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Iams Dog Food

Buy Iams dog food for complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. Whether you need Iams puppy food to support their young development and growth, or Iams senior dog food to care for their heath, you'll find it within the OnBuy range. With tasty meals for all breeds, sizes, and ages in Iams dry and wet dog food, you'll get clean food bowls time after time.

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Looking to buy Iams Dog Food?

Ensure your furry best friend is always at the top of their game by caring for them through a well-balanced, nutritious, and utterly alluring diet of Iams dog food. Whether you want to boost your pooch's immune system by opting for Iams vitamin and mineral-packed ProActive Health range of dog food, or helping your furry companion to maintain a healthy weight, Iams' extensive selection of dog food has you covered.

How to pick the perfect Iams dog food formula

Thanks to Iams impressive collection of both wet and dry dog food, you may be confused over which one is best for your fluffy best friend. Luckily, we're here to help! Once you've decided whether your pooch prefers wet or dry dog food, you can begin filtering Iams dog food by searching according to the age of your dog as they divide their food into the following age group categories: Puppy (0-2 years), Adult (2-7 years), and Senior (7+ years). Iams then go one step further into selecting the ideal dish for your pooch by labelling their dog food according the size of your dog, which will fit into either the Small (0-20lbs), Medium (20-50lbs), or Large (50+ lbs) category. 

For example, a medium adult dog that prefers to chow down on wet dog food can feast on Iams' wonderful collection of canned ProActive Health dishes, boasting both delicious chunks of beef, rice and carrots in an irresistible gravy, alongside a selection of other scrumptious flavours including lamb and rice, beef and rice, and chicken and whole grain rice. Each one of these Iams wet dog food dishes are packed with hearty natural ingredients, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy skin, a super soft coat, and even an ultra-strong immune system. So, why not dive into our online selection of Iams dog food and discover the perfect concoction for your pet?

Why should you choose Iams dog food for your pooch?

When Iams was first established decades ago in 1940 by Paul F. Iams, it became the very first pet food company to use animal-based protein as the main source of protein in their pet food. Since this point, the trusted pet food company has used innovation and a dedication to quality and research to discover new ways of ensuring your dog is cared for from the playful puppy stage up to those final, treasured years of their lives. Instantly recognisable from the paw print logo that features on all of their popular products, Iams even introduced their most advanced formula yet in the form of their Premium Protection range created in the 2000's alongside the addition of omega-3 fatty acid DHA to aid puppy development.

Frequently asked questions about Iams dry dog food

How do I choose the right food for my dog?

First and foremost, you should make sure that the food you're feeding your dog contains high-quality ingredients. The food should be meat-based, and it shouldn't contain excess chemical preservatives or high amounts of fillers (corn, soy or wheat). When it comes to quality, Iams dog food is one of the best choices for your four-legged friend.

How regular should my dog's bowel movements be?

Just like humans, all dogs are different, as are their bathroom needs. Up to 5 stools a day is healthy and normal for dogs. To help encourage regular bowel movements, adopt a consistent feeding and exercise schedule. 

When's the best time to feed your dog?

Strictly speaking, there's no "best time" to feed your dog, but it should eat at least twice a day. It's good to keep to a regular feeding schedule. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon should work well for both you and your dog. 

Why do vets recommend Iams?

Vets recommend Iams, as it's not only affordable, but also healthy and will help your pet grow up properly and happy. We all want what's best for our pets and with Iams, you can rest assured that you're serving up a healthy, balanced diet to your four-legged friend.

Why should I feed my dog Iams food?

With over 50 years' experience, it's safe to say that Iams knows a thing or two when it comes to providing nutritious and delicious meals to your pet. Respected among both vets and pet owners alike, Iams is renowned for its use of high-quality ingredients and nutritious formulas. Available in a wealth of ranges to suit your pooch at all major life stages, Iams is the perfect brand to keep your dog healthy, happy and active, from puppy to senior and everything in between. 

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