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It’s time to add up the pros and cons and select the best calculator for your child! Our verified sellers have a wide selection of calculators available, from simple adding machines to complex scientific and graphic calculators. It’s time to solve a back to school equation - for this question a calculator is definitely required! Read more about Calculators >

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About Calculators

Maths can be a tough subject. If you think back to your school days you no doubt have memories of chewing at a pencil, frantically trying to work out what speed a train departed from its station! However, when a maths problem gets too complicated your child can turn to one of the calculators from our edit. 

An important part of many modern fields, learning how to use a calculator efficiently  is almost as important as memorising times tables! Our calculators edit has dozens of different models to choose from. So, grab a pen and pencil and prepare to take notes - it’s educating time!

Standard and scientific calculators

Let’s start off with the most basic kind of calculator. Also known as desk calculators, these standard calculators allow your child to solve basic maths questions. They’re tough and hard to break (important for school bags) and they have thick, chunky buttons that are easy for young children to use. These simple calculators are brilliant choices for first school and primary school age children, as they provide all the functions your little one needs without burdening them down with options that they’re not ready for yet.

Just because these calculators lack the functional oomph of others in this edit doesn’t mean that they’re not intelligent! As well as simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, this kind of calculator lets your child enter negative numbers, calculate percentages, and even use square roots if they need to. Many also come with short-term memory banks that let your child save numbers to call back for later sums.  

By the time your child reaches secondary school, they’ll likely need a scientific calculator to help them out. The scientific calculator is an ordinary adding machine all grown up. As well as the memory functions that many simple calculators have, scientific calculators have a plethora of additional functions that let your teenager perform advanced calculations. These include the famous power and trigonometry functions (remember sine, cosine and tangent?) as well as more obscure buttons like Euler’s constant.

These functions aren’t just useful for maths class! Trigonometry and other calculations are incredibly important for other STEM classes like physics and chemistry, helping your child understand and predict the results of their experiments.

Calculators are electronic devices, so they need a power source to operate. Among our collection you’ll find calculators powered by ordinary batteries, calculators that run off the power of the sun, and batteries that use both methods. Solar powered calculators are more eco-friendly, but they don’t perform well in low light conditions. Pure battery options are always reliable, but they’ll run out eventually. A calculator that’s battery powered with a solar panel backup is likely to last as long as your child is in school, but they run at a slightly higher cost than other calculators. The choice is up to you!

Specialised calculators

As well as basic and scientific calculators, our verified sellers also stock a selection of specialised calculators. These mathematical machines will still add and subject with the best of our scientific calculators, but they also have unique capabilities under their plastic covers that set them apart. 

First up is the converter calculator which, in addition to normal functions, allows your child to switch from metric measurements to imperial with a single button press. They’re great for learning to use both systems at once. 

Another kind of specialised calculator you’ll find in this edit is high powered graphic calculators. Much more expensive than any of the other calculators you’ll find among our virtual shelves, graphing calculators allow your child to perform high-level mathematical equations such as underdetermined equations, matrix operations and vector analysis. 

They also project high-resolution 3-D graphics on their screen, displaying equations exactly how they appear in your child’s maths textbooks.Graphing calculators are overkill for normal school mathematics, but if your child is about to leave home to read theoretical mathematics at university, this kind of calculator is a brilliant pick!

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