Crave Dog Food

Delight your dog every mealtime with a whole range of delicious (and nutritious!) meals from OnBuy's selection of CRAVE dog food! Packed with all the nutrition your playful pup needs to keep them healthy, happy and energetic - all packed into mouth-watering morsels - you can be sure you're giving your hungry hound the best care possible when you serve them CRAVE. Leap into our range of CRAVE dog food now and show your favourite four-legged friend how much you love them with a selection of delicious dinners! 

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About Crave Dog Food

We all want what’s best for our favourite four-legged family members, and part and parcel of giving them the greatest care possible is providing a well-balanced (and totally tasty!) diet. With OnBuy’s huge selection of CRAVE dog food, you can serve your pampered pooch an array of delicious dinners to keep them healthy, happy and super satisfied every single day, perfect! 

Why should I feed my dog CRAVE?

As carnivorous creatures, dogs require a diet that’s rich in animal proteins. Protein-rich diets are essential for keeping your canines healthy, strong and energetic, providing them with all the nutrients they need to keep up with a full day of play! Plus, just like humans, your furry friends will want a diet that tastes delicious, too – and that’s where CRAVE comes in! 

CRAVE understands exactly what your dog requires from their diet to meet all their needs and desires, which is why they use rigorous logic, gut instinct and scientific expertise to craft mouth-watering recipes to the taste that dogs love! Inspired by the natural diets of their wild dog ancestors, CRAVE dog food is crafted with high-quality animal protein and all the irresistibly succulent flavours of meat, giving your dogs everything they need all packed into deliciously moreish morsels.

In fact, all CRAVE recipes include a minimum of 60% animal sources, packing high amounts of protein into every tasty bite! Plus, they’re 100% grain-free, perfect if your pooch is prone to tummy troubles. All of this allows your dog to reveal their best selves and live the happiest, healthiest and most playful life possible. As a pet parent, what more could you want? 

What kind of dog food does CRAVE produce? 

Just like our very own pack of pups, dogs can be total fuss-pots when it comes to their food! Luckily for you, CRAVE offers an array of different tastes and textures to satisfy all your pampered pooch’s cravings and we have all of the best ones here on OnBuy! With everything from dry dog food all the way through to wet meatloaves, no matter how fussy your four-legged friend is, you’re sure to find something they’ll love to guzzle among our selection of CRAVE dog food. 

For dogs that favour foods on the dryer end of the spectrum, why not try out CRAVE’s range of dry dog food? Made with fresh meat, this dog food will help support strong and healthy muscles for your furry family member, while providing them with all the energy they need for a full day of fun and play! With a whole range of different recipes to try out, from lamb and beef to chicken and turkey, you’re sure to find something to satisfy even the fussiest of dogs with CRAVE. Even better, we offer a whole range of different sized packs to keep you stocked up for as long as you’d like: from single purchase sacks all the way to small-scale multipacks and even super-sized bulk buys! 

If your dog turns its nose up at anything that isn’t smothered in succulent meat juices, they’re sure to love our range of wet CRAVE dog food. Coming in a yummy paté meatloaf with a variety of different recipes to discover (lamb and beef, turkey and salmon, chicken and turkey), these moreish meals are bound to get your playful pup excited for every mealtime! 

For the ultimate taste sensation, combine both your wet and dry CRAVE dog foods! Perfect for really good doggos, this combination of textures and flavours is the perfect mealtime treat that’s sure to delight your hungry hound day after day! To keep your dog in tip-top condition, always make sure to feed them the right amount of food each day. For small dogs weighing in at 5kg, serve them half a tray of wet dog food and 45g dry dog food each day. For dogs of 10kg, give them half a tray of wet dog food and a 95g dry. Finally, for larger dogs weighing in at a whopping 20kg, serve them one and a quarter trays of wet dog food with 125g of dry dog food every day. 


Is it bad if I feed my dog once a day?

Many dog owners feed their dogs once a day. However, many experts recommend feeding them twice a day (puppies under five months should be fed three to four times a day). Dogs can't really tell us if they've eaten enough. Usually, a dog's stomach will empty in six to eight hours. With CRAVE Dog Food, you can rest assured you're feeding your four-legged friend a healthy, balanced meal every time. 

What ingredients should I look for when buying dry dog food?

When it comes to buying dry food, you should always check the ingredients. Look for proteins, whole vegetables, fruits and grains. Also, the "best by" date should be at least six months away. Fortunately, CRAVE Dog Food is among the best and safest choices on the market right now.

Can I add chicken to the meals of older dogs?

At some point, dogs will need to eat food with less fat and with fewer calories. It has been proven that L-carnitine (a compound made from amino acids that's found in red meat, chicken and fish) may help older dogs. There's nothing stopping you from adding chicken to your CRAVE Dog Food meal, but they're specifically formulated to provide the optimum amount of nutrients and calories already, so you may not need to. 

Can I add bananas to CRAVE Dog Food meals?

Bananas make great snacks for your dog, and they come with many health benefits! They're filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, and they're delicious. As with any treat, always feed your dog in moderation. 

Can I add tuna to CRAVE Dog Food meals?

Tuna is not toxic and, if fed in small amounts, it shouldn't cause mercury poisoning. However, if you do feed your dog tuna, it must be in moderation. Wet cat food often contains tuna, so if you have two furry friends (a cat and a dog) that can get access to each other's bowls, make sure you choose a brand with other kinds of fish – better to be safe than sorry.

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