Fulfilment Can Fast-track Your Business

How Fulfilment Can Fast-track Your Business Into New Territories

Published 4th June 2021
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This post was written by Huboo, a trusted partner of OnBuy.

The last twelve months have seen an unprecedented boom in the eCommerce sphere - as the online marketplace is expanding, so are businesses’ fulfilment needs. Ecommerce growth fuelled by the pandemic and changes in consumer habits has seen European logistics investments soar up to €38.64 billion in 2020 (£33.12 billion), driven by a record uptake of warehouses in the region.

European sales and fulfilment

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We know that in order to achieve eCommerce success the digitisation of products is key, and with this comes the need to outsource fulfilment needs so your business can expand into new territories and capture wider audiences. 

The reality of international sales is that global shipping costs are growing year on year. We’ve already seen the disruption Brexit has brought with extra fees and added import tax. The first few weeks of post European Union life saw reports of customers paying upwards of £100 in additional fees, whilst some described having to pay £30 for gifts sent to them.

Why choose overseas fulfilment

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Expanding your products to stock in international warehouses means cutting both shipping costs and shipping times, giving you an advantage with a positive customer experience in an increasingly competitive delivery market. Similarly, offering your international customers the complete brand experience increases brand empathy.

Working with a third-party logistics (3PL) company that has international warehouses can optimise your global logistics ability whilst enhancing your supply chain. The cost of duties can be cut as transporting from an overseas warehouse to local customers stamps out the need for duties tax, creating a cheaper option for both consumer and merchant!

How your customers benefit

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When it comes to providing a seamless fulfilment service for your customers, we very often discuss the end-to-end journey and how this attributes to customer satisfaction and retention. Research suggests that buyers are often happier to dictate when they want their items, as opposed to how quickly. They’re also willing to wait a longer period to receive said items if the process is smooth and stress-free. 

About Huboo

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Founded in 2017, Huboo provide reliable inexpensive multi-channel fulfilment. We integrate with your marketplace for free and securely store, reliably pick and package, and smoothly deliver your orders. Our unique software driven approach to fulfilment means that we can service clients of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest eBay seller to multi-million-pound brands, and our entire service is far cheaper than any known like-for-like competitor. We also offer two months free storage for each new shipment you send to us and there’s no minimum contract. Contact us to find out more.

For more information please visit: www.huboo.co.uk

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