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    Cards Against Humanity Card Games

    Designed to shock and simultaneously cause roars of laughter, Cards Against Humanity has taken the world by storm - with localised editions of the infamous card game everywhere from the UK to the US, Mexico to Argentina, and more. Jump into the CAH universe with OnBuy's edit of the wicked card game and scandalous expansion packs!

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    Looking to buy Cards Against Humanity Card Games?

    Not one to shy away from awkwardness, the goal behind Cards Against Humanity is to create the most disgraceful, hilarious sentence by filling in the gap or answering the question on the Black Card picked by the Card Czar. Sometimes causing significant offense, often resulting in hoots of laughter, there's no predicting where the game will go!

    A party game for horrible people

    First appearing in the hands of courageous players in 2011, the world's most offensive card game has evolved to numerous editions and expansions today. The brainchild of a group of alumni from an Illinois high school, the card game is an American invention that has been adapted to local markets, including the brilliant Cards Against Humanity UK edition tailored to British humour.

    Filled with politically incorrect material, the game's name is a play on words on the phrase 'crimes against humanity' and involves some questionable content that may offend anyone whose friendship group doesn't revolve around derogatory jokes. You can't say we didn't warn you!

    Requiring at least four players, Cards Against Humanity makes a brilliant party game made even more entertaining (if that's even possible) after a drink or two. The person who, uh, last used the loo begins as the Card Czar and reads out a question or fill-in-the-blank phrase from the Black Card out loud. Then it's up to the rest of the group to each answer or fill the gap by passing over one White Card, face down, to the Card Czar.

    After shuffling the answers, the Card Czar re-reads the Black Card before each answer for maximum comedic effect and entertains the groups with everyone's ridiculous answers. The funniest one wins the player one Awesome Point. Each round gets a new Card Czar and all players draw back up to ten White Cards.

    Any cards that read PICK 2 on the bottom require each player to pick two White Cards and arrange them in the order that will generate the most amusement. Like all immoral things, Cards Against Humanity can also involve an element of gambling if your pennies are burning a hole in your pocket. Should you determine that more than one of your White Cards could be the winning ticket, you can bet one of your Awesome Points to put down an additional White Card. If you win, you get to keep the point; if you're not so lucky, your point goes to whoever won the round. 

    How can I make my Cards Against Humanity game even more outrageous?

    Along with the original Cards Against Humanity games, the makers behind the shocking card game have also brought out some clever expansions to amplify your gameplay. From handy packs that add a fresh batch of cards to your main game, to themed additions on everything from films to noughties favourites (plus a few we probably shouldn't mention here...), there's a plethora of expansions to suit every taste.

    Some expansion packs, such as the Geek Pack and the Sci-Fi Pack, come with 30 cards to inject your favourite topics into the mix. When it comes to the World Wide Web Pack, expect nothing less - it contains 30 cards written anonymously by Reddit users so you can look forward to plenty of creativity in store!

    Meanwhile, an accessory like The Bigger Blacker Box doubles up as a nifty storage case for up to a whopping 2,500 cards, and even comes with 50 blank cards plus a few surprises. No matter which expansions you opt for to scale up your game, you can be sure you and your atrocious friends will be in for a treat.

    Cards Against Humanity FAQs

    What's the best Cards Against Humanity deck?

    The Red Box is often hailed as the best. It comes with 300 new white and black cards to mix with the main game. This expansion pack is widely considered to be the funnier one.

    Is Cards Against Humanity appropriate for children?

    No. Most of the cards are not appropriate for children. However, the family-friendly version of the game is suitable for kids aged eight eight and above. It's also PG-rated, but it really depends on whether you'd allow your children to play or not.

    What's the latest edition of Cards Against Humanity?

    The latest Cards Against Humanity deck is Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition. This version is appropriate for both adults and kids (aged eight and above), and it comes with 600 new cards that can be added to your collection.

    What's the weirdest Cards Against Humanity expansion pack?

    The Absurd Box must be the weirdest expansion out there for Cards Against Humanity. It has 300 new cards – 255 white and 45 black, and they're all one of a kind!

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