est Puppy Crates And Carriers You Can Buy

6 Of The Best Puppy Crates And Carriers You Can Buy

Published 22nd March 2021
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Delight your new and ultra-adorable canine companion by introducing them to the perfect puppy crate or carrier. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a cosy carrier that’ll allow you to take your pup with you on all your travels or a puppy-resistant crate for enforcing those all-important house rules, the right crate or carrier can seriously improve your pup’s quality of life.

Before diving straight into our top six puppy carriers and crates, we’ll explore the difference between the two common terms and the most important aspects of each design worth considering prior to making your pup-related purchase. Once you know the exact type of carrier or crate your pooch requires, sifting through the endless number of carriers and crates for puppies will be a breeze!

What’s the difference between a puppy crate and carrier?

puppy crate and carrier

If your home has recently acquired a cute canine addition, then you’ll probably require a puppy crate or carrier (or even both!) to help your beautiful pup settle into their new life. While the terms ‘crate’ and ‘carrier’ are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to a plush pad for your pooch, there’s actually a few key differences between the two that you should be aware of before committing to a purchase.

First and foremost, their main uses vary. While a puppy crate is ideal for training, implementing house rules and providing your pup with a dedicated slumber space for a short period of time, a carrier is most suitable for transporting your puppy to the vet or park, keeping them safe during car rides, and even (depending on the airline) letting you bring your pup onto an airplane with you.

They also differ when it comes to construction. Puppy crates consist of a wire frame with a removable tray and are often made from durable metal that can withstand the destructive puppy teething stage. Carriers, on the other hand, tend to have a fabric construction and are lightweight to allow for effortless portability. As a result, pet carriers are specially designed for comfy and convenient puppy transportation, whereas crates are a more permanent investment that tend to remain in your home.

Choosing the perfect crate for your pup

perfect crate for your pup

One of the most important aspects of puppy and dog crates is the type of material and quality of construction. Pups are notorious nibblers, particularly during the teething stage! This means that they’ll try to chew on practically anything and everything, so it’s crucial you select the right crate that can handle their constant gnawing. Steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, and powder-coated metal are all fantastic crate options as they boast high strength and are incredibly robust, so keep an eye out for puppy crates constructed from these hard-wearing and durable materials.

Plus, the stronger the material, the more likely it is that your crate will last until they’re an adult, giving you better value for money. In terms of size, every pup will require different dimensions according to the breed and whether you intend on using the same crate once they grow into an adult or replacing it with a larger version when they reach adulthood. If your dog seems unsettled in their dog crate, try pairing it with a dog crate cover that can help to reduce anxiety and soothe restless pups by limiting the amount of exciting visual stimuli.

Manufacturers will often specify some example dog breeds that fit into their crate to give you a clear idea of whether the dimensions will work for your pup. They also tend to come in sizes starting from XS (perfect for Chihuahuas and Pugs) all the way through to XL (suitable for German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers), so finding the best crate for your dog needn’t be a hard task. Failing that, you can always measure your dog’s length and height and compare this to the dimensions of the crate to ensure the perfect fit. Ensuring they have enough space to grow and stretch their legs is vital to making sure they’re happy and comfortable in their new home.

Key features to consider when buying a puppy carrier

puppy carrier

Unlike dog crates, puppy carriers tend to be available in much smaller sizes as they’re primarily used to transport pups from place to place by lifting them. If you struggle to hold your puppy due to their weight, then a carrier probably isn’t for you - or them! Suitable for smaller puppies and dog breeds such as Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers, a carrier is their best friend for supporting all kinds of travel activities.

As a puppy carrier’s main purpose is portability, selecting a model with a padded carry handle and lightweight construction can make transporting your pup to the vet, park, or upcoming puppy play date effortless. Not to mention, opting for a durable fabric can prevent splits and tears from weakening the integrity of your puppy carrier, increasing it’s lifespan and ensuring your pup’s safety.

Another key feature is comfort. As carriers are often used in cars for keeping your puppy secure during road trips, they should feature soft, fabric sides instead of the metal alternatives on puppy crates that could damage your interior seats. Hard puppy crates require extra bedding to ensure optimum comfort, whereas puppy carriers tend to come complete with plush padding for a more luxurious and effortless travelling experience.

Alternatively, you can also make exploring your local park far more relaxing for yourself and anxious puppies by popping them in a doggie stroller. From fashionable models to ultra-practical pushchairs, dog strollers are available in all shapes and sizes and can make your daily trips outdoors effortless.

Our top six puppy crates and carriers

frenchie puppy

Bearing in mind all of our fantastic tips for selecting the perfect puppy crate or carrier for your ultra-cute canine companion, we’ve whittled down our top six pup-friendly crates and carriers for you to delve into. From affordable metal crates suitable for a touch of toilet training to foldable fabric carriers that make brilliant travel accessories, our hand-picked assortment of puppy necessities is sure to appeal to every type of pooch.

The portable carrier for pups on-the-go | HugglePets Small Purple Foldable Fabric Pet Carrier

The portable carrier for pups on-the-go | HugglePets Small Purple Foldable Fabric Pet Carrier

Pros: Lightweight, soft mat, two pockets, two zipped openings, affordable

Cons: Suitable for small pups only, mesh sides may not be the best for excitable pups

Measuring 50 x 34 x 36cm, this compact yet comfy small dog carrier is one of the most affordable models in our top six selection. Despite the wallet-friendly price tag, it boasts an array of handy features, including mesh windows for checking in on your pet, two practical pockets for treats and dog poo bags, as well two secure zippered openings for easy access to your pup.

The mesh windows allow your puppy to see what's going on around them and provide relaxing ventilation, preventing them from becoming stressed or feeling trapped while you’re on the road. While this is certainly an advantage for most dogs, it may not be suitable for pups who tend to get over-excited by visual stimuli. It’s not the end of the world, as you may be able to calm your dog down in this case, but it’s something worth noting regardless. 

Finished with an oh-so soft and comfy sheepskin mat, keeping your petite pooch settled and anxiety-free on those quick car rides just got an awful lot easier thanks to this lightweight and visually-attractive purple puppy carrier.

An affordable puppy training essential | Cardys Small 24” Dog Crate

An affordable puppy training essential | Cardys Small 24” Dog Crate

Pros: Ultra-affordable, heavy-duty hook door latches, two access points, folds flat, moveable handle

Cons: Plastic tray is prone to chewing, requires additional mat for extra comfort

Another puppy pad suitable for smaller dog breeds, this 24” puppy crate is perfect for Jack Russels and West Highland White Terriers, and is just as affordable as our first pick! Featuring two access points and heavy-duty hook latches, this durable powder-coated dog crate is designed to withstand everything your pup can throw at it and it can even resist rust too for a longer lifespan.

The only slight downside is that the plastic tray on this relatively small dog cage can be prone to chewing - especially from inquisitive little puppies! However, we can overlook this minor detail due to the fantastic price tag. Designed with portability in mind, this compact crate can be easily folded flat for space-saving storage and boasts a moveable handle to make transporting your puppy no hard task.

The customisable metal puppy playpen | Pawhut 36-Panel DIY Pet Playpen

The customisable metal puppy playpen | Pawhut 36-Panel DIY Pet Playpen

Pros: Built-in door, safe rounded corners, customisable size and shape, made from steel wire

Cons: Suitable for smaller pups/dogs only, open air design could aid escape acts

Ideal for preventing your pup from feeling stressed and claustrophobic, this customisable and quirky puppy playpen features an open air design, allowing for optimum breathability and movement during pooch playtime. Boasting 36 individual steel wire panels that can be easily connected to create an endless number of designs, you’ll have complete control over the size and shape of your puppy's crate. 

Thanks to the metal wire material, each playpen panel is robust and rigid enough to easily contain small pups, however the open top design could allow energetic pups to escape if left unattended. Despite this, it brags reassuring rounded corners to reduce the likeliness of any nasty accidents and a built-in door that acts as a convenient puppy entrance and exit. Complete with all the required tools including a mallet, connectors and cable ties, you’ll benefit from quick and fuss-free assembly when building this small dog cage.

Supporting you from pup to pooch | PawHut Heavy Duty Pet Cage With Wheels

Supporting you from pup to pooch | PawHut Heavy Duty Pet Cage With Wheels

Pros: Wheels for portability, 50kg weight capacity, heavy duty metal bars, two access doors

Cons: On the expensive side, cold and solid base needs comfy additions

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your pup’s training and accessories, then this robust and high-quality PawHut crate is certainly worth a look. Boasting wheels for effortless portability around your home, strong latches and two doors (one on the top and another at the side) for convenient access to your puppy, this durable powder-coated metal crate is specially designed to keep your canine friend safe and secure.

Plus, thanks to the powder-coated exterior, this metal puppy crate is even rust-resistant, promoting longevity to ensure your pup can still use this crate once they're fully grown up, too. Indeed, this portable dog cage can expertly handle an impressive 50kg of weight and measures 43 x 30 x 35” to allow your new family addition plenty of room to stretch it’s little legs.

Remember to make the cold and hard metal tray more welcoming for your pup by adorning it with a delightful padded dog bed or blanket as well as scattering of their favourite chew toys. Once it’s been kitted out, we’re sure your puppy will love settling down in their new personal pad.

A compact and convenient carrier for petite pups | Brown Fabric Small Dog Carrier

A compact and convenient carrier for petite pups | Brown Fabric Small Dog Carrier

Pros: Soft fabric construction, folds flat, available in other colours, ultra-affordable, mesh windows

Cons: Only suitable for small dogs, fabric sides are less robust than metal

Ready to snap up in several bold and beautiful colours, this soft small dog carrier is practical and pretty, but won’t break the bank. Folding flat to save storage space when not in use, this fabric puppy carrier is a convenient tool for taking your pup from A to B. Featuring eight soft sides with mesh window additions, this carrier is shaped like an octagon and designed to give your pup as much space as possible (measuring 91 x 91 x 58cm) while still being easy to carry.

Although the fabric sides are less robust than metal crates, it’s ideal for giving your pup a cosy area to relax in during car rides (without needing to purchase a separate dog blanket) and won’t damage your soft leather seats either. Finished with a detachable zippered top and bottom to stop your pup from excitedly escaping alongside a speedy assembly process, this fabric puppy carrier promises convenience for hassle-free puppy portability.

Provide pups with their own space | Tectake Double Dog Crate With Removable Partition

Pros: Boasts a removable partition for two pups, lockable, safe plastic corners, lattice screen

Cons: On the more expensive side, aluminium tray requires extra dog bedding for comfort

Suitable for larger breeds of dog like Cocker Spaniels, Bull Terriers and Basset Hounds‚ this generously-sized trapezoidal dog crate measures 97 x 90 x 69.5cm, giving your pup plenty of space to enjoy some peaceful alone time. Alternatively, simply add in the removable divider and you can house two puppies next to each other in this space-saving and lockable puppy crate.

Once your pups begin to outgrow this crate, the divider can be easily removed, doubling the area to easily accommodate one adult pooch. However, if you intend on using this attractive crate to transport or train two puppies, you’ll need to invest in another similarly-sized model once they both reach adulthood to provide them with enough personal growing room and to prevent any irritation between the two dogs.

Although you’ll need to be prepared to spend a little bit more on this durable aluminium crate, the lattice panels mean your pup will be able to enjoy fresh air ventilation on every exciting car journey. Also ideal for keen travellers, this robust puppy crate can be conveniently placed in the back of your car thanks to the cool trapezoidal design that fits snugly inside estate cars.

Searching for puppy carrier and crate alternatives?

puppy carrier and crate alternatives

If a puppy crate or a carrier seems too restrictive or unappealing to your pooch, then why not check out some fantastic dog beds instead? As well as providing your four-legged friend a safe space to retreat to, dog beds make a great training tool, helping to create a harmonious home that both you and your hound can enjoy. Available in a never-ending variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit the breed, requirements and personality of your four-legged friend, you’re sure to find the perfect bed for your pup here on OnBuy.

Alternatively, why not explore other paw-some pads while you’re here? Our guide to dog houses, crates and kennels is the perfect place to start if you’re not too sure what you’re looking for. 

Looking for a carrier substitute that can keep your puppy safe in the car without restricting them? A doggie seat belt is surely worth a shot! Simply attach to the collar of your pet and fit the belt into the seat belt buckle for a fuss-free travel experience and safely secure pup. Ultimately, any one of our carriers and crates for puppies may work for one pooch but might not work for another, so it’s worth exploring all of your dog bed options and car travel accessories before committing to a costly puppy pad.

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