If you're wondering 'What do I need for a cat?', you're in luck - this handy cat shopping list has all the new cat essentials you need covered!

So, at long last you've decided to find yourself a new feline friend! Perhaps you've made a move into a new cat-friendly abode? Or maybe you or someone in your family has decided to give in after months (or years!) of pressure?

Whatever the reason, now that the time is finally right, it's important to make sure that both you and your home are fully prepared for a new furry bundle of love.

After all the choices involved in finding the right breed for you and deciding whether to go for a kitten or rescue cat, you may be feeling a bit daunted at the prospect of finding all the new cat essentials you'll need - and here at OnBuy we don't blame you!

No need to worry, we have the solution! Simply save our purrfect checklist here for a handy tailor-made guide that'll cover everything you need to welcome your new arrival, or read on for more information...

1. A Cat Bed - We know kitties sometimes like to snooze in some bizarre places, but they love having a go-to cat bed that they can always turn to when they need a catnap. Combining a floor-based cat bed or cushion with somewhere elevated (like a hammock) is a winner - your new cat will love surveying their kingdom between dozes!

2. Cat Furniture - Speaking of aerial spaces, next up on your new kitten shopping list needs to be some fun cat furniture! Cats are stimulated by towers they can climb and jump to and from, while a scratching post is an essential for protecting both yourself and your furniture while your cat marks their territory. Why not treat your kitty to a cat tree, too? Hello, endless entertainment!

3. A Cat Carrier - Life without a sturdy cat carrier is much more distressing for both of you when the time comes to travel. A trip to the vet is bad enough for your little furball without the added danger of a carrier-free journey - every first-time cat owner checklist should include one! Whether it's fabric or plastic, open top or just with a simple door, it'll serve you very well.

Cat 1

4. A Cat Flap - Installing a secure cat flap is the easiest way to give your cat the freedom they desire. With a microchip-activated cat flap or an electromagnetic cat flap, there's no need to worry about other cats coming to pay a visit (and stealing your guy or gal's delicious food) - it'll only allow access to your loved one, so non-VIPs will be kept out!

5. Cat Food - A cat's dietary requirements change depending on their age and stage in life, so your kitten supplies list should include a combination of cat food that's suited to their nutritional needs. Cats love to graze so leaving dry kibble and plenty of water out for them in the day is a must, while they can enjoy wet cat food at mealtimes. Purrfection!

6. Cat Treats - When it comes to spoiling your little furball with edible delights, it's a similar story to humans; giving your cat or kitten treats is absolutely fine as long as they're part of a balanced diet and enjoyed in moderation. Cat treats can vary from raw and grain-free options to dental and even freeze-dried cat treats - and of course, catnip-infused cat snacks they're sure to go crazy for!

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7. Cat Bowls - One of the most obvious entries on your new cat checklist is feeding and watering supplies. As much as we'd all like to feed our pets from a silver platter, it's not the most practical (or the cheapest!) choice - instead, opt for a cat feeding mat with a metal or plastic cat food bowl. Pair with a cat water bowl or a cat water fountain for a constant supply of fresh water without the fuss.

8. A Cat Collar - While perhaps not as essential as for dogs, a cat collar is still a good investment if your little one is likely to be out wandering! Whether you opt for a reflective, patterned or plain cat collar, having essential information on a cat ID tag can be very useful if they end up lost or injured, while a quick release cat collar is the safest option to prevent them getting caught.

9. Cat Grooming Tools - While you may look at your cat and think that they have their own grooming needs under control, it's still worth lending a helping hand. Your cat will love it (especially when you brush them) and this opportunity to bond even prevents knotted fur and hairballs, so cat grooming brushes or gloves are certainly a worthy addition to your new kitten checklist!

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10. Cat Healthcare - Even if your cat has a healthy diet and plenty of attention and variation in their life, there's still a chance they'll pick up a small nasty at some point. It's worth being prepared against pests like worms and fleas as well as having cat and kitten healthcare treatment on hand so that as soon as the issue is identified, it can be tackled quickly.

11. A Cat Litter Tray - Pick out the right litter tray and get your kitty trained quickly! For kittens and new cats that need training, starting with a simple open-top cat tray with low sides is best, before you look at higher-sided litterboxes or a covered cat litter tray once they've picked it up. Ultra-convenient and useful for trapping odour, cat litter trays are a staple item on your kitten essentials list.

12. Cat Toys - When it comes to cat toys, there's no end to the list of rewarding and fun options available! Generally, a mix of independent and interactive cat toys is best for keeping your feline entertained both when you're there and when you're not, but whatever cat toy selection you choose, you can't go far wrong - especially if it's one of the cat toys with catnip!

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