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This is why you need to install a dash cam in your car!

Published 5th December 2022
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Dash cams aren't just handy if you're involved in an accident - they could even save you money! If you've been putting off getting one installed in your car, check out this blog and we'll walk you through why you need to buy one!

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What to look for in a dash cam?

First things first, you need to know the different types of dash cam and the features to look out for. Most devices record the view out your windscreen, but front and rear dash cams also allow you to capture the view out the rear window, just in case you're hit from behind.

There are a few features that we'd recommend keeping an eye out for, like HD or 4K recording, as well as dash cams with GPS and night vision. Check out our essential guide to dash cams to learn about more must-have features.

Toy cars with money, a calculator and a car insurance bill.

Five reasons why you should install a dash cam

Now you know what you're looking for in a dash cam, here's why you need to head over to our range and buy one (just in case you weren't convinced already!).

1. Reduce your insurance costs

The amount will change from one insurance provider to another, but most tend to offer a discount to drivers with a dash cam. They can also help to protect your no claims discount, further reducing your insurance premiums.

2. Make insurance claims less stressful

It's surprisingly easy for an insurance claim to turn into a long, drawn-out dispute; the driver at fault will rarely accept responsibility straight away. Install a dash cam and you'll have a recording of the event to help prove your case.

3. Put off would-be thieves and vandals

Get your hands on a dash cam with GPS and parking mode and it can prove to be a helpful deterrent against vandalism and would-be car thieves. These dash cams will switch on when they detect your car being hit or banged while it's switched off.

4. Help to make the roads safer

Did you know that around a quarter of people think a dash cam would make them drive safer. That's according to data from the breakdown provider RAC, who say that if drivers know they're being monitored, they'll drive with more care and attention.

5. Protect yourself from fraud

You can easily protect yourself from crash for cash fraudsters by ensuring you've got a working dash cam. These con artists know that the driver behind is usually blamed for the collision, so they try to stage a collision deliberately for the insurance money. With a front-facing dash cam, you can easily prove who was at fault.

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