Planning to go on a family camping trip? Or on a camping trip for some very much needed 'alone time'? Or simply for an adventurous couples' trip with your loved one? If you're wondering what equipment is needed for camping, look no further - OnBuy has devised a camping checklist so you're properly equipped for the experience.

Camping Checklist

Find a detailed checklist of what you need for camping, below.

Living And Sleeping

The most essential and probably the most obvious thing you will need for camping is a tent. You will need some shelter from potential bad-weather conditions and wildlife (particularly those pesky insects!). If you're camping with the family, you may want a big tent to fit you all in.

If you're camping in a smaller group of 2, for example, you could opt for a smaller tent.

Another thing you need for camping is a sleeping bag - this is an essential part of your basic camping checklist. You may wish to be at one with nature, but sleeping under the stars may not be all it's cracked up to be without at least the comfort of a cosy sleeping bag to keep you warm. Oh, and don't forget the pillow!

Without any electricity, you will need to somehow get some light for dark evenings - so definitely add a torch, head torch light and a lantern (for those midnight trips to the loo) to your camping checklist.

Living And Sleeping

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Keeping Warm & Comfortable

Keeping warm when camping is essential, especially in those chilly winter/spring months. So why not add some hand warmers to your camping list?

Warm clothes and shoes are a must, so make sure that you stock up on jumpers and thick trousers. Boots and comfortable shoes are also a good choice regarding the footwear you will need for camping.

A camping checklist (for camping in the UK especially) requires a mention of raincoats. This will make sure your clothes don't get drenched while out on a hike.

Don't forget about your camping chairs either - they are a necessity, so you are comfortable. Afterall, who wants to sit on the damp and dirty ground?

Keeping Warm & Comfortable

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Stocking up on food and drink is key. Make sure that the foods you do bring are easy to cook and can be simply prepared with a minimal number of utensils/cooking equipment. Nevertheless, a burner stove is recommended so you can prepare hot food throughout the duration of your camping trip - a steamy hot dish in the cold outdoors is the perfect comfort.

Plates and bowls are also vital to include in your basic camping checklist. Don't forget the cutlery too! If you fancy a delicious dinner BBQ, a portable grill and some coal can be used to fulfil that craving.

A non-electric kettle is also a necessity for making that morning cuppa of either tea or coffee. Pots and pans are must-haves too for a successful trip away from home!

If you know you won't have a table at your camping location, make sure you invest in a picnic blanket for a place to sit while you eat your food - so don't forget to add this too as part of your camping list!

Furthermore, double check whether the place you're going to has a public water outlet - water is key, so don't neglect this step. If there isn't one, be sure you include a pack of mineral water to your camping list!

Bear in mind that this cooking necessities list all depends on how long your camping excursion will be - based on that, you should decide which are the necessary things you need for YOUR camping trip.




If you're planning to also hike during your trip - here is a list of what you will need:

  • Some trekking poles, for climbing those steep hills and high-intensity trekking paths.
  • Getting lost in the middle of nowhere isn't a situation you want to find yourself in, so make sure you have a map of the area and a compass!
  • Lastly, you will need a 'keep dry' backpack so you can put all your snacks and drinks in there for those very much needed breaks.

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Hygiene & Health

Just because you're out camping doesn't mean you should forget about your hygiene. Be sure that you have all the necessary sanitisation products from your basic camping checklist, so you have them handy throughout your trip.

You can never be too careful - so make sure you pack a first-aid kit in your camping bag, just in case of any unforeseeable incidents.


Bringing some form of entertainment to a camping trip with kids is necessary to keep them occupied and entertained. This entertainment isn't only needed for a family camping checklist but for any checklist. Camping can sometimes get a little tedious, especially with no electricity, so make sure you have some boardgames, playing cards and books (why not try out some comics or some of these New Year book recommendations?)


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If you were wondering 'what equipment do I need for camping?', this post should have outlined all the necessities that you should not leave your house without!