10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

Love In Lockdown: 10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

Published 2nd February 2021
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While you might be used to heading out to a quirky bar with a loved one to sneak some private, quality time away from your little ones, it seems Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different for us all this year. With lockdown restrictions in full swing, it’s time to show someone you care about just how much they mean to you from the comfort of your own home by testing out our top ten date ideas during lockdown!

Chock-full with romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day activities, OnBuy has whittled down the top ten ways to celebrate this annual day while sticking to those lockdown limitations. From whipping up a three-course culinary extravaganza to delight the lovely lady in your life, to slipping on something sexy and hosting a virtual date night, there’s options to suit every budget, personality, and lockdown living situation.

Set up a magical movie night

movie night

Perfect for magnificent movie marathons and viewing must-see films on the big screen, a powerful projector and an accompanying projector screen can transform the viewing experience and make Valentine’s Day extra special. While a Blu-ray and DVD player setup will certainly see you through a high-quality flick (be it an action-packed thriller or a racy rom-com), adding some fairy lights around a projector screen and dimming the lights adds that cinematic effect you’ve been missing out on.

Of course, the only way you could make movie night even better is by stocking up on those snacks! Whether your partner has a sweet tooth and can’t get enough of those chocolatey treats, or you’re looking to grab your very own popcorn maker to make it feel just like the cinema for your little ones, no romantic or family-focused movie night is complete without some oh-so irresistible snacks.

Cuddle up and get toasty!

get toasty

February isn’t renowned for being one of the warmer months, but if you’re yearning for a little fresh air for your Valentine’s Day celebration, then there’s no better way to connect with your partner than taking advantage of your outdoor area. The only downside to this intimate outdoor lockdown date idea is that it does require a private outdoor space and a touch of fire-starting know-how. 

However, if you’re lucky enough to possess your own small outdoor space or generous garden lawn, kitting it out with garden furniture, plenty of cushions, fluffy blankets, and (most importantly!) a fire pit or fire bowl with an abundance of marshmallows, can transform it into an instantly more welcoming and relaxing area for toasting those sugary snacks. Alternatively, a bottle of bubbly makes a fizzy, adult-friendly option that can be toasted just as easily as marshmallows. Cheers!

Delight them with a date night dish

date night dish

This budget-friendly Valentine’s Day idea is a great way to show your affection for a partner without breaking the bank. Whether they adore a particular meal that you only make on special occasions or they often take on the bulk of the cooking during the week, taking the initiative to pamper your partner with a (hopefully!) tasty dish or impressive three course dinner is a thoughtful way to show just how much you appreciate them.

Alternatively, if you really want to sweep them off their feet, why not attempt a completely new recipe? If you’re willing to try out a new dish on your loved one’s taste buds, you can amass a wealth of Valentine’s meal ideas by simply flicking through the right cookbook. Ensure you have all the right ingredients and cooking utensils to do the delicious dish justice, and you’re on your way to a real winner!

If you’re worried that your tired-looking dining table or scratched kitchen bar will ruin the mood, why not consider adding a few well-placed romantic additions? From mood-setting candles to a vase full of roses, these extra details can make all the difference. When you’re trying to show someone how much you care, the devil’s in the details.

Show your fondness from afar

zoom date

If you happen to live alone and, as a result of the lockdown restrictions, can’t spend this day with your partner, don’t worry: there are still plenty of ways that you can make this date special for the both of you! From writing a charming handwritten love letter to taking entertaining online classes together, the options are truly endless.

One of our favourite ways to celebrate this day with someone special from afar involves sending them something sweet - edible or not! A sure-fire way to make someone smile on Valentine’s Day is to deliver or send a thoughtful gift straight to their door. There’s something particularly charming and exciting about having a surprise arrive at the doorstep and, luckily, this classic way of gift-giving hasn’t been affected by lockdown.

Regardless of whether they love a blooming bouquet of colourful flowers, some beauty treats that’ll leave them feeling preened and pampered, or a brand new video game to add to their mounting collection of gaming goodies, there’s a huge range of gifts, gadgets, and charming purchases guaranteed to impress through this tried and tested way of showing just how much you care.

Blow them away with breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

One of the more conventional (yet just as effective) Valentine’s meal ideas includes enchanting your spouse with breakfast in bed. While it might seem a dash basic, your Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed needn’t be as simple as a slice of buttered toast. With the right kitchen appliances, you can create a stunning selection of edible treats to start your loved one’s morning with an unforgettable grin.

From waffle makers and hot plates to slow cookers and sandwich toasters, you can quickly whip up some delectable brunch and breakfast culinary creations to leave your significant other wanting more and feeling deeply appreciated. Especially thoughtful if your partner often takes the lead in the kitchen, a hot plate of pancakes topped with plenty of syrup and strawberries is sure to go down a treat - literally!

Get creative with your words

creative with your words

A traditional and heart-warming way to celebrate this romantic occasion, regardless of lockdown limitations and physical distance, is to do something as simple as writing a love letter or creating a Valentine’s Day card. Ideal if the object of your affection is working away from home or they swoon at the thought of a heartfelt poem, testing out your wordsmith skills could help you to capture their heart.

Perhaps even more important for couples who live together and therefore tend to avoid picking up a Valentine’s Day card, a dedicated love letter or card can help to reignite that initial spark between yourself and your partner. Even if you haven’t got your eye on a romantic relationship at the moment, try writing a note to a treasured friend or family member - it’s sure to put a simple on both of your faces. 

Incredibly romantic, timeless, and affordable, simply snap up on some sophisticated stationery and an assortment of arts and crafts supplies to get your creative juices flowing for this Valentine’s Day delight. Choose from elegant fountain pens and exquisite designs to really knock their socks off!

Pamper yourselves with an at-home spa day

home spa day

If the idea of video gaming and movie marathons sounds exhausting, then you’re clearly in need of the ultimate relaxing experience this Valentine’s Day. Instead of booking yourself into the nearest luxury hotel and spa, why not turn your home into a palace of peace? Simply snap up some massage must-haves and a bunch of calming treats, and you can embrace this annual event as a sensual and reinvigorating retreat (without splashing the cash!).

From easing your partner’s tense muscles with a handy massage gun, to refreshing your face with a nourishing and hydrating face mask, these affordable professional spa alternatives allow you to intimately connect with your significant other. Stock up on massage creams, lotions, and oils, and this relaxing date night lockdown activity can gradually transition into a more physically affectionate evening!

Get playfully competitive with your partner

games with your partner

With many arcades and other entertainment venues closing their doors during lockdown, getting out and about to satisfy your couple gaming desires and competitive streak sadly isn’t an option right now. Thankfully, there’s an incredible selection of board games and card games aimed at helping couples unwind and find out more about each other - perfect for stripping away the stress of daily responsibilities and embracing your inner child.

Whether you want to snap up a compact set of playing cards to fill up your Valentine’s Day evening with giggles or get the kids involved too with a family board game, a games night is a fun alternative to ultra-romantic ideas. If you prefer something a little more private and intimate to spice up your Valentine’s night, then exciting and stimulating adult games might be more to your taste.

Also suitable for couples that don’t live together, the wonderful world of online gaming and video game consoles can bring people together despite physical limitations. With an endless array of video games being constantly created for Xbox and PlayStation models, you’ll never be short of a new game to explore with someone you care about.

Try out your mixology skills together - virtually


Now popping to your favourite bar is off the table, drink-making dates have moved into the virtual realm. A far cry from a ready-made cocktail in a can that doesn’t quite hit the spot, a virtual online mixology class gives you expert help that’s just a few clicks away. While this isn’t the cheapest of options, it certainly saves money when compared to the cash you’d spend on a cocktail-drinking session in an upscale bar!

These equally informative and entertaining video lessons are abundantly available on the web for a range of prices to suit every Valentine’s Day budget. Sure to please any cocktail-fanatic that’s been yearning for a professional cosmo since the day their go-to bar closed its doors, this romantic date is the perfect excuse to add a little oomph to your delicious beverage creation abilities. Bag yourself a cocktail set and some beautiful cocktail glasses and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to pick the perfect present!

Valentines gift

Although lockdown restrictions may prevent you from celebrating this special day like you’d want to, you can still spark some romance this Valentine’s Day with a little extra thought and effort. Whether you’re thinking of setting up a video date night activity or grabbing your partner a thoughtful gift to enjoy in person, there’s loads of ways you can show your loved one how much you care, regardless of whether you’re together or apart this year.

Ultimately, the right present or activity for your lockdown Valentine’s Day will depend entirely on your partner’s hobbies, interests, and desires. Armed with all the date night inspiration above and our handy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, you’re bound to find that special something to delight your loved one this year.

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