great way to remove any clutter from surfaces, and keep it concealed away from the room's focal point. Keep the number of belongings on top of the sideboard at a minimum - if you want to add accessories, keep it simple through implementing a "coffee table book", a mini plant or a statement lampshade for example.


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4. Coffee Table

In some small living rooms, it may not be possible to incorporate a coffee table as they are often large in size. But if you can find a small coffee table, with extra storage underneath, it can be highly beneficial. Add anything that you need easy access to that you don't mind having hidden away, such as remote controls, magazines and drinks coasters.

However, if you simply do not have room, a tiered coffee table may be a good option instead, which reduces the amount of floor space taken up in the room.

Coffee Table

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5. Storage Baskets

If storage is a premium in your home, think about ways you can decorate a small living room, whilst providing clever storage solutions. Baskets, for instance, are particularly useful if you don't have room for shelves or large cupboards to place your clutter inside.

Place any magazines, remote controls and bits and bobs out-of-sight in the basket, whilst looking effortlessly stylish. Alternatively, if you have a coffee table without storage underneath, you may want to consider adding wicker storage baskets underneath.

Storage Baskets

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6. Wall-Mounted

If your living room is on the small side, consider opting for a minimalist look, taking inspiration from the popular Scandinavian style. If you're looking for living room wall storage ideas and have a number of belongings and artwork that are worthy of showing off, opt for an open shelf display. This is a particularly great idea when floor space is at a premium and you don't have room for display cabinets or sideboards.


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7. Console Table

Console tables are highly versatile pieces of furniture and can be found in most rooms around the house and come in a range of different styles to suit your home, from 'shabby chic', retro, to industrial style. They are positioned firmly on the ground, with less storage than a sideboard, but with space on the top to show off statement table lamps and big vases full of pretty blooms.

Console Table

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8. Built-In Furniture

If you are looking for smart storage ideas for a living room space in your small abode, make use of every nook and cranny that is empty. Think creatively how you can turn it into something useful to benefit you, whether it be a built-in bookcase or additional cupboard space.

If you have alcoves, you will be aware of how difficult it is to find any furniture that fits perfectly. As a result, it may be worth getting in touch with a builder to give you a quote for built in storage ideas for your living room. This is a great idea to help hide away any clutter, as well as make the most of the space you have. This often makes the room feel much bigger, as other furniture isn't needed around the room.

Built-In Furniture

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