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How to find the right dumbbell weight for every goal

Published 15th November 2022
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You've got that rush of motivation and you're nearly ready to go, but what dumbbell weight do you use to reach your goals?...

It's not so easy if you're new to it, but read this guide and we'll have you smashing every set faster than you can say 'bodybuilder'!

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What's the best weight for building muscle?

As a general rule, more weight = more muscle, but go too heavy too fast and you could set yourself back before you've even begun!

To start building muscle, use intermediate weights and aim for sets of 6 to 12 reps.

Choosing the wrong weight isn't the only mistake most people make when lifting for the first time - check out our blog to find out more ways you could be lifting wrong (and how to fix it!).
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What's the best weight for strength?

Want to build on your existing strength? It's time to challenge yourself!

Up the weight, until you find one that's tough to lift after 6 to 8 reps - that's the sweet spot!

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What's the best weight for losing weight?

Good news - weight loss isn't all about cardio! Using dumbbells is a great way to turbocharge your fitness, as the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn - even when doing nothing!

Similar to muscle building, 8-10 reps at an intermediate level is the way to go!

The best exercise plan for losing weight combines strength training with aerobic exercises. Reach your fitness goals faster by using your dumbbells along with an exercise machine!

woman exercising with dumbbells at home

What's the best weight for stamina?

Cardio has a big part to play in stamina training, so pick lighter weights that you can use during these workouts.

Use these dumbbells as added resistance or aim for 20 reps if weight training.

man lifting adjustable dumbbell in gym

Should I switch dumbbells for different exercises?

For the most effective exercise (and best results!), always try to tailor the weight of the dumbbell you're lifting to the exercise you're doing. 

To help you out, here's a handy guide:

Aerobics: 0.25kg to 1kg
Bent-over rows: 1kg to 2.2kg
Curls and chest presses: 5kg to 10kg
Farmers' Carry: 11kg to 13kg
Lateral raises: 1kg to 2.2kg
Overhead shoulder presses: 1kg to 2.2kg
Overhead triceps extensions: 1kg to 2.2kg
Pilates: 0.25kg to 1kg
Squats: up to 20kg
Upright rows: 1kg to 2.2kg
Yoga: 0.25kg to 1kg

But weight, there's more you need to know before you buy...
Check out our guide to find out more about picking the best dumbbells for you!

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