Welcome to OnBuy's inaugural To-Do list. Not just a list of chores, (quite the opposite, in fact) our top picks from the worlds of television, tech and the Internet are here to make this month one to remember.

In our March edition, we run you through a hotly anticipated horror, an app that'll blow your mind, a brand-new book release and much more. Your new season inspo, served on a silver platter - what more could you want?

WATCH: Get Out

A low-budget horror from a first-time director (who happens to be a comedian in his day job) may sound more like a Friday night cheap thrill than a critically-acclaimed success, right? But with an almost unheard of 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a trailer that's taken over social media, Get Out is a scream-fest that promises plenty of Black Mirror-esque stylised, satirical creepiness. Out 17 March.

Get Out

Photo credit: Get Out (2017) Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

READ: All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

This brilliant novel is It's a Wonderful Life meets The Jetsons. Tom who lives in an alternate 2016 where all the sci-fi fantasies of the 1950s are a reality, suddenly finds himself stranded in our 2016, where he rediscovers his family, friends, and self.

All Our Wrong Todays

Photo credit: Penguin Random House

LISTEN TO: Everything Is Forgotten by Methyl Ethel

An alt-pop trio with an indie-rock edge, Methyl Ethel are recognised as one of the most critically revered and publicly embraced projects to come out of Australia in some time. Somewhere between Tame Impala, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and MGMT, their newly released LP Everything Is Forgotten is worth a listen (or five).

Everything is Forgotten

Photo credit: Methyl Ethel, 4AD

TAP INTO: TouchTime for Android

Ever wonder where the hours go? The innovative TouchTime app for Android breaks down exactly how long you spend each day watching animal videos on YouTube or testing the latest Snapchat filters. Spooooky. But can you handle the truth?


Photo credit: Mohi Syed, Pexels

FOLLOW: @karlie.floss

The man behind *that* PAPER magazine cover, (see Rihanna with green spikes) @karlie.floss AKA Farren Fucci is the stylist on every fashionista's lips. Championing a 'scandalous' and 'provocative' aesthetic and boasting an undeniably cool Instagram account, he's our one to watch. Hit that follow button - you will not be disappointed!

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