Unique Ways To Use Your Chest Of Drawers

Unique Ways To Use Your Chest Of Drawers

Published: 06/04/2021

On the surface, the humble chest of drawers may seem like quite a boring bedroom essential. Typically, their only purpose is to sit in your room and hold your socks, t-shirts, undies and sundries - but what if we told you there’s more ways than one to make use of these helpful storage units? Below, we’ve picked some of the most unique ways to use your chest of drawers that isn’t just for storing clothes. 

All of these projects will require a chest of drawers, so now’s the perfect time to pick up that piece you’ve been eyeing up, make use of an old item of furniture that’s been lying around, or find a new use for a piece you no longer need. One you’ve secured the goods, it’s time to let your creativity run wild!

Cutting it in the kitchen

drawers in the kitchen

If your current kitchen storage just isn’t cutting it, a chest of drawers is the perfect alternative. You don’t need to do too many modifications to make it work as part of your kitchen, so it’s the ideal solution for when you’re looking for extra storage without the hassle of a DIY project. The deep bottom drawers are perfect for organising all of your larger kitchen essentials, such as pans, woks, and even cleaning products, while the shallower drawers can be used to keep your cutlery and smaller items tidy. Add an adjustable cutlery organiser to one of the top drawers to maximise your space, or use it to stow away your spice jars for easy access and hidden storage - the choice is yours!

Want to use the top as a surface for food prep? Grab some reinforcing sticky vinyl to add to the already versatile nature of these fabulous pieces of furniture. The vinyl is easy-to-apply and self-adhesive, so won’t require any extra glue or tape. It will help to protect the chest of drawers beneath and the shiny surface of the vinyl makes it easy to clean. It’s a hassle-free but effective finishing touch, and you might even be able to find a pattern to match your kitchen worktops! Minimal effort, maximum payoff. What’s not to love?

Art storage made simple

paint supplies

If you’re an artist, you probably need more storage to accommodate your ever-growing collection of supplies. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a new masterpiece, only to find you’ve lost the tools needed to finish it off. To contain all of your creative chaos and keep those all-important supplies to hand, why not use a chest of drawers in your art studio or office? 

Grab a cutlery organiser for all your brushes and palette knives and place it in the top drawer. For this, we recommend the Joseph Joseph Compact Cutlery Tray, which will keep all your tools tidy without damaging delicate brush bristles. The deeper bottom draws are perfect for storing heftier art supplies, such as paints, canvases, and sketchbooks, while the shallower ones can keep all your bits and bobs within easy reach. Why not grab a set of sticky hooks and attach them to the side for your aprons? These super cute cat hooks will brighten up your space and make you smile while still holding everything you need. No matter whether you have a full studio or just a small corner of the house, a chest of drawers is the perfect storage solution for your art storage needs. And when you’re done painting? Display it proudly on top for the whole world to see!

Make a fun cat condo

cat drawers

If you’re a fan of felines, you know they love to squeeze themselves into small spaces. So why not turn a chest of drawers into a cat condo just for them? A stylish and simple addition to your home, making a multi-level complex for your kitties is an easy project to take on over a long weekend. There are so many ways to customise your cat condo: cut holes in the drawer bottoms for a fun maze, make an entry in the side and turn one of the bottom drawers into a hidden litter box, or fill each one with soft blankets and turn it into a multi-levelled bed.

To make an all-in-one cat condo, you’ll need:

First, whether you’re turning it into a maze or litter box, you’ll need to mark out where you’re going to make your holes. Carefully cut them out with your saw and use the sandpaper to smooth the edges down. Once you’ve got everything cut the way you want, it’s time to fill it with comfy blankets, fill the new litter tray with the cat litter, and let your cat explore their new condo. You can use the top of the unit to feed your cat on, keep a comfy bed for them, or go the extra mile and turn it into a huge cat tree! The best part is that this idea doesn’t have to be just for cats, if you have pet rats or ferrets, they’ll also love a condo playhouse made from a chest of drawers. 

Top tip: make sure you use the screws or nails to secure the drawers in place - we don’t want any trapped toes or tails here!

No more sinking feeling

bathroom storage

A low chest of drawers is ideal for turning into a custom sink, offering additional storage to help keep your bathroom blissful. Sometimes the vanity units available on the market just don’t cut it, but luckily, it’s easy to make your own with a few simple items.

To make a custom vanity unit, you’ll need:

The first step is to mark out where the sink and tap will be sitting in the top of the unit. Draw out the shape of both and cut them out using your saw. Use the sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges and give the whole unit a couple of coats of waterproof furniture varnish or wax. It’s going to be sat in the wettest room of the house, after all! When you’re done, you can place your sink and tap into the holes. 

Top tip: if your furniture is made from laminated chipboard, you don’t need to worry about the varnish. 

Your faucet will need to be connected to the mains water system and the sink to the waste pipe, so make sure you hire a good plumber to get the water flowing where it needs to - you don’t want any dodgy DIY jobs causing a swimming pool in the bathroom! When they’re all done, you can use the silicone sealant around the edge of the sink and tap to make sure there aren’t any leaks that could warp or damage the wood. Once that is dry, your new sink unit is ready to use! The drawers are perfect for storing cleaning products, towels, toilet paper and any other bathroom essentials in.

Multi-storey toy box

Multi-storey toy box

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that the kids’ toys end up taking over your house. Every inch of your home is strewn with trains, planes, and automobiles of all shapes and sizes, you’re constantly stepping on LEGO bricks, and who knows how Barbie ended up down the back of the sofa! When it feels like the toys are taking over, a chest of drawers makes the perfect toy storage for your tot’s room.

From dressing up clothes to doll accessories and even pull-out LEGO storage, a chest of drawers offers enough space and versatility for all of your little one’s toys. Why not remove some of the bottom drawers and turn it into a miniature playhouse (provided it is secured to the wall) as well as a place to store their toys? The possibilities are endless when it comes to using a chest of drawers for toys.

The ultimate TV cabinet

tv cabinet

When you have a lot of TV remotes, consoles, and all the wires that go with them, a TV cabinet is essential to keeping your space looking tidy and organised. Unfortunately for the thrifty of us, a purpose-built TV cabinet can cost a pretty penny and they don’t always offer everything we need from them. That’s where a chest of drawers excels - and turning one into a functional, customised TV cabinet is easy!

To make the ultimate TV cabinet, you’ll need:

  • A chest of drawers (size is dependent on your needs and space available)
  • A saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Thin piece of plywood or MDF
  • Angle brackets and screws

The first step in creating your new TV cabinet is to figure out where your TV will sit. Once you’ve worked that out, mark a circle which is about 5cm diameter behind the TV. This is going to be where all of your wires and cables go. Once you’ve marked it, cut it out with your saw and smooth down the edges with the sandpaper. 

Next, take out the very top drawer(s). Mark another 5cm diameter circle in the centre of the back panel of the chest of drawers, cut it out and sand it down, then measure the inside of where the drawer was - this will be turned into a shelf for your consoles. Use this measurement to cut down your sheet of plywood or MDF to size, and there you have your shelf. All you need to do now is install some angle brackets to hold your shelf securely in place, and you have a bespoke TV cabinet.

Feed all your cables through the holes to keep them all neat, tidy, and out of sight. Your TV boxes or consoles will sit on the shelf. The remaining drawers can be used to store anything you need - spare cables, DVDs, remotes, and controllers, for example. You can paint or add wallpaper to the inside of the cabinet for a pop of colour, treat it with wood stain, or leave it raw for a functional, rustic look.

Drawing to a close

kitchen drawers

Just because you need to replace a chest of drawers somewhere in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them altogether. There are loads of ways to put an old chest of drawers to good use in unique and creative ways. So get your thinking hat on and let your imagination run wild! From kitchen storage to extra space to keep your tools - the possibilities are endless!

Looking for even more ways to upgrade your home? We’ve got all kinds of blogs and guides to help you make the most of your space and, with many lockdown restrictions still in force, you’ve got plenty of time to give your home some TLC before your friends and family come to visit. Plus, we’ve even got an array of devoted chest of drawers guides to spark your interior inspiration, covering everything from space-saving tallboys to wonderful wooden units. So, whatever you plan to use your chest of drawers for, we’ve got you covered!

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