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From providing warm coffee on long road trips to sipping your favourite liquor by a campfire, there's no situation that a flask can't improve - and no well-stocked kitchen should be without one! Find your new go-to travel companion here in OnBuy's range of flasks and thank us later. Read More >

About Flasks

Gone are the days where drinks must be enjoyed indoors; our range of flasks is here to accompany you on every trip and ensure you have your favourite beverage to hand - perfect!

For picnics and camping alike, there's nothing better than our range of vacuum flasks. Specially crafted to prevent heat loss, load one of our insulated flasks up with a delicious beverage (we vote for hot chocolate) and you'll always have a toasty pick-me-up waiting. 

Our collection of soup flasks will open up a world of possibility for eating on-the-go, too - just add crusty bread and you've got a delicious meal in a flash. We've got an array of sizes suited to every occasion; from small flasks ideal for solo excursions to large flasks perfect for family outings.

Whether you're braving a wintery walk or need a little Dutch courage while you're enjoying outdoor activities, our collection of hip flasks is the ultimate practical way to sip on-the-go. Our top pick? The stainless steel hip flasks - they'll always be in style, and make for a brilliant gift idea.