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Chicken Wire

Eager to create your very own chicken run? Regardless of whether you're a DIY expert or a novice, chicken wire is an essential component of any practical and safe poultry run or coop. Luckily, OnBuy's vast online selection of chicken wire is here to lend a helping hand and is available in a wide variety of hexagonal sizes and designs to suit the species of pecking poultry you're protecting!

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About Chicken Wire

Do your curious chickens keep escaping your homemade run or coop? Repair it or create a whole new run with our fantastic online range of chicken wire. An easy way to encourage your hens to explore safely and securely, chicken wire is a popular choice for both farmers and anyone else who keeps chicken as pets or collects their eggs for delicious garden-fresh breakfasts. With chicken wire from the likes of VidaXL, Kingfisher, and Blackspur, you'll have plenty of reliable brands to delve into. 

Why is chicken wire made from galvanised steel?

The process of galvanising chicken wire adds both additional corrosion resistance and protects the wire from rusting. The metal chicken wire mesh is galvanised by being hot-dipped in a zinc coating which gives the netting this extra protection. Typically, you can expect galvanised wire that's not been exposed to an unusually corrosive or wet environment to last for around five years - giving your happy hens plenty of time to roam around before you need to consider upgrading or replacing their current run or your chicken wire fence.

Which gauge chicken wire is right for your application?

You may have heard the term 'gauge' with regards to chicken wire, but what does it really means? Gauge simply refers to the different sizes of chicken wire mesh netting as they have various applications. For example, chicken wire that's between 19 and 25 gauge is typically a fine woven mesh that's ideal for housing poultry due to the small aperture that varies between 13mm to 25mm. For fencing and securing dogs, sheep, and other larger animals however, it's best to opt for 14 or 16 gauge wire mesh. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the gauge, the more suitable it is for creating enclosures for smaller animals.

Will chicken wire keep predators away?

Yes, cats are known for their dislike of chicken wire as they can't stand to walk over or climb on it. This makes it brilliant for deterring curious pussy cats from scaring or attempting to stalk your chickens. Regardless of whether the curious cat is your own or a neighbours, it's best to keep your hens, turkeys, or any other kind of poultry secured behind a chicken wire fence.

Alternatively, if you're worried about urban predators like foxes knabbing your chickens, then you should opt for thicker chicken wire mesh that has a diameter above 2mm, this is because foxes can easily chew through wire less than 2mm. Always check whether the wire if fox-proof is foxes are a problem in your neighbourhood.

Frequently asked questions about chicken wire 

What chicken wire do I need?

If it's protection you're after, you should buy chicken wire that has a gauge of at least 1.2mm. It’s stronger and will therefore act as a better defence against escape acts and predators.

Can you use chicken wire as a dog gate?

Yes, provided it's thick enough to withstand the force of a large or particularly playful pup, and is secured properly. Chicken wire is very easy to handle, and your dog won’t be able to slip through the tight mesh. 

Is chicken wire a good choice?

Chicken wire is a great choice if you're looking for a quick and easy solution to fencing. However, you should always check the gauge as smaller sizes aren't particularly strong. Plus, there's a high chance it will corrode and rust in time, so you'll need to keep an eye out for any signs of damage and replace it immediately. 

What is the name of small chicken wire?

Small chicken wire is also called 'hex netting'. It has hexagonal openings which can be PVC coated or galvanised.

Can foxes break chicken wire?

Without additional protection, there's a very high chance that they can. Foxes are quick hunters, and they do have the ability to climb high, dig, and squeeze through small spaces. Their teeth are also sharp enough to gnaw through thin chicken wire. For the best protection, invest in a thicker wire, and keep your hens safely locked inside their coop at night. 

Can you mow over chicken wire?

If you have chicken wire acting as flooring, we recommend covering it generously with soil and grass. In the unfortunate incident that you mow over exposed chicken wire, the mesh will likely get stuck in the mower, which could damage or break it. 

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