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Baby Car Seats

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Bring your baby along for the ride in safety and comfort with our great range of baby car seats here at OnBuy. Whether you're looking for something practical, something stylish, or a blend of both - we have a wide selection to keep your little one secure. Read More >
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About Baby Car Seats

Investing in a baby car seat before your bundle of joy arrives is not only one less thing you have to worry about after the birth, but it's the safest way to bring them home from the hospital! 

Our range of baby car seats covers both Group 0 and Group 0+ seats so you're sure to find the perfect car seat for your little one. Group 0 is made for babies that are newborn up to about six to nine months old that weigh less than 10kg (22lbs), while Group 0+ suits babies from birth up to about twelve to fifteen months that weigh less than 13kg (29lbs). 

Buying a baby car seat can be a confusing task with all the options available; do you need a car seat that can fit into a pram? What about the lie-flat car seats? Read on for some handy tips to help you decide!

Baby car seats

Car seats that are just made for cars are great for those who want a safe, fuss-free way to travel with baby, and they feature carry handles - perfect for carrying baby between your car and home without disturbing them. Find a great range of baby car seats here; from stylish patterns to ultra-padded ergonomic designs, we've got it all. 

Baby car seats with pram compatibility

Car seats that adapt to fit onto a pram are great if you want to avoid carrying a car seat and find an all-in-one solution to travelling with your little one. We have baby car seats that slot into your pram, or ones that transform into a pram at the touch of a button - the choice is yours.

Lie-flat baby car seats

Lie-flat seats are another fantastic option for safely transporting your little one. It's not recommended that you leave your little one in their car seat (or pram) for longer than two hours at a time for their safety, so if you're planning on making long car journeys with your tot a lie-flat seat is the one for you! Lie-flat seats are also a great option for newborns as it will not only mimic the feeling of their cot (and hopefully encourage sleep!) but it provides necessary support for their head.