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Nursery Curtains & Nursery Blinds

Make your new arrival’s bedroom feel ultra-cosy and comfortable with OnBuy’s range of nursery curtains and blinds. Designed with little ones in mind, this collection showcases everything from classic neutral hues to vibrant pops of colour. Read More >
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About Nursery Curtains & Nursery Blinds

Not only do they keep the sun shaded and block out cold draughts, curtains or blinds can also create a sense of privacy for the most precious room in your home. Explore OnBuy’s range of curtains and blinds - especially selected to add a fancy finish to your new nursery.

Nursery curtains

Curtains add a cosy finish to any interior set-up, and with our selection of beautifully bright colours, punchy prints and neutral styles alike, there’ll be something to suit your décor here. Whether you’re looking for floor-length cuts for larger windows, or standard shorter styles, we offer baby curtains and children’s curtains in a variety of cuts and fabrics.

During the early stages when baby needs a lot of sleep, why not opt for nursery blackout curtains to minimise the amount of light coming into the nursery while they rest? You can always switch them over to lighter colours after your baby is past the six month stage.

Nursery blinds

There are plenty of nursery blackout blinds or room darkening blinds to help mimic the environment in the womb and help baby to complete a restful sleep, no matter what time of day it is. OnBuy also has a range of portable blinds that are great for travelling with to help recreate the feel of your nursery wherever you go.