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Baby Sleep Soothers

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In an ideal world, getting your baby to sleep soundly would be as simple as tucking them into their cot, right? In actual fact, the daily task can be incredibly difficult for many parents, which is where sleep soothers come in handy. Make things easier for both you and baby by exploring our range... Read More >
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About Baby Sleep Soothers

Baby sleep aids come in all shapes and sizes - from cuddly plushies to dreamy projectors and soothing sound machines. Here at OnBuy, we have a great range to choose from, so you can find the perfect sleep toy for your little one.

Commonly designed with a variety of sound effects, lullabies or tunes, sleep soothers create the ideal sleeping environment for babies and toddlers alike - some are even designed to project a calming pink glow that helps to replicate the colours surrounding your baby in the womb.

If you’re jetting off abroad or planning a family road trip, a portable sleep soother will come in handy when baby gets restless or agitated. Ideal for clipping onto a car seat or buggy, they’ll help your little one to become more relaxed and peaceful whilst on-the-go.