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Craft Pipe Cleaners

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The ultimate versatile addition to your tot's craft supplies: the humble pipe cleaner! It looks so simple, yet does so much: you can bend, shape, and twist these fuzzy delights into almost anything your little one fancies. Browse OnBuy's collection and get ready to let the inspiration flow... Read More >
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About Craft Pipe Cleaners

Is your little one's craft box really complete if it's not overflowing with pipe cleaners? They're incredibly easy to use, mess-free, and virtually impossible to get wrong: your tots will adore crafting flowers, insects, and tiaras alike with ease. 

Our range has oodles of craft pipe cleaners that your kids will adore; from the ultra-fluffy to the uber-sparkly, there's something to inspire their every project here. Will you pick up some black pipe cleaners to make spooky spiders or opt for multicoloured pipe cleaners to craft a bouquet? The possibilities are endless!

To get you and your little one stuck into pipe cleaner crafts, we've put together a step-by-step guide on how to create an adorable finger puppet in the shape of a bunny! 

Bunny finger puppet how-to guide

  • Choose a pipe cleaner for the body of your bunny
  • Wind tightly around your finger
  • Make an M shape with another pipe cleaner for your bunny's ears
  • Snip off the excess (parental guidance required!) 
  • Place the ears inside the body and secure with some glue
  • Glue a pom-pom in front of the ears & a mini pom pom at the back for the tail
  • Attach googly eyes and ta-da - you're ready to put on a show!