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How To Choose The Best Bedside Storage Option

Published 14th April 2021
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Bedside storage is a must-have necessity to maximise space in your bedroom but, with so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you? 

Although the classic bedside table with storage is no doubt the most popular option, by no means is it the only one. Once you allow your creative juices to start flowing, you’ll realise that you can utilise a vast range of furniture and everyday household items to create your very own practical bedside storage option. 

To discover a host of other exciting, innovative ideas to improve your home and bedroom, check out some of our previous home style guides for inspiration. For now, though, let’s crack on and discuss some of the various bedside caddy options and how to decide which one is right for you!

What are the different types of bedside storage?

types of storage

One of the most exciting things about choosing the perfect piece of furniture to sit by your bedside is the amount of different types and styles to choose from. With a wide range of stylish options to explore, you’ll be able to choose the perfect piece(s) to fit perfectly into your chosen aesthetic in no time at all. So, without further ado, let’s get into the different types that are out there:

  • Bedside table: the most popular choice for many. Practical, ergonomic and stylish, these units typically provide two shelves for storing anything you could need while taking up minimal space in the room to allow the bedroom to feel spacious and airy.
  • Dresser/Chest of drawers: larger and usually wider than a bedside table, dressers provide ample space for books, pictures and plants on top, meaning you’ll have more freedom to personalise and put your stamp on it. Additionally, a key difference with a chest of drawers is conveniently in the name - it includes drawers! This decreases the amount of clutter that can build up on open shelves, which can leave your room feeling untidy and unorganised. If you’re someone that likes a neat and organised room, a chest of drawers will be a fantastic option for your bedside storage solution. 
  • Bookshelves: any novel-loving bookworm needs space to create a miniature home library. If you’re that person, then a bookshelf is the bedside storage option for you! The most space-consuming option out there, you’ll need a fairly big room or else risk making the room feel somewhat claustrophobic. However, a bookshelf will provide a statement feature within your bedroom that not too many other options can match - allowing your bedroom to stand out from the crowd
  • Stools/Ottomans: now we know you may not have thought of stools as a potential bedside storage option, but hear us out. These can make for perfect small-scale nightstands, and some models even offer handy hidden storage space. What’s more, they’ll only take up minimal floor space and, if you’re strong enough, they’re even portable! If you fancy getting creative, stack a pile of books on top of the stool to create a smooth surface - perfect for placing a stylish lamp or a colourful plant!

Measuring up for the perfect fit

tape measure

Before you start to browse through the various exciting options available to you and decide which item you’re going to purchase, you need to make sure you’ve sufficiently measured the space you’ve got to work with. 

At the side of the bed where you want to place the bedside storage, get yourself a tape measure and measure out the length from the bed stretching to where you want your piece of furniture to go. Then, make sure you measure how much depth you have to play with - otherwise you’ll be catching yourself on the corner of the table every time you hop into bed - ouch! 

Once you’ve carried out these important steps, you’ll know the measurements to look out for while browsing our range of bedroom furniture - and you’re all set to find the perfect bedside storage option for you.

Six of the best bedside storage options

bed with side tables

Now that we’ve outlined the various bedside storage options that are out there, we’re all set and ready to delve into six products that offer unique qualities to suit every taste and need. We’ve rounded up a range of bedside storage options that vary in price, size and design to provide the most balanced selection possible and, most importantly, help you decide what’s right for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Riano 3 Drawer Bedside Chest Of Drawers

Riano 3 Drawer Bedside Chest Of Drawers

Pros: Range of different colours and finishing options, three spacious drawers, made from durable MDF

Cons: May be a little on the small size for some, self-assembly required

Size: H56 x W40 x D36cm

If it’s a chest of drawers to fit beside your bed that you’re looking for, then this bedside chest of drawers is the perfect choice for you. Coming from the stylish Riano range, this beautiful unit will add a touch of modernity and elegance to your bedroom. Boasting three spacious drawers, this bedside chest of drawers provides plenty of storage space for all your essentials while, crucially, making sure the room stays clutter-free. Made from hardy and durable composite wood, this brilliant piece of furniture will provide you with a fantastic storage solution for years to come - it’s built to last. 

There’s a range of finishes to choose from, including icy cool white, rustic pine and walnut, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect bedside chest of drawers that suits you from the Riano range. This bedside storage option is also complemented by the opulent metal handles which add a premium feel and will, without a doubt, elevate your interior décor. 

What’s more, no matter whether you’re a DIY master or a total beginner - these drawers arrive flat packed with simple assembly instructions, meaning you’ll have this chest of drawers constructed and ready to wow in no time! 

The biggest benefit of this chest of drawers compared to the others in this list is the different finishing options, so if having different styles to choose from is a must-have, then this is the bedside storage option for you!

Vida Designs Corona Bedside Cabinet Chest Of Drawers

Vida Designs Corona Bedside Cabinet Chest Of Drawers

Pros: Natural wood finish, low maintenance, extremely durable

Cons: Flat packed so self-assembly is required, only one drawer

Size: H60 x W48 x D35cm

For those that are fans of a natural wood finish for your bedroom furniture, then this bedside cabinet with drawers from Vida Designs may be the one for you. Constructed from distressed waxed pine, this piece of bedside furniture oozes quality and looks simply stunning. The drawer and door allow you to store virtually anything you could need beside your bed - books, laptop or even clothing. 

The main pro of this bedside cabinet is it’s low maintenance and how simple it is to keep it looking as good as new. All that’s needed is a wipe down with a dry cloth, and this bedside cabinet will stay in tip-top condition for as long as you need. What’s more, the chest is made from durable wood that’s built to last - while also keeping the exterior visually appealing. 

Arriving flat packed, like many of the bedside storage options on this list, self-assembly is required. However, simple instructions are included for a quick and easy construction, meaning you’ll soon have a solid and reliable storage cabinet perfect for all of your bedroom essentials.

Felt Bedside Hanging Organiser

Felt Bedside Hanging Organiser

Pros: Convenient and practical, quirky design, least expensive option on the list

Cons: Small amount of storage space compared to other options, not the most visually appealing

 Size: H31 x W23 x D12cm

Maybe the traditional styles of bedside storage aren’t your cup of tea? Or you’re searching for something quirky to add some character to your bedroom? If so, then this felt bedside organiser is perfect for you. Thanks to its multi-grid design, this bedside bag offers ample room for your nighttime essentials without encroaching on your floor space, ideal if your room is on the smaller side. It’s also great for kids, providing a fantastic space to store their stories for bedtime reading. 

The pocket fits onto the sides or end of your bed, meaning it’s convenient and practical - perfect for anything that may clutter your bed, such as laptops or books. The smooth felt material will make sure your belongings are kept safe and aren’t in danger of any scratches or marks. 

This bedside storage option is the least expensive option that will be mentioned in this guide, making it the perfect penny-saving pick for those on a tighter budget. Of course, the downside with this product is that there's only a small amount of items that you’ll be able to fit in the pocket, meaning you won’t be able to store larger items or clothing in it. However, if you’re only looking to keep your necessities nearby, you really can't go wrong with this bedside organiser.

Sparkling Glass Mirrored Bedside Table

Sparkling Glass Mirrored Bedside Table

Pros: Luxurious and opulent exterior, constructed from rugged MDF, ample storage space

Cons: Mirrored design prone to fingerprints, on the more expensive side

Size: H60 x W32 x D44cm

Sumptuous and elegant, this mirrored bedside table is a step up in style from the options previously discussed in this guide, with a dazzling exterior that’s sure to catch the eye. This bedside table with storage is elegantly crafted with fancy bevelled edge glass panels and lavish crystal fragment drawer fronts that ooze class and bring a feeling of high fashion and royalty to your bedroom. 

It doesn’t just have an attractive exterior, though. Constructed from rugged MDF, this bedside table has a sturdy frame that will stand the test of time. The drawers also feature metal runners that ensure a smooth transition from opening to close - minimising the possibility of damage or any annoying squeaks from rusty runners. 

The three drawers provide ample space to store any of your bedroom essentials, and the tabletop is perfect for adding a stylish lamp or some picture frames that bring that personal touch. The sleek modern design would benefit any bedroom that is aiming for a luxurious high-end aesthetic.

The biggest draw to this bedside table is the eye-catching mirrored design that covers every inch of this piece of bedroom furniture. This unique feature provides an illusion of more space and will give your bedroom a bright, airy feel. Of course, this bedside table is on the more expensive side, but for the premium look and luxurious feel it’ll bring to your bedroom, it’s certainly worth the price.

vidaXL Bamboo Bedside Table

vidaXL Bamboo Bedside Table

Pros: Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, modular design gives you the ability to style the tables however you want

Cons: No drawers so lacks storage space, highest priced option in this guide

Size: H40 x W60 x L60cm

For many people, one of the most important factors when choosing a piece of bedroom furniture is the material it’s made from - and whether it’s been sustainably sourced. If this is important to you, you’re in luck, as the end tables of these bedside beauties are crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo. So, not only do they look good, but they’re good for the environment too. What’s more, the bamboo makes the tables both incredibly durable and lightweight, meaning you’ll have no problem if you fancy moving them to different rooms in your house. 

A big benefit of these tables is that they’re modular - meaning you have the freedom to either set them up as a larger, single bedside table or as a pair of smaller nightstands - just choose what’s right for you! The tables provide a good amount of space to store smaller items you may want to the side of your bed, but they don’t contain drawers. While this isn’t an issue for those who aren’t in need of additional storage space, they may not be suitable if storage is what you’re looking for.

The quirky bamboo ends are wrapped with natural rattan that will add a rustic feel to your bedroom and enhance your décor. The dark brown exterior of the tables provide a mature look that would fit in perfectly to anyone wanting a more sumptuous aesthetic. These tables are on the higher side when it comes to price, but the smart exterior (in addition to the unique, sustainable bamboo material) means you’ll certainly be getting value for the money you spend.

Christow Bedside Table With Shelf Storage | White

Christow Bedside Table With Shelf Storage | White

Pros: Includes both a drawer and shelving for multi-purpose storage, fixings hidden on the inside for a neater look

Cons: May appear cumbersome in smaller bedrooms, self-assembly required

Size: H70 x W30 x L37cm

The only bedside storage option in this guide that provides a handy drawer and shelves, this white bedside table is perfect for any avid readers. The compact, contemporary design boasts a whole lot of storage space without taking up too much room, making it the ideal choice if you haven’t got much floor space to play with. The chic white exterior complements any bedroom setting, blending in seamlessly with any existing furnishings and decorations. 

Constructed from durable MDF, this bedside table with storage is built to last, offering years of stylish storage to come. The table includes a storage drawer with stylish silver handles, and the smooth-glide plastic runners ensure it’ll easily open and close without a fuss. Unlike many items of furniture that are flat packed, all of the fixings and screws are hidden on the inside and not visible, giving the piece of furniture a smoother, neater look.

A real pro with this bedside storage option is the addition of a raised shelf. This provides extra storage for books and other belongings that you want to keep within reach. Also, you can use the shelving to display ornaments or photos - perfect for those who like to personalise their space! 

This bedside table with shelves comes flat packed with everything you need for a quick, simple self-assembly. This is a must-buy for anyone that wants a bedside storage option with shelving!

Bedside storage, sorted

Bedside storage

And there we go - six of the best options for bedside storage summarised and discussed. If this guide has sparked your interior inspiration and you’re keen to see more, check out our extensive range of bedroom furniture. From dedicated bedside tables to versatile chest of drawers, the perfect storage solution for your home, needs and budget is just a few clicks away...

Alternatively, if you want to gain some more information about bedside storage and furniture, be sure to take a look at some of our previous blogs and buyer’s guides while you’re here. With resources covering everything from ways to refresh your bedroom aesthetic to small home hacks to maximise your space, stylish sliding wardrobes and even wonderful wooden bureaus, it’s easier than ever to achieve the beautiful boudoir of your dreams. Go on, treat yourself!

The information is this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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