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Chappie Dog Food

Whether your furry friend has a penchant for wet food or prefers the crunch of dry food, Chappie dog food is a delicious and healthy option for them. Chappie is a 100% complete and balanced dog food for your pooch. Pick up your pooch’s favourite dog food from right here at OnBuy!

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About Chappie Dog Food

As well as containing no artificial colours, flavours, added sugar, eggs or dairy, Chappie contains all of the essential nutrients that your dog requires to keep them in top condition every single day. No matter whether they love the delicious crunch of dry food, or prefer to scoff a can of wet food, or even like a little bit of both, Chappie is a healthy and affordable option for your dog. 

Why Should I Choose Chappie Dog Food?

As well as containing no artificial colours, flavours, added sugar, eggs, dairy, red meat or soya, Chappie contains all of the essential nutrients that your dog requires to keep them in top condition every single day. It can help keep their skin and coat healthy and shiny and contains easy-to-digest protein which is gentle on your dog's stomach - ideal for those who have sensitive digestive systems. Natural fibre actively contributes to healthy intestinal function and added calcium and phosphorus help to support healthy bones.

Many vets advise patients to be fed Chappie as it is gentle on your dog’s stomach and easy to digest - ideal for those with digestive issues. 

Chappie dog food is available in two different types - wet food in cans and dry food in bags. Both formulas contain all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your dog needs to be healthy and can either be fed on their own or as a combination of both for a bit of variety. Dry food is ideal for dogs of all ages and tends to have a higher calorie count per gram so you can feed your dog less of it, making it a very affordable option. It is also easier to travel with as it tends to be lighter and can be portioned out into smaller containers. 

Wet food is the tastier option for dogs as it smells and tastes much stronger. If you have a dog that likes to eat a high quantity of food, wet food is also a great option for them as the lower calorie count per gram means they can eat more and not be at risk of becoming overweight. 

You can also choose between two different, delicious, flavours. Chicken is a gentle and easily digestible source of protein and is coupled with whole grains for fibre to help promote a healthy digestive system. Alternatively, you can select beef - a rich and succulent flavour that your pooch won’t be able to help but snap up straight away.

Chappie Dog Food FAQs

Which is the best food to feed my dog?

Just like humans, each and every dog is different, but protein-rich, meat-based diets are advised. Bone meal or meat byproducts can come from any animal, so make sure to look for food that specifies the type of meat. Chappie Dog Food is specifically formulated to be easily digestible, low in fat and packed with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy. With years of experience and excellent products, Chappie has certainly earned its place as a favourite choice among pet parents. 

What are bad ingredients to feed my dog?

When buying food for your dog, always make sure to look at the ingredients. Ingredients to avoid include: BHA/BHT, white flour, artificial colours, gluten, corn syrup and farmed salmon. With Chappie, you can shop with confidence. Chappie Dog Food uses a combination of wholegrain maize and wheat for energy and healthy digestion, alongside a unique blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids (an excellent source of protein), to ensure your dog is healthy, happy and satisfied after every meal. 

How to choose the right dog food?

First of all, take into account the age of the dog, its breed, activity and reproductive status. Make sure you take a look at the ingredients and that they are safe to eat, while also providing a healthy and balanced meal. With Chappie Dog Food, you can rest assured you're giving your pampered pooch the best of the best. 

If I don't have dog food, what can I feed my dog?

In this case, your best bet would be to find something in your refrigerator. You can feed your dog low-fat Greek yoghurt, mild cheese, eggs, chicken, beef, turkey, or cooked vegetables. Dogs can also eat plain white rice in moderation, which is a good source of energy. 

What colour dog food should I avoid?

Your dog won't care about the colour of its food - they cannot see it as humans do - so artificial colours aren't needed. Non-coloured dog food will be brown after cooking. Any other colour is due to artificial dyes. You should avoid Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6 and Blue 2. Fortunately, Chappie Dog Food only contains ingredients that are safe for your furry friend, so you don't need to worry. 

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