Now one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world, OnBuy is flying. Since our launch in November 2016, we’ve been growing rapidly; now the highest ranked UK-founded marketplace, our ethos is really resonating with online retailers.

Our marketplace is more ethical, more transparent and more trustworthy: we don't compete with sellers, hold any of our own stock or sell any of our own products. Instead, all of our resources are invested in creating sales, increasing our exposure and growing our user base - all for the direct benefit of our sellers. We are the marketplace for online retailers.

Entering 2020 with over 21m products, over 3k sellers and millions of buyers, we're growing rapidly. We created 5x our growth compared to 2018, saw over £1,000,000 in orders for our sellers on Black Friday and had our biggest Christmas yet, so it's safe to say that 2019 was a fantastic year for OnBuy.

This incredible success is just the start of things to come, so we wanted to share why all online retailers should join OnBuy in 2020.

OnBuy Has Secured Major Venture Capital Backing

OnBuy Has Secured Major Venture Capital Backing

As we enter 2020, we're in the strongest and most exciting position we've ever been in. For starters, we've partnered with a major venture capital firm who've committed to investing in the development of OnBuy. This partnership will enable us to double our workforce, focus on major marketing activity and optimise our business from top to bottom, including:

  • Expanding our team and widening our experience in key areas
  • Driving huge marketing opportunities
  • Increasing development of new solutions, integrations and features
  • Majorly investing in our brand awareness
  • Introducing stronger social engagement and visibility

All of this is expected to drive more buyers to OnBuy and thus create more sales for our sellers. We're forecasting another 5x growth and targeting a sales increase of over £100m this year (and over 100x growth in four years!), and we want you to benefit from that success. OnBuy is no longer a "what if" - we're very much a successful marketplace that's worthy of your time and investment.

Are you an online retailer?

Are you an online retailer?

Now is a great time for you to consider OnBuy and we'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch and speak directly to one of our account managers.

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OnBuy is planning to boom overseas

OnBuy Is Planning To Boom Overseas

With an increasing visitor base from overseas in huge markets (including the USA, Australia, France, UAE, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and more), OnBuy is going to launch 22 new online trading locations by year-end 2020 - and a combined 140 new locations by the end of 2023!

This will create a much better shopping experience for customers in these countries and open OnBuy up to a range of new local marketing opportunities, allowing for rapid local expansion. All of our sellers will have access to all of our markets and we'll make the process of selling internationally very simple.

We'll offer optional auto-translation and auto-currency conversion, but give our sellers control in overriding the settings for each country because we want OnBuy to work for online retailers as a viable and efficient online international selling channel.

Do you deliver products overseas?

Do you deliver products overseas?

If so, now is a great time to get on OnBuy and get set up ready for the big international launch coming in 2020!

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OnBuy is rife with product and category opportunity

OnBuy Is Rife With Product And Category Opportunity

We have 21m products on OnBuy which is a tremendous feat, but we still don't have it all covered! There are huge pricing opportunities where OnBuy isn't competitive with other online marketplaces and there are still gaps in our product range. We know that these gaps are narrowing, but this is a great time for retailers to join and benefit from our growth as a category leader.

Gaps in our catalogue with missing products and uncompetitive pricing are far from a negative for online retailers: this is a great opportunity to make the most of the reduced competition. We're attracting hundreds of retailers per month to OnBuy and these categories are filling up quickly, so the opportunity to benefit is immediate and we invite retailers to start selling on OnBuy as soon as possible.

Do you sell products that OnBuy doesn't have?

Do you sell products that OnBuy doesn't have?

Or perhaps you've seen pricing on OnBuy that you feel you could improve on? If you answered yes to either of these then you can fly on OnBuy! We invite you to get in touch immediately to see how we can help grow your sales very quickly.

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Sellers say they love OnBuy, so you will too!

Sellers Say They Love OnBuy, So You Will Too!

They say that reviews and case studies speak for themselves, so we'll let our happy sellers take this one:

"We joined OnBuy as it's a massive opportunity to grow our marketplace presence. Selling through OnBuy has been great for us as both a brilliant new stream of revenue and a way for us to reach new customers who may not have heard of the Zavvi brand."

Pritesh Patel, Commercial Analyst at The Hut Group, a retailer of collectables and licensed merchandise

"We love OnBuy because we don't feel that they're taking our information to then remove us from the market. OnBuy offers a great rate to sell products on their platform, they're easy to communicate with and we love that they're always improving their platform"

Maggy Velasquez, Digital Marketing Manager at Direct Cosmetics, a retailer of fragrances, cosmetics and skincare

"We really liked the OnBuy proposition; we joined as we wanted to be able to offer our customers more choice on where they could purchase our products from and also offer our brand partners better exposure across different territories.

OnBuy has been good for our business due to the combination of a smooth customer experience and the ease of integration – these make OnBuy a great marketplace to work with. We have seen our sales build gradually over the year and hope to see the increase continue to grow as we build our relationship with OnBuy."

Ravi Karia, Managing Director at Pertemba, a retailer of clothing, home and pet products, toys, sports, tech and more

"OnBuy have competitive commission rates offering value for money and access to a different type of customer. They also have human beings for support unlike the automated and unhelpful support provided by other marketplaces.

OnBuy have been a great platform for our business as they've provided access to a new customer base and the opportunity to participate in offers. We find OnBuy are always willing to help and they care more about the seller and the customer."

Graham Hart, Managing Director at Harts Of Stur, a retailer of cookware, kitchenware and electricals

Do you want to be one of our happy sellers?

Do you want to be one of our happy sellers?

Growing your sales with a marketplace that's on your side, fighting to get you more business and never competing with you? Of course you do!

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Why sellers love OnBuy

Why Sellers Love OnBuy

We do things a little differently at OnBuy. Along with our fair, transparent approach, we offer sellers a wealth of benefits - here are just a few:

  1. Competitive Selling Fees
    Competitive Selling Fees
    Ranging between 5-9%, our fees mean you can price lower and attract more buyers without eating into your margins.
  2. Get Paid Immediately
    Get Paid Immediately
    You’re paid immediately by PayPal. All payments are processed through PayPal, so not only do we never touch your money, but you’re paid immediately on item dispatch.
  3. Risk-Free Selling
    Risk-Free Selling
    Selling with us is risk-free! If you make less than £500 in sales in a month, you’ll get our Sales Guarantee, which means we’ll waive the next month’s Standard subscription fee.
  4. PayPal Seller Protection
    PayPal Seller Protection
    You can sell with complete peace of mind knowing that eligible orders are covered by the PayPal Seller Protection scheme.
  5. We Don't Compete With Sellers
    We Don't Compete With Sellers
    And we never will! We’re a marketplace, not a retailer, so we focus our efforts on making sales for our sellers.
  6. Dedicated UK Support Team
    Dedicated UK-Based Support Team
    We have a dedicated UK-based team ready to help you sign up, onboard you and ensure you’re making the most of OnBuy.

As you can see, the benefits OnBuy can offer sellers along with our big plans for the future make us the marketplace for online retailers - this year and beyond!

Selling With OnBuy

To learn more about selling with OnBuy, please visit our Sell With OnBuy section. When you're ready to join, you can register your interest and one of our team will be in touch with you very quickly.

We're so excited to welcome you on board as we continue our rapid growth journey!