Monopoly Board Game

Nothing gets us together like Monopoly board games, and OnBuy loves seeing the different themed boards, rules remixes and lovingly recreated locales taking their place on the table. Whether you're a Monopoly mogul looking for the classic set, seeking out your hometown in Monopoly form, or seeing your favourite films, games and franchies turned into Monopoly board games with cool new rules to learn, there's every reason to get stuck in. Where will the next dice roll take you?

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Looking to buy Monopoly Board Game?

There's simply no board game more famous than this - in fact, to many people, Monopoly board games are the only thing they play! Be it board games night, family gatherings or rainy days in, Monopoly is a game that never flows the same way twice - everyone has a chance to reign supreme.

Whatever your take on passing Go, collecting 200 big ones and cheekily swindling your nearest and dearest, Monopoly exists in so many forms nowadays that there's practically a themed set for everyone. That said, you can't beat the original classic either!

From Fortnite Monopoly and Deadpool Monopoly to remixes like Gamer Monopoly and Monopoly Junior, every franchise, major city and type of player is catered for in this timeless board game.

How many Monopoly board games are there?

Hundreds! Over 300 and counting, with more added all the time. Monopoly board games have been released worldwide and adapted to match all kinds of brands, franchises and media over the years.

There's no sign of this slowing down either, so your closest major city or your favourite fictional character is more than likely to have a Monopoly set themed after them.

If you feel overwhelmed though, don't be - sifting through these is half the fun, and there's so much choice that you're always going to be no more than a dice roll away from a good time!

What's the most popular version of Monopoly?

You can't beat the classics, and most board game fans agree. The original Monopoly board games that feature the landmarks of London or New York are widely seen as the definitive way to enjoy this timeless pastime.

But don't think those big name Monopoly boards don't count either! Stranger Things Monopoly and Rick & Morty Monopoly are each hugely popular, as well as Pokemon Monopoly, Star Trek Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly and more.

People can't get enough of seeing their favourite things mashed up with Monopoly - and the list of franchises lending their famous faces to the game board is always growing!

Who invented Monopoly?

This is a complicated story, but it was Elizabeth Magie who first invented Monopoly via its predecessor, The Landlord's Game.

Charles Darrow, who invented Monopoly in its more modern form, chanced on The Landlord's Game in the 1930s and began producing his own editions, which became Monopoly as we know it today - focused on winning by driving everyone you're playing against to bankruptcy!

Why does Monopoly take so long?

It doesn't have to! Over the years, lots of house rules for Monopoly have been thought up - so much so, they've become part and parcel of how a lot of us play the game, without us realising. But the official rules are much quicker!

Those house rules usually first came about to make the game a little fairer - but people didn't realise it'd make a Monopoly board games night drag out so much. The game's designed to be ruthless, after all - it's faster that way.

One example of that is putting all the money spent in fees, fines or otherwise removed from play and giving it to someone who lands on Free Parking. That's a Monopoly house rule, not an official one - and while handing back money to players who need it is nice, it's part of why a game drags out at times.

Whatever way you like to play Monopoly though, there's a board for everyone in OnBuy's collection! With our seller community, you've got oodles of choice and plenty of time to concoct a winning strategy - you'll be dominating Mayfair in no time!

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