Red Hill
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Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten) is a young police officer and father to be. When he is shot in the line of duty he and his wife Alice (Claire van der Boom) decide it's best to move away from the city and start a new life in the country where Shane will be in less danger. Shane takes a new job as a Deputy in a small country town of Red Hill. Shane thinks it will be an easy job with no danger and therefore he will make no enemies. But much to his ill fortune on his first day on the job a dangerous and extremely violent convicted murderer, Jimmy Conway (Tommy Lewis) breaks out of prison and comes looking for revenge against the policemen that sent him to jail. Shane is now landed directly in the middle of a war and soon comes to realise that Jimmy Conway doesn't intend on leaving anyone alive. -M.F.

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  • 5060116726497 (EAN)
  • Format:Blu-ray
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DistributorMomentum Pictures
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