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Papo Dinosaur Action Figures & Playsets

Think you can tell a T-Rex from a Carnotaurus at just a glance? Know your Triceratops from your Diplodocus? Or maybe you're like us here at OnBuy, and just love hyper-detailed realistic dinosaur figures to stomp around your desk with? Papo dinosaurs bring all the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Papo is known for, and uses it to create the most appealing dinosaur figures around. Who's going to be your next titan of the toybox?

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Looking to buy Papo Dinosaur Action Figures & Playsets?

Bringing the past to life in vivid detail is no more than a giant footstep and a mighty roar away with Papo dinosaur figures! Using leading scientific knowledge to recreate the titans of the prehistoric age, Papo dinosaurs are as tough as they are rich in detail.

It's little wonder they're so popular with kids, and a fair few adults besides. While they aren't the only manufacturers of realistic dinosaurs around, Papo dinosaurs have attention to detail in spades.

Intricate scales, scary teeth and claws, expressive reptilian eyes and ridges or horns that even have the grooves that real dinosaurs of the past would... these dinosaur figures brighten up imaginations of all ages, and offer a wonderful window into a time when life on planet Earth was very different.

Papo dinosaurs are just one of the wide range of animals and fantasy figures created by this ingenious French business. Yet when it comes to realistic dinosaurs, Papo dinosaur figures set the benchmark pretty high when it comes to artistry and design quality. You'd better believe the OnBuy team have a T-Rex or two from Papo stomping around our desks!

Are Papo dinosaurs and Schleich dinosaurs the same?

Not quite - they're made by two different companies, for one thing! As is often the way, there are some people who prefer Papo dinosaurs, and some who prefer those dinosaur figures made by Schleich.

Hobbyists love to spark up some lively debates on who's the real king of the realistic dinosaurs though - and Papo dinosaurs haven't bowed out of that fight yet! In fact, they're tough to beat - the detail, scientific accuracy and sense of scale in these prehistoric dinosaur figures is truly fantastic.

What's more, there's a great deal of variety in Papo dinosaurs - you won't just find, say, a Triceratops dinosaur figure by Papo and that's that. Papo dinosaur figures also show off dinosaurs in other stages of life, or other poses - so you can match your Triceratops with a Young Triceratops for an adorable baby companion!

Alongside those famous dino names like Tyrannosaurus Rex or Stegosaurus, Papo dinosaur figures also feature other creatures from the past who will help you broaden your dinosaur knowledge, like the Compsognathus, the Oviraptor or the Carnotaurus.

Who are Papo?

Papo dinosaurs are made by the French geniuses at Papo, who first entered the toys and models business with their fantastic range of fantasy figurines and mythical creatures, based on folklore from around the world.

Building beyond pirates, knights, wizards and dragons, Papo went on to create supremely detailled animal figures, and of course realistic dinosaurs as well. When it comes to their dinosaur figures especially, the attention to detail and reliance on the latest findings in science for shape, size, colour and even the structure of the scales or feathers is a huge hallmark of Papo overall.

There's a certain feel and style to Papo toys that makes them what they are - and makes them fun to collect and play with! And hey - if you want to combine your Papo dinosaur figures with some other Papo figures, why not? A Papo pirate swooping down on a Papo Pterodactyl, anyone?

Customers love our best-selling Papo Dinosaur Action Figures & Playsets

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