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Adults Only: Games To Get You Boozing And Blushing

Published 11th February 2021
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With three lockdowns in the past year alone, it may seem like we’ve all exhausted the list of ‘things to keep you occupied’ when spending time at home. Finally catching up on the books from that reading list? Check. Weekly Zoom yoga sessions from the living room? On it. Burning through hours on Netflix? That’s a given! Whatever you’ve been doing to beat the boredom, it’s certainly been fun to adopt new hobbies from even the most unexpected of places (Joe Wicks, we’re looking at you!) and find new ways to keep ourselves distracted from the demands of daily life.

One source of entertainment you may not have already considered is board games - or any boxed up boredom buster, for that matter! We get it: up until now, the thought of these traditional pastimes have probably sent shivers down your spine, reminding you of the many tedious hours spent playing Scrabble on a rainy day in summer or the endless rounds of Monopoly that always end in some sort of family feud. Trust us, we know all about the drama that board games can cause

But, fear not, as games have had a total makeover in recent years! In order to stay relevant in a tech-dominated society, many companies have flipped the board on its head, launching adult-oriented games that are a far cry from the family-friendly ones we’ve all played before. From the cheeky to the downright dark, these 18+ games will truly leave any player in stitches, offering a fantastic opportunity to gather your friends for a giggle.

If you’re lucky enough to live with flatmates or family members, grab yourself some boozy, blush-inducing games and you’ll never have another dull Saturday night again! Keen to keep you laughing through lockdown, we’ve compiled a list of the best grown-up games you can buy right now. For this variety, there’s just the one rule – definitely adults only!

Cards… with a twist

Cards…with a twist

Not just reserved for casinos, card games can be some of the most quintessential of amusing adult activities. Evolving from the humble deck of cards we all know and love, these boredom busters are now more commonly associated with dark undertones and side-splitting hilarity, which is a great way to beat the lockdown blues. Be warned, though: these aren’t for the faint of heart!

If you’re in the mood for something topical, you could opt for Cards Against Humanity. This devilishly dark party game is, as advertised on the box, reserved for ‘horrible people’ only, so know your audience well before breaking out this bad boy! Not your standard set of cards, there’ll be no clubs or aces in sight, only unashamedly rude questions and brazen dark humour. Its various expansion packs and limited-edition themed varieties (Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney, to name just a few), could be the answer to your dull weekend nights. Play at your own risk though… you’ll never see your mates in the same way again!

Want something more personal? Bad People similarly asks all the awkward questions you’d expect to find in a grown-up deck of cards, but this time directed at the people around your table! If you’d love to know which friend has the lowest standards or what your family really thinks about your life decisions, then this is the game for you.

Drinking fun

Drinking fun

Drinking games – need we say more? As you probably already know, these can truly get the party started, and are an all-time favourite among hordes of locked-down youth. We all miss house parties with our friends and, while we wait to be reunited, why not recreate the fun with a video call? From themed nights dressed as your favourite celebrity to upping the ante of your weekly Zoom quiz, a drinking game is a great way to reconnect with your pals, even from afar!

The Do or Drink game is an immensely fun way to enhance your weekend nights, reimagining the classic Truth or Dare game with an adult-only twist that’s sure to get you roaring with laughter. Watch your friends make the excruciating decision between a nail-biting dare or a boozy shot - both as hilarious as they are exciting - and let the fun and games begin! 

If you’re looking for something more ‘poker face’ than ‘poking fun’, you could select the Spin the Shot Roulette Wheel, a casino-inspired game that’ll win you drinks instead of dollars! Perfect for those hosting larger groups of people, this set relies on luck, fate and fortune, and is truly unpredictable. For smaller groups, why not bring some old-school Spin the Bottle nostalgia to the table with a humble Spin the Shot pointer? 

If we’re certain of anything, these party-starters will always break the ice, and we don’t just mean in your drink!

Picture games

Picture games

Games that involve pictures are often more inclusive and, crucially, easier to see (especially when sporting your beer goggles!). Turning pop culture references and memes into a hilarious game, these are a sure-fire way to get the whole gang giggling, whether you’re playing with flatmates or family. 

What Do You Meme?, a modern favourite picture game, is a sure hit at all parties, typically attracting a large number of players. Specially designed for adults, all you have to do is match the popular meme with the funniest caption - it’s really that simple! Your evening will truly be made by some of the responses, even if you’ll never be able to look at those memes in the same way again!

If you’re not necessarily part of the social media generation, choosing something like New Phone Who Dis? might be a good idea instead. Pick ‘Inbox’ and ‘Reply’ cards to create some of the most hysterical text threads and who knows what might happen - you may even recognise some of the responses!

The classics, but different

The classics, but different

Some of the best adult board games come under the guise of a ‘classic’, with clever additions of naughty novel twists and, you’ve guessed it, alcohol! These reimagined takes on some family favourites are a hilarious way to pass the time, and you don’t even have to get your head around any new rules as you’re sure to have played the kid-friendly version before. Who said old-school can’t be fun? 

Perhaps the best-named example, Snakes and Bladdered offers all the traditional fun of Snakes and Ladders, with the accompaniment of shots… what more could anyone want? It works extremely well as an alternative to traditional card games and, of course, is particularly easy to get the hang of (no matter how ‘bladdered’ you are!). Your only risk with this one is falling down, and we’re not talking about the ladders!

Snog Marry Shove is another sample of ‘adult game’ under the camouflage of a timeless classic. With three famous names and three hard choices to make, you’ll have hours of uproarious fun with this memorable game. This is also another great Zoom night addition, so whether you live alone or have a house full of party-lovers, there’s no end to the fun that can be had with this fantastic game. 

Venturing down the even more conventional route, the Tipsy Tower is beautifully reminiscent of old-school Jenga, with just one adult game essential – shot glasses! Easy to play and full of exciting suspense, it’s sure to be a hit with everyone - your old aunt Phyllis included!

Active alternatives

Active alternatives

Though card and sit-down games are fun, sometimes parties require a more hands-on approach, with alternatives involving everyone in interactive and energetic activities. Especially at the moment, we all need that little bit of excitement – and indoor adult party games are certainly the way forward!

If you’ve got a long room or space going spare, we suggest buying a Beer Pong Table – the solution to any stagnant gathering. This party-proof surface boasts an attractive and lightweight design, and can be easily folded and stored away the next day without the need for any tools (your head will thank you for that!). Granted, it may be a big investment, but it will deliver endless hours of fun for you and your mates all year round.

For those of us not blessed with much space, a simple Beer Pong Set would do nicely as a cheaper and smaller replacement. Failing that, Adult Charades is a great way to get up and moving or even Prosecco Fizzy Dizzy for the grape-loving gals and guys among us!

Remember to drink responsibly and know your limits when playing these games. If you’re interested in learning more about OnBuy’s selection of games, both adult and family-oriented, check out our giant selection of games here.

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