Dogs Beds & Dog Furniture

Dogs Beds & Dog Furniture Overview

Every pooch needs a safe place to call their own - so, browse OnBuy’s extensive range of dog beds and dog furniture to find them the perfect home within your home! From plush picks to weatherproof options, you’ll both be spoiled for choice… You're welcome!

If you’re after a comfy bed for them to snuggle up on after a long day of playing fetch, there are plenty of picks in OnBuy’s collection of dog beds and furniture. Find soft cocoons and nifty options that’ll keep them warm all year round, and don’t forget a fluffy blanket for extra cosy points!

For a truly pampered pooch, treat them to a funky sofa from our furniture for dogs range - they’ll simply feel on top of the world! Our modern dog furniture comes in a spectrum of colours and prints to suit every style, personality and size.

No matter if you’re looking for a comfy place for them to rest their head or something that will slot in seamlessly with your décor, you’re bound to find it here. Between luxury dog furniture and simple, affordable choices, there’s no shortage of paw-tastic pieces!

For more pooch products, you'll be pleased to discover that OnBuy also offer plenty of doggie feeding supplies to keep your furry best friend properly fed. Not to mention, if your pup or pooch seems to carry around a bit of a pong, then why not visit our section of dog odour removers? Perfect for giving your home that fresh look, smell, and feel!

Frequently asked questions about dog beds

What kind of dog bed should I choose for my pet?

The ideal dog bed is one that's a mix between soft and firm. When it comes to picking the 'best' for your pooch, it really depends on the dog. if you have a senior dog, you may want to choose a memory foam bed, as these provide the perfect amount of support and sink-in comfort to help their joints. For adult dogs, firm beds are better.

What size dog bed should I get?

Before you order a dog bed, make sure you measure your four-legged friend from its nose to the base of its tail. After you measure your dog, add approximately 8" to 12" on top to find the correct length of the bed. Ideally, your dog bed should be big enough to accommodate your dog in all manner of sleeping positions, without taking up too much space in your home. 

Do I really need to get my dog a bed?

Absolutely! Dogs usually sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day, depending on their age. They will need a comfy bed – a safe space – that's just for them. Even if your dog comes to cuddle with you or even sleeps with you at night, it still needs its own bed.

Should I get a soft or a firm dog bed?

As mentioned above, whether your dog needs a soft or a firm bed is largely dependent on its age. Dogs typically like to sleep on slightly harder surfaces, so a firm bed would be ideal for adult dogs. Softer beds, while cosy, don't offer the support your dogs need for healthy joints, so aren't suitable for older dogs. Try to find a bed that is both soft and firm, as this will not only give your dog a good night's sleep, but also support their joints. 

Should I get my dog a blanket with its bed?

Although considered more of a luxury than a necessity, dogs actually do need blankets. This is a must, especially for small dogs - regardless of their coat thickness, they will struggle to keep themselves warm without one. Try to think of it this way: if you're cold, your dog's probably cold, too! 

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